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  1. Ravensword: Shadowlands for Android (Crescent Moon)
  2. Dynamite Jack
  3. Pocket Cars - race with toy cars and slingshot physics [Android and OUYA]
  4. 10000000 For Android Beta (EightyEight Games)
  5. Overkill 2 - shooter with realistic 3D weapons (by Craneballs) [universal, F2P]
  6. Zen Training (Crescent Moon) March 1st Launch
  7. Chip Chain soon available 4 android
  8. Arc Squadron
  9. Alien Space Retro
  10. Ninja In Barrel coming to Android (Recruit beta testing)
  11. Archipelagos for Android
  12. Dungelot 2
  13. Diesel Tactics - A steampunk inspired, asynchronous turn based strategy game
  14. Mothership Touch Battle [Google Play]
  15. Earn to Die - Coming Tuesday March 12 to Google Play
  16. New Kids/Zen Game: Cute Arcade
  17. Archangel quest demo videos
  18. FarOut for Android
  19. Box Game released
  20. Chopper Mike
  21. F1 Retro, coming soon!
  22. Harlem Shake vs Gangnam Style Dance Game
  23. Are you a Chick Magnet?
  24. Dragon Blast (Android)
  25. Grindle Oni A
  26. Relic Rush
  27. Fist Face Fight (by Jared Bailey)
  28. Beta Testers Wanted for Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years [Android] | Stunt Game
  29. They Need To Be Fed 2
  30. Paramon (coming soon)
  31. Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians
  32. Chuck the Muck (Free Physics Puzzler)
  33. Eyelord (Heavy Metal Pop em' Up)
  34. Super Soccer Champs 2013: Coming soon!
  35. Pony Dash --- Coming Soon On Play Store
  36. Easy Craft --- Coming soon!!
  37. A Super Runner "Alex"
  38. Elevator hero - Looking for Feedback
  39. Kid's - Paints and Colors (Coming soon...)
  40. Wagon Shootout: Type it with speed, Outlaws style!
  41. Super Slots Casino - free (Coming soon...)
  42. New Launch 2D Game “Night Runner” (Coming Soon)
  43. Running Caveman
  44. Brain Attack! [Yah Man Games]
  45. Giana Sisters:Twisted Dreams [only exclusive to Nvidia SHIELD or maybe other tegra 4]
  46. GP Retro in GooglePlay during June!
  47. Trial By Survival (Nah-Meen Studios)
  48. GP Retro - 14 JUNE, tomorrow in store!
  49. JUNGLE HEAT is coming soon!
  50. Kung Fu Quest: The Jade Tower, fighting game coming to Android this Summer!
  51. Out There - Sci-Fi Adventure/Resources management with 70's comics graphics
  52. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 for ANDROID
  53. Sketchpad Escape developed by MannagraphiX Studios!
  54. Kid's - Paints and Colors - Coming soon for Android
  55. Retro Runners Alpha Version
  56. Blitz Block Robo - Nexus Game Studio [Android + iOS Universal]
  57. Chicken Strike - iOS and Android
  58. Dragon Season for Android
  59. Boom Boom Hamster Golf (first game from Hammercat Studios) - crosspost
  60. BUSTED, Escape from the police, be the mostwanted!
  61. Qumono Android Port
  62. VludKin ClaNz - An Original Android Card Game
  63. Yugi's Rush need beta testers
  64. DECROMANCER - NEW BATTLE CARD RPG (by unit9.apps)
  66. Android Multiplayer & Samsung Chord SDK Free UK Developer Day
  67. Balls Clash (Temporary Name)
  68. Star Admiral is an MMO/TCG for your Smartphone and Tablet ...with 3D Spaceships!
  69. Announcing Dwarven Delve - A RPG/Puzzle Hybrid For Android Tablets
  70. Bubble Unblock - puzzle game for Android
  71. Need Suggestions related to my NEW app Hide My Secrets
  72. Delta-V Racing - (by SPACEHOPPER STUDIOS LTD)
  73. Pony Dash....Releasing soon!
  74. Jigsaw ....coming soon!
  75. Kid's - Paints and Colors....coming soon!
  76. Tap Tiny Monsters - Releasing soon!
  77. Toon Crush....coming soon!
  79. Koso! Puzzle World 2 work in progress
  80. Terramentals - a turn based strategy game, with terrain manipulation
  81. In Development: Watch the Teaser Trailer for Coffin Dodgers
  82. [QUEST] Room 13. Then the truth becoming unreal.
  83. FIFA 14 (by EA)
  84. Don't Run With a Plasma Sword
  85. Ravenmark: Mercenaries... now coming to Android!
  86. Ultimate Insulter | Random Insult Generator
  87. Knightmare Tower coming to Android!
  88. Testers Wanted for Android Table Top Racing
  89. We're Looking for Beta Testers!
  90. GT Racing 2: Real Car Expirience (Gameloft)
  91. Soccer Moves - A new game from Fuzzy Logic (ex-Disney, Eidos & Eurocom)
  92. Long Run - Endless Runner[Beta Available]
  93. [App]Nursery Rhymes for kids- learn Rhymes through AUDIO-VISUAL format
  94. Level 22, Gary's misadventures Trailer
  95. [GAME] Air Hockey 3D
  96. Nova Maze - The "neon obstacle course for your finger" coming to Google Play Oct. 12!
  97. Multiplayer WW2 Flightcombat Fighterwing Heroes
  98. Calling all Kitty Lovers!
  99. Even Up, slick and simple puzzle game releasing Oct 24th
  100. Alpha-testers for Archangel: Martian Orbit
  101. 3D MVP Lacrosse (iOS/Android)
  102. Combat Monsters
  103. Capture The Box
  104. Cross Between Connect 4 and Scrabble Looking for Testers!
  105. We would love to get your feedback on our new Android game, Strongroom.
  106. Starry Night
  107. GeoFlight South America: Learning South American Geography made easy and fun
  108. Guess the game
  109. [FREE GAME] Perudo : Pirates Dices 3D
  110. Dark Frontier - Upcoming Android Game
  111. Parkour City! - An FPS Parkour game!
  112. Baby Lava Bounce - (by Jared Bailey)[Universal]
  113. Grapes Issue - iOS androïd OUYA
  114. Armies And Ants - (by Oktagon Games)
  115. Indigo Lake - Mobile Horror Game Android - Beta Sign up
  116. Jumping Spider (by eclecto) - In Development
  117. Cyto's Puzzle Adventure coming to Android!
  118. "Night Surfer" Is Coming Soon.........
  119. Fashionista Pet Salon>>coming soon!
  120. Block Runner Mobile
  121. Words Scramble
  122. Company of Tanks - Tank MMO [Sign up for Early access]
  123. (Words Scramble - Activities)...coming soon!
  124. Smash Hit by Mediocre (Sprinkle, Granny Smith)
  125. Race Day - Multiplayer Racing - Android version (beta testers needed)
  126. Spin Safari - An Exotic Puzzle Game
  127. Castle Raid 2 - same device head 2 head RTS for fantasy lovers
  128. Three Kindom Period History-based battlefield is going to back to your Android
  129. Oasis: Path to Redemption Action RPG by Steve Uy (World Without End, Avengers)
  130. Algotech Apps - Pick One free game for Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad
  131. Santa Jump 3D -- infinite climbing knows 3D
  132. Hopping Penguin, an upcoming platformer is lookin for testers (on PC)
  133. Shadow Blade Ninja Platformer game coming soon!
  134. CBT: $10 for your opinion!
  135. Highway Panic - Launching in January
  136. Online tank sim
  137. 60 Seconds: Retro Game is Out, Old-School Shooting in Coming!!
  138. Platforms Unlimited by XperimentalZ Games (beta testers needed)
  139. Pocket Lab (by E2applets)
  140. Highway Panic
  141. Zombie Goddess: endless-wave style action game
  142. Beta testers wanted for an Android puzzle game
  143. Deluxe Cart Jumping
  144. Meteroids is coming to Android!
  145. Epic Ninja Game - Pixel Art Retro Platformer (Feb 20th)
  146. Evil Genius: Scrap Squad [Relevant Games]
  147. High Moon: Elemental Duels
  148. Orbital Wars - Top -> Bottom Shooter
  149. Jungly Birds
  150. Beta testers wanted for Griddlers Picross
  151. [coming Soon] Under The Sea:Swim
  152. Mystic Marbles coming to Google Play on March 12th
  153. Dressup meets RPG with Ragazza3!
  154. Dungeons of Evilibrium (RPG) - Open beta starts now!
  155. Circix - A beautiful puzzle that's simple to pick up and difficult to put down
  156. Firework Apprentice - 3D Adventure with destructible environment
  157. Dead Man's Trail - an upcoming zombie survival game for Android!
  158. Spherios
  159. Slashers: The Power Battles
  160. Puzzle Wizard (IQ 130+). Apply for beta.
  161. Multi Breaker Alpha test
  162. Zoom Creation's Release 5 new games! 2 are out now!
  163. We need your help! Test our new game
  164. Modern Combat 5 Release Date?
  165. Wiener Dog - Coming Friday 14th April 2014
  166. Stickman Impossible Run (by Djinnworks)
  167. Stickman Basketball (by Djinnworks)
  168. Fire With Fire: Tower Defense -- and Offense
  169. Amazon's new Sev Zero!
  170. Goomy: Journey to the Rainbow Land!
  171. ShadowCreep - Challenging Bow&Arrow shooter looking for feedback before launch
  172. Asphalt Rush - fast arcade game [by Digital Melody]
  173. Groovy Hero - Play with your own music - Beta Round 2
  174. Jelly Dreams by Firecast Studio
  175. Skullduggery! by ClutchPlay Games
  176. General Question
  177. Firecracker the Little Ninja - Summer 2014