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And today's winners are FrozenFlame, Rokrdude and thangerland! Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants!

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Was too slow. :( All codes used

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Is it still possible to write reviews using redeem codes from developers?

04-11-2012, 08:49 PM
Reviewed as Brightness.L on US store as following:
It is very excellent for this app!
Previously used the iphone version, very easy to use, this time with ipad version, I love it very much.
This is a very useful daily app a very useful tool. Can remind I often forget things.
Easy to use tools, worth having.
Hope can remove the iap, integrated together, so that better perfect.
Hope to increase for the poor quality of sleep, how to improve the ways and means to provide some of the adverse reactions according to the sleep records how to avoid and improve, so that let users sleep quality can be significantly improved!
Also can improve the curve, each looks beautiful enough to want to be able to be more pronounced, easy to read.

04-12-2012, 12:52 AM
Left a 5 star review as ewTang on us store.

This smart alarm clock is really helpful, with different kinds of wake up modes and those chill out tunes, I feel the quality my sleeping getting improved. Comparing with the iphone version, I take the iPad one as a standard night alarm clock.

Besides I dont even know I was talking during my sleep, although I cannot figure out what I was saying, but it's fun.

Great Alarm Clock it is.

Way to go.

04-12-2012, 02:39 AM
Nickname (US Store) : Teaboldi (aka Philsquirrel)

Stars : 5
Title : Essential !
Comment : Here is a very beautiful and very practical application that I want to recommend.
Ideal for tracking the phases of "sleep apnea" for those who are suffering from this problem.
Many features add to the charm of the application, include for example, the clock with many skins, the choice of ringtones, the weather all over the world ...
With regard to the specific phases of sleep, we can find developed graphics, detailed statistics, biorhythms management, consideration of hard mattress and the recording of the nocturnal sounds among other features.
The "smart alarm clock" mode will allow you to optimize your waking based on the biorhythm you have defined with the previous analysis.
Clearly, this application has become totally essential for me because I'm concerned about this disease : sleeping disorders.
Purchases in-apps are wise and finally, the full package isn't prohibitively expensive : for something like 13 $ you can have all you may need.
And of course, integration with social networks is also there, snooze functions, vertical mode, etc .... !
Have a try, you won't repent !

Edit : no problems with the 1.3 update, all is going on !

Thanks ;)

04-13-2012, 09:28 AM
reviewed as dreadnok
Great Alarm Plus
I'm glad this is available for the Pad because so many of the great app are usually only for the IPhone.The name says it all it's a Smart Alarm meaning you get so much more than a great alarm clock, which look great on the IPads large screen.

First off you get different Alarm Modes that registers any and all disturbances while you sleep, monitor sleep cycles, and wake you up before or at the exact time you set. You get different set tracks to use, Chillout tracks which play before you go to sleep, then there's Wake up tracks that can be set to start playing when the alarm sets off, you can set how long they play and even use songs from your IPod as your tracks even Audio books.

The apps records and stores statistics about how you sleep each night , you also get a 24-hour mode and the ability to choose the clock theme and you can select any of your pictures to use as the background.Its a great app I get more than I could ever want in an Alarm

I'm glad it has the snooze function but the one thing missing is the ability to set more than one alarm, also it would be cool if there was a mode that did a slideshow with your pictures for some reason that puts me right to sleep

04-13-2012, 01:35 PM
Reviewed updated as Rokrdude2 on U.S. appstore

All in one alarm clock
Smart alarm clock for iPad is an all in one clock that not only keeps track of your sleep cycles but also records all noises that disturb your sleep and show it in form of various graphs so that you can fine tune your surroundings which in turn ensures a healthy sleep. The app has over 20 in built tunes with an option to add your own along with option to share your stats via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Further the app includes weather forecast and some extra features like Binaural beats and Relaxation sounds can also be purchased via in app purchase.

Some suggestions which I believe if incorporated can make this app even better are:-
1) It would be great if the app offers some sleep tips to promote a healthy, sleep-filled, lifestyle.
2) Some games can be added to increase the versatility of the app like where users try and touch a moving target on the screen right after waking up. If they slept well, they will be more alert and do better playing the game while a lower score indicates a poor night's sleep and grogginess.
3) Lastly it would be great if we had matching background wallpapers (even better if background’s could be animated) to the different inapp track’s like fireplace, rainforest, Niagara.

Overall, one of those apps which will become an integral part of your daily routine.

04-14-2012, 06:19 AM
Reviewed as Arutyun Mokoyan on US Store
Awesome alarm for iPad!
I have used smart alarm clock for iphone and now when I saw this app for iPad I immediately bought it, because there are a lot of alarm apps in AppStore but this app is more powerful and functionality than others. The design is great! The app shows a full-screen clock face with adjustable themes: classic, analog and digital. You can change background picture to any photo from your camera library. Weather widget is very cool feature which shows the current weather conditions as well as a forecast for the user’s area for the next 7 days. Also one of the great feature is noise recording. this app allows you to play back the noise disturbances, overlaying the recording with the sleep cycle graph and you can shared stats with friends on Facebook or Twitter. This app contains a lot of chillout and awakening tunes for awakening and falling asleep. you can also own tracks from iPod library. Very cool alarm clock app for iPad! Definitely worth buying app!
Some suggestions:
- I'd like to see more different types of clock themes, like sand glass, another types of analog and digital clocks.
- It will be great if you add a speaking clock
- Ability to add more than one alarm and for each alarm different wakeup tunes

04-15-2012, 05:00 AM
Reviewed as TJAUK in the UK Store.

This is such an amazing app! It's much better than most of the rubbish you get… I've been searching trying to find the perfect alarm app for myself for a long time, but most of the others are really lacking something, but this has got it all. There are a lot of things you have to pay extra for, but there is enough included to make it worth the money and still be packed with all of the vital features. It's got more features than anything else, but the main thing is battery life. Things that I've tried before have completely drained my iPad battery, so it hasn't been ready for the next day, but with this, although it goes down faster than usual, it's certainly not annoying and still leaves the iPad ready for use. However, if there was one wish, I would love to see the developers bring Retina support. It would improve the app as it doesn't look very good on the new iPad!

04-15-2012, 06:18 AM
reviewed as deadpuma on US Store
Best alarm clock for iPad!
Wow what an amazing alarm clock app for iPad! Very cute interface and simple to use! This alarm app is very functionality app there are a lot of great functions right there such as perfect algorithm of monitoring sleep cycles and phases, absolutely great visual statistics, recording noise disturbances, very cool weather widget and lots and lots of great functions. There is pretty cool stylish clocks design such as analog and digital. You can also to use pictures from the device’s photo library as the clock background. All noises and sleep statistics can be shared with friends on twitter and facebook or sent via email. There is also nice relaxing sounds which one helps to you to fall asleep in insomnia. You can also use your own music from iPod library. Very useful app for monitoring your sleep! So if you are looking for alarm app this is what you need! This is the best alarm clock app for iPad for sure! Definetely recommend this app!

04-15-2012, 07:40 AM
In the US Store posted review as 'thangerland':

I can't believe the amount of alarm apps available now! Breathtaking but this is my choice! Everything in this app seems to have bend designed properly, as if the developers designed the iPad for themselves which means that it has everything you can need and also works nicely rather than being really complicated. You get the things you want without needing to go through an annoying menu system or anything else. While it works nicely, I'll certainly be using it at home over the next few weeks to investigate how well it can improve my sleep. Promising some great benefits, this could really be an amazing way to spend $0.99. From initial use though so far, I really have enjoyed the sounds, which seem to help going to sleep, showing that this has great potential.

04-15-2012, 08:21 AM
Posted a review as "LethalApple" in the US iTunes App Store.

When I'm looking for an app, features are always the most important. No point in having something if it isn't useful, especially if you have to pay for it. This is something that is definitely useful, and with all of the features that if offers, it has something that will make it useful to almost anyone. It's got lots of different uses, as people can either use it as an alarm, something to use to get to sleep, help to improve sleep or as a multi purpose tool with weather forecast and everything! While some apps just tend to offer a few features, this has got it all, and nothing has been done half-hearted, as everything is done well and has the things you would expect. Research has proven that going to sleep well and waking up at a good time when it's suited to you can really help out, so this app can really help to improve sleep and make me feel better… which is soooo worth paying the money for!!! One wish I would have for the app in the future would be better graphics and support for the new iPad as it doesn't look very good on the weather pages. With some great developers behind it though I'm sure it will come soon! Then it would be 100% perfect!

04-15-2012, 10:40 AM
Review as JustinVernon on US store

Best iPad Alarm Clock App Ever!

Smart Alarm Clock for iPad is a great clock app. There may be other apps which provide features like Smart Alarm, but they are usually only designed for the iPhone. This app takes the full advantage of the big iPad screen and proves itself to be a very good competitor.

When I first opened the app, I saw the interface was quite intuitve. You have a nicely designed weather gadget sitting at the left upper corner, albeit it doesn't provide any information about chance a rain (like Magical Weather, which hopefully can be added in the future updates). You can change the themes quite easily. Although the themes are a little limited, you can change the background picture when you tap "Custom Theme".

The most interesting feature is Alarm Modes, which is similar to what the Sleep Cycle alarm clock provide. The app can monitors sleep cycles and disturbing factors while you sleep, and wake you up at the right time or at the exact time you set. However, I don't understand why the designers made four alarm modes, (the full mode requires IAP, but it is quite worth it!!!) which is a bit confusing. As I see it, the app only needs to provide two option:
1. To allow it to record the disturbing factors, or doesn't record anything. (But, of course it will monitor your sleep cycles).
2. To wake you at the exact time you set, or wake you at the right time. (I really want to call this Smart Mode instead of full mode, or sleep cycles alarm mode. I don't see why users have to pay again for the "smart" mode if the had already purchased the Smart Alarm.)

The app has two music modes as well. One is chillout mode, which is supposed to be played before you go to sleep. The other is Wake-up mode, which will start playing when the alarm sets off. You can also add own iPod tracks as chillout/wake-up music. Besides, you can purchased sound packages directly from the app, which is very thoughtful.

The best part of the app is the statistics feature. Since it records so many information regarding your sleep, the presentation of such data must be as equally important. The app generates beautiful charts concerning your sleep phases. And these information can even be shared via email or facebook or twitter. I don't suffer from insomnia. But I guess a patient will be glad with this feature, since his doctor can get a professionally looking chart as soon as possible. Smart Alarm will decides the number of light/deep sleep phases you have. This is way more than I'd expected from a clock app. But information as such become very helpful as soon as I start to use this app. I usually overslept on weekends. Now my sleep quality has been significantly improved! I can tell when and how I didn't sleep well directly from the graphic. If you snore too much, the app can also record that. :)

The overall design of this app are very thoughtful. I am glad to see finally the big screen of iPad is taken seriously for a clock app. Some people might argue that the iPad is not good for being used as a clock. But I think Tim Cook is probably right about the so called post-PC. I just can't put down my iPad. And fortunately my bed is not too small to place an iPad. I am sure there are people like me out there. This app does what it says and it has done a splendid work for me. Since Viaden also has an iPhone version of this app, I hope the data of the two app can be synced. Since the iPhone screen is too small to do some complicated statistical analysis, I see the HD version has a lot potential. I hope the full mode purchase will be removed. But I think the developers can add some IAPs to add features like morning todo list or additional themes or breakfast of the day.

The developers of this app are very thoughtful to make such a thoughtful app. The UI isn't the most sophisticated but it definitely ranks top among its peers. It is packed with soo many features that I had never thought I'd need them one day. But it turns out they help me to live a healthier life. So thank you very much!~


04-15-2012, 01:16 PM
I'm having problems posting reviews on apps I downloaded with developer codes. But here is my review and I will continue to try to post it on the app store, if I can it will be Kujen on US app store.

Very interesting app! Does more than you'd think

This app is more than just an alarm clock. It actually monitors your sleep cycle by picking up on your movements throughout the night, which is pretty cool. It also records sounds that may be disturbing your sleep, causing you to wake up. A good way to prove to your partner how annoying their snoring is! It keeps a log of your statistics so you can monitor your sleep cycles over time. In addition to all these features it has very handy weather info, which you can tap on to display the full weekly forecast. The alarm itself can be customized to play "chill out" tracks to relax you or "wake-up" tracks, to wake you up. You can also import your own music if you wish. The clock has a few themes to choose from - classic, analog, digital, and custom, where you can add your own background picture. Smart Alarm Clock looks great on the iPad, and has a nice calm interface that won't hurt your eyes when you've just woken up.

I do have some recommendations I think would improve this app:

-There are already several different sensitivity settings, but I'd still like to see a higher one. Some people move around a lot at night and may want to keep the iPad on the other side of the bed so they don't roll over onto it. Currently it doesn't pick up movements well unless it is somewhat close to your body.
-Add more clock themes, maybe the ability to start with a set style and then choose your own colors or clock hands. There is already the ability to choose your own background which is fantastic, but I'd like to see more customization of the actual clock.
-I would also like to see an "alarm only" mode, for days where you don't feel the need to monitor your sleep cycle, and just want an alarm to wake you up.
-Alter the names of the alarm modes with a "/" or a "+" to make them more clear. For example, "sleep cycles + set alarm mode" instead of "sleep cycles set alarm mode"
-The ability to quickly change the location for your weather forecast. Sometimes people like to see the forecast of other cities where they have friends and family. Or they may need to travel to another city, and would like to know what the weather will be like.

Overall, it's a very interesting app for people who wish to monitor their sleep cycle, and also those who are just curious! It's also a great alarm clock. While the app could use some additions, it's pretty good as it is!

04-15-2012, 01:31 PM
5 star review as _burn on US app store:

This has become my default alarm clock. I have this app for both my iPhone and my iPad and love it. If you can't tell from the screenshots, this app is beautiful. You can tell that a lot of thought went into the design. It's funny, once you get used to using this and you go back and look at the default alarm app you wonder why anyone would use that thing. There is just so much this does ... the awesome sounds they found for it are amazing, the graphics and navigation are just beautiful, the ability to not only wake you up in the morning but it also has relaxing sounds to put you to sleep. One of the greatest things this app does is wake you up at the right time. You give it a window of when you want to get up and it will determine the best time to do so. And it doesn't just blare sounds at you, it starts quiet and slowly increases the volume so you wake up feeling rested.

Speaking of sounds, there are a few awesome games out there that were designed around binaural sounds .... and this app has them. I haven't tried them yet but they're on my wish list!

If I could make a few suggestions:
* I would love a theme that gives the screen real-estate to the weather and has the time in the top right. Like a previous reviewer mentioned, I would use animations to bring in more realism to the weather. Something very similar to Weather HD. It would be so nice to wake up to an image of what it looks like outside instead of the same old clock I've been staring at for years.

* Something I do when I first wake up is check my Facebook feed. Maybe you could incorporate a few options of what to do after you wake up like check the local news, read through your Facebook or Twitter updates, catch up on a few web comics ... basically something that will stimulate you and get your mind functioning before you get out of bed. For me, I have a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings even if I am getting up between sleep cycles.

Having something like "Good morning burn, I hope you slept well. How would you like to start your morning? Could I interest you in a little Facebook, maybe the local news, or perhaps you would like to see what Tycho and Gabe are up to today over at Penny Arcade?" would be awesome.

* Another thing that would be awesome is the ability to sync your settings (wake-up time, sound preferences, etc) via iCloud so you can make a change on the iPhone and have that same change immediately synced to the iPad. For example, I mainly use my phone during the day and if I need to make an adjustment to my alarm it would be nice to make it on the phone and have it automatically synced to my iPad.

04-15-2012, 07:05 PM
Reviewed as mobcittty in us app store

One of the best!
I have had a hard time waking up in the morning until i found this alarm,Now i get up better than ever.It monitors my sleeping pattens and wakes me up at the perfect moment in the time frame i set,when I'm at my lightest sleeping point so i wake up feeling peaceful and refreshed.This alarm clock is packed with a number of great features,There are four different alarm modes.Start a pleasant day with any your favorite iTunes tracks or a number of serene preloaded tunes and melodies.View you stats of sounds and sleep phases on a nice graph.This is one of the best alarm clock out there!It has become a essential part of my routine.

04-15-2012, 11:29 PM
Reviewed as danielfanu on the US store

The best sleep cycle clock app finally made its way to the iPad. I've been using the iPhone version for a while. With no doubt it is the best sleep cycle clock I've ever used. The algorithm is smart that could track and monitor your sleep cycles and wake me up at the best moment which makes me feel very comfortable. It did a far greater job than other sleep cycle clocks. It also provides you the option to record noise while you are sleeping. You could play it back to track your snores or to find out what may disturb your health sleep. Comparing to the iPhone version the UI looks much better in HD quality. Since it is on a bigger screen more information could be shown. Now it could show your local weather in the main screen along with the big beautiful clock. Also the weather details and 6 days of forecast could be shown in a separate screen. Unfortunately the 'Full Alarm' mode becomes IAP comparing to the iPhone version. The statistics looks better than on the iPhone. It is great that gesture control is provided for iPad version, for example you can slide up & down to make the clock screen lighter or darker.

Some suggestions:

1. Retina support please
2. Localization is great and accurate which is very thoughtful for non-English speakers. Could you provide more like the iPhone version?
3. Although I could use pics from camera roll as background and the 3 default clock themes are good, it would be better if there are more clock themes.
4. I want more gesture controls. Like slide left & right to make the menu bar/mode bar/calendar bar show up and hide.

Highly recommended if you have an iPad.

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Congrats to all the winners! :D

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