View Full Version : The XMAS Challenge Holiday Sale ($2.99 -> $0.99)

12-17-2010, 03:33 AM
Hi guys,
The XMAS Challenge, which is the best implementation of SameGame on the AppStore according to our users, is now on sale during the holidays.

iTunes Link (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-xmas-challenge-bebbled/id343150325?mt=8)

http://bebbled.com/static/bebbled/small_scr1.png http://bebbled.com/static/bebbled/small_scr2.png
http://bebbled.com/static/bebbled/small_scr3.png http://bebbled.com/static/bebbled/small_scr4.png

The latest update, which was released on the 11th of Dec, added:

* Crystal-Clear Retina Graphics
* FULL Game Center support, which includes:
- Achievements
- Score submission
- Single-click login to Bebbled Online using you Game Center account

* iOS4 support
* Game Center is also fully supported on the iPad with iOS 4.2