View Full Version : Looking for: Programmers

09-21-2009, 06:10 PM
Looking for: Programmers
Amount of experience needed: Minimal
Pay: Can pay in promo codes, as this is really just for fun

I want to create an iPhone game but have no experience, and being an full-time student, don't have time to learn, so I need a person/people to help me make it. Minimal experience needed, as this is just for fun, and because it's just for fun, I can only afford to pay you in promo codes. If you are interested, just PM me or reply to this thread. I don't care whether we make a free app or a ten dollar app, I just want to have fun with it! Hope people will be interested! Also needed (but not as much as programmers) people to help with artwork. I hope to have 1-5 people sign up, I have a few ideas already, but would be happy to take ideas form you guys. Thanks!