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  2. Any one need Graphics for their game?
  3. Does anyone need free video editing for their game
  4. 2D / 3D Artist Wanted
  5. Are there any coders interested in collaborating with a writer?
  6. New Forum: Developer Services and Trade
  7. Need Coding Help?
  8. Bullet Development As A Publisher
  9. Gamesmith Publishing - keep 100% of your profits!
  10. Got a free App live? Need exposure?
  11. musician for hire! tekno to jungle, ambient
  12. Spellwars developer, looking for Artists and Designers
  13. Freeverse Publishing
  14. Chillingo Publishing
  15. Sourcebits iPhone Application and Games Development Services
  16. I translate english games or apps in french
  17. iPhone developer required for "Bumps"
  18. Reiner Knizia games wants iphone game developer
  19. iPhone game dev wanted for simple project.
  20. Bullet Dev looking for Experienced Programmer
  21. Dev looking for music for rhythm game
  22. Programmer needed for Start-Up
  23. Graphic Designer needed for Start-up
  24. RPG Item designer
  25. Looking for Programmer....
  26. Writer/Designer available
  27. currently looking for a dev team......
  28. Need artist for your app?
  29. Product Manager?
  30. Localization from English to German
  31. Experience offering
  32. GIMPShop User
  33. Hi, I'm a graphic designer
  34. Pixel artist for hire
  35. 3D modeller availible for service.
  36. Need a advice on your game?
  37. Need Publisher
  38. Graphic Designer, at your service :)
  39. Writer / Motion Graphics Designer Available - Mainly to learn
  40. Discounted Dev Software --> 3D Models!
  41. Want to help?
  42. Artist/Graphic Designer Artwork Needed
  43. Need Marketing Help :)
  44. Help with new game
  45. Twin Gravity looking for beta testers
  46. Recruiting iPhone game developer
  47. Looking for experienced 2d games maker
  48. Develping a Game for the iPhone
  49. Offering: German Localization Services
  50. Programmer needed...
  51. Pixel Artist looking for collab
  52. Publishing Games for the Middle East
  53. Looking to form a Team
  54. Music & Sound for iPhone games - experienced
  55. Question to the developpers. (about translator's job)
  56. Idea needing development, WarioWare: Touched style game
  57. Game Team looking for iPhone Coder
  58. looking for someone with coding abiltlies(and access to a MAC
  59. Chinese traslation service (FREE)
  60. Musician available
  61. Nexx Studio is looking for Graphic Designer
  62. Quick app make
  63. Re-hashed 7 Days of Apocalypse Menu
  64. Re-hashed Underworlds Opening Credits
  65. Game Ideas, Maybe Artist Too?
  66. German translation services
  67. Vector Artist Wanted!!!
  68. Demiforce (creator of Trism) seeking 3D programmer & artist
  69. TapDefense V2.0 composer available
  70. Programmer for educational game wanted
  71. P2P Connectivity
  72. Want more sales? You need more languages!
  73. Game of the Month Card for AG
  74. Publishing
  75. payment
  76. General publisher questions
  77. Looking for a mother tongue english/american translator
  78. Seeking Senior Game Developer / Biz Partner
  79. Do You Want Some Free Advertising?
  80. Need an illustrator for your app?
  81. 2D / 3D Artist Wanted
  82. Options for PC users
  83. Taxes and hiring help..
  84. Developer Needed for New Puzzle Game for iPhone/iPodTouch
  85. In search of head developer for MMO
  86. localize your games , OS 3.0 soon
  87. Offering my spanish translation services!
  88. To any devs of 3d space shooters,
  89. Question to the developpers(about translator's job)
  90. Sauce Digital looking for an 2D illustrator.
  91. i am an interface designer & illustrator
  92. New studio hiring!
  93. Audio Engineer/Graphic Designer Available
  94. Developer Specializing in Flash->iPhone/iPod Touch conversion available.
  95. Providing Concept Character Design for 2D/3D Cartoonish Games
  96. Any iPhone developers?
  97. New Gold Coast (Australia) studio hiring
  98. Help with game idea
  99. Amazing app idea. Can't program.
  100. "Will Code for Green" Contest For Devs
  101. iPhone Dev Looking for Programmer
  102. Professional Sound Resource For Your Apps!
  103. Application Quote
  104. Need coding help and suggestions for new game.
  105. I'm interested in funding the production and promotion of apps....
  106. Need help with game promotion
  107. Camera Zoom
  108. Musician/Sound Designer available
  109. Screen Layout suggestion needed - any volunteers ?
  110. Anyone good with the microphone feature?
  111. Wanna make a movie?
  112. Looking for translators to French and German.
  113. iPhone app development services available
  114. Advertise Your iPhone App/Game For FREE!
  115. Rapper offering free voice acting/music for iphone/ipod touch
  116. learn iphone development
  117. Sound Effects by Kaamos Sound
  118. Have Triple Play's team developing your game!!!!!!
  119. Looking for a coder for various projects
  120. Set your app apart from the rest with a quality voiceover!
  121. Video Camera 3gs
  122. I buy source code
  123. Bullet Development Seeking "Game Analyzer"
  124. looking for pixel art specialist
  125. Looking for Experience iPhone 2D Game Programmer(LA Area)
  126. Programmer needed
  127. I'm available for icons
  128. Seeking animator (preferably student) for small project.
  129. Icon/Interface Design Services Available
  130. Free Icons because I'm bored.
  131. Professional iPhone development offering
  132. Need a Website?
  133. 2D Digitalartist looking for work
  134. Facebook illustrator...
  135. Guidelines To Offering & Receiving Services
  136. Russian Translator <> PayPal.
  137. To Devs: I'll Review Your Game if Asked
  138. An Idea for a Developement Model
  139. Palm/BlackBerry/Nokia
  140. looking to trade/purchase tutorials
  141. 2D/3D Freelancer for hire
  142. Quick help
  143. Any graphic designers want to team up?
  144. Developer
  145. i am an artist, so if anyone's looking for someone to design game images and icons...
  146. Audio Nerd for hire (music/sfx)
  147. Looking for a Flash Web Developer
  148. Need freelance programmer
  149. Selling our game source code - "Arkanigon Duels"
  150. Any programmers want to team up?
  151. Looking for an Experienced Graphic Designer
  152. Looking for Graphic/Game Artist @ Nexx Studio
  153. XIII Media is looking for artists for next project!
  154. Copy Editor Looking to Proof Game Text and/or Descriptions
  155. Melody Ninja: composer/sound designer for hire
  156. Free icons
  157. Japanese -> English translation service?
  158. Hiring Full Time iPhone Developer (not game related)
  159. Need experienced game developer
  160. Free app icon designer
  161. Freelance 2D/3D artist available
  162. Freelance Developer needed
  163. Award-Winning Music for your Game
  164. Voice Over Artist Available
  165. 2d/3d artist Riccardo Aversa looking for job
  166. Scandinavian language support.
  167. Any devs want to team up? Beginner game designer
  168. Developer wanted
  169. Iphone Game Programmer Wanted
  170. Developer, UI Designer, and Beta Tester available
  171. Freelance Developer Needed for a 2d Game!
  172. Musician available for iPhone game soundtracks.
  173. RTS Idea - In Need Of Dev.
  174. Game and iPhone app Composer, Sound Designer, SFX, Producer
  175. Looking for a programmer and art designer
  176. iPhone App Developers Needed
  177. Need a developer (for my own app this time)
  178. 2D Pixel Artist :)
  179. A Walrus's job is never done. [progammer]
  180. Job Ad: Experienced programmer for Firemint
  181. Recommendations for Latin American or Spanish game development shops
  182. Free 2D Pixel Artist @UrService:)
  183. Freelance iphone developer for hire
  184. Tin Pin Clone? (TWEWY)
  185. Dear Developers: This is the game that people want to play.
  186. Looking for a professional puzzle creator (PAID)
  187. Voice over - helicopter game
  188. Looking for London based iPhone game coder to join small startup
  189. Looking for experienced Photoshop Artist
  190. What did you spend on Marketing + PR?
  191. In need of a dev for free
  192. Need a developer for corporate application
  193. Looking for a developer to build this app...
  194. where can I find the daily downloads of games in app store?
  195. Looking for a great iPhone Dev Firm?
  196. Apple Design Award winning development and design available!
  197. Engine001 needs art
  198. Dev wanted for an Arcade Style Space Shooter
  199. Game project for the iphone - need a lead programmer
  200. Mobile Developer Positions Available - CONTRACT - TORONTO
  201. Dev Needed for Custom Blog App
  202. Devs Wanted for Animal Crossing-like Game
  203. Starting a new game
  204. Toucharcade Users Game
  205. I need of Coder.
  206. Composer Available
  207. Questions for a CODER...
  208. Need a beta-tester with iPhone 3GS
  209. Seeking Skilled 3D Artist (paid)
  210. Free 2D Graphics Artist?
  211. Free translation(English--Chinese)
  212. Looking for: Programmers
  213. need artist/writer/composer/prgrammer to help me finish my game
  214. programmer needed to mod wolf3d for iphone
  215. Network reachability
  216. Editing, Creative Idea Brainstorming, and Chinese-English Translations
  217. Looking for Experienced Artist to Design the Splash Screen for Q's Quest
  218. Developer needed for RSS blog app
  219. (paid) Looking for Individual With A Sense of Humour, and Grammar.
  220. A unique offer for iphone developers
  221. Composer searching project
  222. English-Chinese translation
  223. 2D/3D Artist Looking for Projects
  224. iPhone dev lab
  225. Widgets and applications go mobile with iPhone
  226. The Main Men, REAL band music for apps
  227. Hiring: iPhone Application Developer
  228. Need Video-Visual Effects/Graphics Editor for Intro-Theme
  229. 3D artist freelance available for work
  230. Developer Needed in Revenue Sharing Project
  231. Yappy Dog Games Hiring Freelance Programmer
  232. Need App Ideas for Amateurs
  233. iPhone Dev: Remote Contract Work, Render-To-Texture
  234. Needing an intro? and or ending?
  235. XenoWars looking for a 2D artist
  236. iPhone project listing
  237. 2D / cartoon artist services required.
  238. chinese translation
  239. Web Design/Copy Generation/Film/Video
  240. Seeking People!
  241. Skilled musiciain looking for unpayed partnership
  242. beta testers for Pocket Boxer [closed]
  243. Seeking a Coder
  244. I've got great game idea, all I need is someone to make it for me.
  245. Beta Testers Needed for a new Physics Game [CLOSED]
  246. Offering Music and Voiceover production...
  247. Video Game Music Composer available
  248. Looking for a Developer with Utility app experience!
  249. Mario Game - Anybody wanna help?
  250. Coder and Artist needed