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  1. Welcome to the Toucharcade Forums
  2. Embed Youtube videos
  3. How to take Screenshots from your iPhone, iPod Touch
  4. Any requests for particular Game Reviews?
  5. Reviews organized by Price
  6. I think that a chat box would be a good idea for this site!
  7. Newest iPhone Games Feed
  8. [app] Tags for Easy App Store Linking
  9. On Developers Submitting Games to TouchArcade
  10. AppShopper Menu link
  11. Developer<->User forum
  12. App Promotion, Site Promotion and Job Listings Policies
  13. A Few Suggestions
  14. eMail notification for comments
  15. Forum links on the front page
  16. What is a really good wmv and avi to dvd converter?
  17. AppShopper + TouchArcade Merge
  18. Shill Accounts Not Allowed
  19. AppShopper Reviews
  20. How to become a moderator/admin
  21. Need to have a level about Senior Member
  22. Ability for a thread starter to delete the thread
  23. Contact details for forum/site Administrators?
  24. Promo Codes Accepted at TouchArcade
  25. Random idea: indicate posts made from iPhone/Touch
  26. SUGGESTION- Proper Game Ratings
  27. Toucharcade Podcast
  28. A subforum just for threads about specific games.
  29. Moderation
  30. Do Not Beg/Ask for Promo Codes
  31. The Rules Announcement
  32. New Moderators
  33. Idea for Chat room
  34. Separate Forum category for polls?
  35. Idea: New Strategy Section for Games
  36. best games of 2008(question for arn)
  37. Page 2 / "Coming Soon"?
  38. On Embedded Videos
  39. New site sponsor!
  40. Subscribing to your posts?
  41. Mobile version?
  42. Email notification for PMs
  43. How do the New games list update
  44. Message to Arn, please fix!!
  45. How possible is it for this site to have a preference setting for currency?
  46. PM Spam
  47. Lag in email notifications and actual response
  48. New Most online.
  49. How do you embed PayPal buttons?
  50. how many "what game should i buy" threads do we need?
  51. SUGGESTION: Provide "DISCUSS" Link on Frontpage Articles (For the ones existing)
  52. Avatars? When do we get em??
  53. forum idea: separate subforum for promo code threads?
  54. Youve gotta be kidding me
  55. Are the forums getting too strict?
  56. A suggestion.
  57. Temp Rules: No Promo Code Promotions from Non-Devs
  58. Quickreply-leading to another page?
  59. Who do I talk to about Social Group Settings?
  60. "__________" Games UPDATED! : The New Spam Problem?
  61. Stop double posts and threads easily
  62. mobile toucharcade!
  63. Forum Spy
  64. Checking Needed
  65. Thank you and site comments for Arn
  66. Suggestion- Forum Reputation?
  67. Notification on replies to subscribed threads not working?
  68. Shill Accounts, Spam, Banning from the Site
  69. "Developer" Member Title
  70. Online Status
  71. Suggestion: Make Page X of Y links larger
  72. Page redesign...?
  73. TA app? lol
  74. Just a suggestion
  75. Links to pages x and y opening up the same page?
  76. Touch Arcade Recomends
  77. iPhone Games Forum Split
  78. Out of sheer curiosity, why aren't profile pics allowed?
  79. [PROPOSAL] List of trusted reviewers and beta testers
  80. Official TA IRC?
  81. Too many members
  82. This site is simply amazing
  83. Subscribing to threads?
  84. iPod & iPhone reviews
  85. what to do with your $ threads...
  86. Longer signatures..
  87. Search Function on Forums
  88. Live Notifications
  89. Add a sticky thread to list best lite apps?
  90. Improve search function
  91. iphone safari friendly change > to Next>
  92. Is there a feature like this?
  93. Implied responsibilities of the OP
  94. Colours of 'visited links' vs 'non-visited links'
  95. Merging all posts in 1 thread doesn't work!
  96. Viewing threads in threaded mode.
  97. Forums width
  98. Complaints about pricing...
  99. About deleting threads
  100. banner ad? seriously?
  101. Thread Date
  102. appshopper top100 > top 300 possible
  103. Bold threads title
  104. Moderators; what is going on?
  105. O.A.T.S. Question
  106. 50 posts... SENIOR MEMBER?! NOOOO!!!
  107. Hola People
  108. Avatars?! Are They Coming?!
  109. Group Mods
  110. Pm (Private Messages) Capacity
  111. User submitted TA reviews?
  112. Super Mod v. Mod?
  113. Boards suggestion
  114. Promo Section
  115. New Membership Title
  116. Forum Clean Up Suggestion for Arn
  117. iPod Touch/iPhone support forum?
  118. Reviews with scores
  119. Search Title only added to search
  120. Promotional Codes: Members Only
  121. Is this website always meant for just iPhone gaming?
  122. Pocket God Groups
  123. Can we have stickies on the boards asking not to use " "s on thread titles?
  124. So if I write reviews for a site can I put it on my sig?
  125. Why was my thread locked, after one had been reposted just like it.
  126. Forum reputation?
  127. New forum / first impressions
  128. A week in review
  129. TA referals
  130. Can we have a new section for...
  131. Can We PLEASE Have an MMO/Code/Spam Section of the Forums?
  132. TA and AppShopper take a while to update new games
  133. TA Looking for HD Video Recording Person
  134. Can we have star rating with apps please
  135. Newest Most online 1,900 & 8,000 active members!
  136. Offtopic discussion and Corrections
  137. Cosmic Nitro advertisement
  138. New section for app suggestions
  139. TA Police
  140. New Section
  141. Reputation/Karma Suggestion.
  142. mmo/code/crap
  143. iDevice optimized front page?
  144. Doodle Jump ad
  145. Search is terrible for Searching
  146. Forum addition request: "Device" field in user profile
  147. something needs to be done about the latest post count upper...
  148. Article Comments section in different place
  149. search not working on ipod touch
  150. No Signatures When Logged Out
  151. My petition
  152. MMO section? Really?
  153. Game Help Section
  154. submit button
  155. New Moderator: Zincous
  156. vids on front page dont always show
  157. Youtube video
  158. So what poopsocked your database?
  159. TouchArcade.com in Spanish maybe?
  160. The URL in my signature won't work!
  161. Vote Now?
  162. Appshopper feeds have problem with Google Reader?
  163. Break up the "iphone and ipod touch" forum into 2
  164. Touch Arcade, moderators, and us - members...
  165. Appshopper Problems...
  166. Jailbreak and Installer App Forums
  167. Suggestion for TA & Big Albie.
  168. Section Layout
  169. Why doesn't search bring up this thread?
  170. Sub-Forums for big games
  171. WPtouch Theme for toucharcade.com
  172. "Infraction" - pathetic and insulting policy
  173. Question about how much power the admins actually have?
  174. Will toucharcade cover E3 ?
  175. User Reviews Section
  176. Touch Arcade Donations?
  177. Avatars - The Super Duper Serious Thread
  178. New Website Banner?
  179. Can I request a lock on a thread?
  180. OMG What Happened To The Forums Earlier?
  181. User reviews should post link to video
  182. why do posts on the mmo board show as post
  183. iDevice optimized front page solution
  184. Advertising and TouchArcade
  185. Server Upgrade / Migration
  186. "Your comment is awaiting moderation"
  187. No more cancellation fee for 3GS
  188. Toucharcade.com app?
  189. Could we sticky a thread about..
  190. Please kill (or cripple) quotes.
  191. Signature edit?
  192. A community or lack thereof?
  193. spam
  194. Whining about price = ban
  195. if i have a promo code can i post it here?
  196. How to embed movies ( YouTube videos ) in a post?
  197. Creating Game Announcement Threads
  198. VegantTnT and Prab The Newest Moderators
  199. And DaveMc99 - Another New Mod
  200. Server problems?
  201. Can we have a rule for dev's promo code giveaways
  202. Best TouchArcade Moderator?
  203. PM promo codes
  204. On Posting Articles from Other Sites
  205. How can you edit a poll?
  206. Other Consoles Forum?
  207. Comment Problem
  208. strike-trough BBCode, pretty please?
  209. promo codes are out of control
  210. Game Discussion Forum Sidebar missing "See More" button
  211. TouchArcade App?
  212. Forum Daily Notifications are broken
  213. Increase Forum Font Size?
  214. Devs. don't encourage lurkers!
  215. AppVee advertsing on TA?
  216. TouchArcade uncomfortably subjective/promotional
  217. Another page and a ban.
  218. How about a forum just for kids games/apps? EOM.
  219. Why is comment awaiting moderation?
  220. iDevice Info Field Anyone?
  221. Since this site is called touch arcade...
  222. My Review
  223. New AppInfo Tag
  224. "Newest Releases" on Front Page
  225. A Thank You to the mods
  226. What is the proper way to give promo codes to members?
  227. The New Layout BLOWS!
  228. Why my threads get removed ?
  229. Promo Code Giveaways Forum
  230. member search function
  231. Changing your username on TA
  232. new browser windows opening?
  233. TA supports torture?
  234. TA improvements
  235. Couple of things I'd like to see.
  236. Why Promo Codes/Contests only for Developers?
  237. Appshopper problems
  238. New Games page not updating (now Fixed)
  239. No More Color Code In Sig?
  240. ----> for toucharcade <----
  241. Favor Regarding Locking threads.
  242. How do you change your sig?
  243. appinfo is not working correctly
  244. good site:
  245. (youtube) tag add new poup window
  246. How to embed [appinfo] and [youtube] not in the FAQ?
  247. appshopper.com onfocus load search field
  248. Banning
  249. Set your Primary iDevice in Profile
  250. Help : video + flash ?