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  1. Legal, taxes, etc?
  2. Sell your game engine?
  3. Game Center Login?
  4. Meteor Mission III Source Code Available!
  5. iPad Rank and Correlating Sales?
  6. iphone and ipad app vs universal app?
  7. [Help]How can i make a youtube vedio of my game
  8. Anecdotal: The woes of being a one-man show.
  9. Promote your game on PaulsonApps Blog
  10. New and Noteworthy or What's Hot? Have any value?
  11. Game Promotion in Non US markets
  12. Problem sending user to app store on iPhone
  13. Can someone explain to me how to port a basic source app to iphone
  14. Can anyone port our flash game or develop a replica for the iphone?
  15. Post your game's before and after pics!
  16. anyone making games for ipad keyboard?
  17. Expectations vs. Reality
  18. What is the best method to predict sales for you iPhone app?
  19. 4.0 GM Seed
  20. VetaStudio GameDev Tools now compatible iPhone 4!
  21. Getting a review on the TouchArcade Site
  22. Will you be switching to GameCenter?
  23. TouchArcade Dev Gathering - WWDC 2010
  24. Itunes Markets
  25. Achievement Point Trivia on Kotaku!!
  26. How do you get on toucharcade front page??????
  27. Freemium Anyone?
  28. iTunes Connect Mobile released by Apple, track App Store info!
  29. any good review site to contact with?
  30. Help Needed: Beta Testing Questions
  31. All developers, Please Read!!
  32. Any UK devs going to 'Develop' conference (Brighton) next month?
  33. Does iPhone 4 negate the disadvantage of building Universal apps?
  34. Books and one other question....
  35. Dev engine for website-replacement app like BBC News app?
  36. Are We Still Able to Use "Admob" in Our Apps?
  37. Developer Story: Featured then Vanished from App Store
  38. Calling all "vector" game devs!
  39. DroneSwarm Command - iPad Strategy game (in development)
  40. Is OS 2.x support still important?
  41. iPhone Game Developers World Cup
  42. Sharing user created levels?
  43. would you accept offer from a big publisher?
  44. How much lite content?
  45. Good place that sells 3d models?
  46. Will this app be rejected for violence?
  47. The Official "I'm a Newbie" Thread! We want to learn!
  48. App Exactly 20.0 MBs
  49. Stock artwork
  50. Is there any way to check a UDiD is legit? (none pirate)
  51. E3 developer meetups?
  52. are we going to get iphone 4 hd+ apps ?
  53. dumb question about linking to youtube?
  54. Game Salad?
  55. Linking Directly to App Store Review?
  56. Do devs compress their game art?
  57. iPhone App for Website
  58. Sound Designer - Freelance
  59. Best Book to Learn Objective C?
  60. Quality assurance - Third party company
  61. Dumb question but....
  62. Development for windows!!!!
  63. i want to sale all my games(including code, develop tools)
  64. remote control xcode iphone simulator?
  65. How Iphone 4 Resolution affects games
  66. Universal apps for ios 4.0?
  67. Response time for a UIButton for an iPad application
  68. the sales number is too bad,need some advices
  69. Will this Mac run the iPhone SDK?
  70. What is the best program for creating art/sprites for games??
  71. recent changes in apple's search algorithm?
  72. it is bad news. And then it gets worse
  73. OpenFeint Test users?
  74. So how are you guys titling your iPhone 4 games?
  75. Have you experienced huge loss of sales past few days?
  76. Marketing: What else can I do to promote?
  77. change in downloads after marketing efforts
  78. echo piano - available in the appstore now
  79. Why Devs Won't Do
  80. Portrait and Landscape screenshots, will Apple display both?
  81. Behind the scenes: Interview with Studio Liddell of "Slippy Feet" fame !
  82. Help with "wrong" comment in app store
  83. Have Apple promote my "Free Game For Today" Sale
  84. iAd in iPhone 4
  85. Does Apple feature FREE games?
  86. Needed Software developer with Iphone 4 program exp
  87. Porting Games to Other Platforms?
  88. Anyone encountered vicious reviews?
  89. Marketing Question
  90. How do you make your app "iOS4 Tested"?
  91. Free promotion for Doodle Bomb
  92. Sudden changes in ranks???
  93. A Chart Proposal
  94. Can we still submit app using SDK 3.1?
  95. iDevBlogADay
  96. Possible top grossing glitch
  97. Engines/ 3d party frameworks
  98. Retina display compatible?
  99. What is a good platform for Iphone games graphics
  100. San Francisco - dev
  101. how could this game go into top paid game?
  102. Missing reviews and ratings on iTunes?
  103. iTunes Connect Payout Question
  104. Presenting: GameFontMaker for OS X
  105. Keep iPod running when my app starts?
  106. For Developers: Help us get international promo codes
  107. Does Apple allow demos now?
  108. Targeting iOS4
  109. Can I make a game?
  110. game to promote retail website (looking for programmer/artist)
  111. OpenFeint - How to post a score?
  112. (Sharing) What does being a Top Ranked App in the US means
  113. Water waves Effect in OpenGL ES 2.0?
  114. Are any of these good enough for the App Store?
  115. Objective C blogs?
  116. strange ratings on appstore
  117. sites where to promote your igame?
  118. Free w/ in-app purchase or Lite & Full version?
  119. Where should I start? (Game/App Development)
  120. Existing apps run sslloowwllyy on IOS4
  121. What is an "indie" developer?
  122. What are the iPad sales numbers looking like (specifically)?
  123. Sounds and music?
  124. Is anyone else getting aggravated with developers? iPhone 4.
  125. How to get iPhone4 testers?
  126. Adding Video to forum
  127. Answers to Common Questions or How Come I'm Not Rich Yet?
  128. Post mortems - post 'em here!
  129. Books on Getting started.
  130. New App vs. big Update?
  131. Development Cycle & Rapid Prototyping
  132. Report a Developer?
  133. Framework for server based multiplayer
  134. Best camera to record videos of games?
  135. Advertising on Facebook ? will it be useful?
  136. How to make magic app store links in forums?
  137. apple developer licenses, where to start
  138. Developing iPhone Games for Longer Battery Life
  139. I'm so excited with my first app!
  140. developement certificate is expired
  141. Is 440k triangles/second a good value?
  142. iPhone dev's at Siggraph in LA next week?
  143. Libra Website updated - opinions?
  144. Changing scoring system in already release iPhone app
  145. Copyright Help Needed - The Impossible Test!
  146. PR Release
  147. Copyright breach - how to protect your IP
  148. Big Mountain Snowboarding sales and history
  149. When is the time to start hyping your game?
  150. little inverstigation of in which way people get an app
  151. Game codes don't work in other country stores?
  152. 3d zombie group - making of
  153. Worth continuing making game updates?
  154. Pinch app Version 1.3 Sneak peek
  155. Where to post for beta testers?
  156. iPhone 4 Performance
  157. got a pretty fun game on my hands but how do I know when it's done?
  158. How much money do you think it cost gameloft to make nova?
  159. What to do with an idea/design?
  160. Ratings dissapeared?
  161. App Rankings Question
  162. Capture Video from iPad
  163. Promo Codes
  164. Presenting myself, my game and engine
  165. Downgrading device to previous OS version
  166. Introduction: Woody
  167. How to change the seller name?
  168. Probably not the place (sorry), but an OpenFeint techie question for the experienced
  169. Introduction - Corbomite Games
  170. Good Mac for beginning developer?
  171. Getting a non submitted app onto a device
  172. Chipmunk Physics 5.3.0 released!
  173. New game programming for mobile device website
  174. What happened to Soldier Ants?
  175. AppStore business is such a lottery
  176. Presenting Myself
  177. blender tutorials?
  178. We just hit $100K appstore revenue milestone for iMockups, I blogged the sales data
  179. Creating iPhone App demo Video?
  180. Put up an article on CNN ireport
  181. Working on an Edutainment Title
  182. idea development
  183. App Store Charity/Promotion bundle idea (please read indie devs!)
  184. 225 Downloads + 750 Open Feint users = Our game pirated?
  185. How many people to make Iphone game?
  186. What is App Store's Largest Market?
  187. Zombies 4-Ever (working title)
  188. A Pricing advice for ALL developers!
  189. any good PR company to contact with?
  190. Are there any PhoneGap/ iPad creators out there?
  191. Top tips for getting the word out about your (iPad) game?
  192. Mac Mini for iPhone development, what specs should I be looking at?
  193. Submitted my first binary for revision :)
  194. When do Apple Update Feature list now?
  195. KickyFighter! - iPhone Zombie Brawler
  196. App Store Glitch?
  197. Does the "Availability Date" work in iTunes connect
  198. Sell your ipad/iphone game?
  199. Could you explain some Free For a Day details?
  200. Testing my Particle System on a real device
  201. Icon Prerender on App Submission
  202. Questions of a new developer
  203. Driving me Mad!!! Help please
  204. Fake reviews by a top 10 developer... so angry
  205. Advertising with AdMob question
  206. FEEDback!
  207. Introduction: Squax
  208. GDC Astin (Online)
  209. How you started developing - tell your story
  210. Looking for starting developers
  211. PR firm
  212. Sales and Rankings report service
  213. A must see for new developers
  214. Which is the best acustic guitar tuner app for free or .99
  215. 60 game licenses on Gamecot
  216. Which advertising method worked for you?
  217. What graphic tablet do you use?
  218. Looking for Tech Partner/Founder
  219. How to tap the foreign markets?
  220. Who wants a free website for their new app?
  221. We got reviewed in JAPANESE! bablefish FTW
  222. Keeping App in Top 200 Charts
  223. QuizQuizQuiz - Sales numbers post
  224. Marketing/Advertising Opportunity (Dev to Dev)
  225. Business Card Thread
  226. Ipad Sales Figures Compared To Iphone ?
  227. My Girl_HD: after 3 rejections by apple~
  228. Release date Issues, not showing up on New Release page
  229. To all developers who wanna make some serious dollar
  230. Epic Games making Unreal Development Kit available FREE to all iDevice developers!
  231. Sizeable Question
  232. How Important Is Java in iPhone apps?
  233. Profit sharing: How to make sure you're not cheated?
  234. Beta Tester?
  235. How to get Reviewed by Big Website
  236. How to join the private forum?
  237. Game Center vs OpenFeint (Pros and Cons)
  238. Custom Font
  239. App Inspiration
  240. Game Center ..
  241. Sales Report Analyzer - Free Tool For Developer
  242. que about loading textures in opengl es
  243. Line Ninja
  244. Do in game Advertisements make $$$?
  245. Game Center - Custom Leaderboard Art?
  246. OpenFeint 2.6.1 with Deploy Target of iOS 2.2.1
  247. apple relaxing rules for developers?
  248. Appstore payments question ?
  249. Flash.. and what this means to a new developer!(Please Advise)
  250. Game Center nickname length