View Full Version : A game idea i've had for a while...

01-27-2012, 01:30 PM
F.A.T.E ( First Automatic Transition Engine)

David Gray's first day on the new job at ViroTech. The leading industry in the year of 2026 in pioneer space craft. Virotech have finally created the first ever Transition engine or the ( T.E) A machine that contains nuclear Fenidide. A element that creates a harmless shockwave creating speeds fast enough to transport through space within hours. David gray is the tech assistant on the FATE shuttle. He meets a crew comprised from

Captain Keith Nathanial
Assist Captain Roger Van Cloud
Technician Harvey Deinkel
Lab technician Emily Rose
Virotech Representative John Savage
Communications Engineer Kai Fields
Industrial Engineer John " Sparky" Woodburn

This is the first crew to travel towards " Cold Space" to test the ability to set up research stations. The journey that they take will change everything.

Cold Space has recently been discovered by NASA as a region just outside of the solar system with capabilites of self generating heat.

On the journey to Cold Space, someone on board the ship has another destination in mind.....

Well theres a whole story to it but i dont have the power to create this sort of thing but i reckon the premise is pretty good. Give me any comments to improvements on the intro? x

I can post sketches of characters and art work too.