View Full Version : iPad President's Day Sale for Blaster: Through the Asteroid Field

02-20-2011, 04:54 AM
In celebration of President's Day, the price of Blaster: Through the Asteroid Field (iPad) will drop from 3.99 to .99 -- Monday, Feb 21, 2011 only! The link to the app store is here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blaster-through-asteroid-field/id414827482?mt=8



Excerpt from app store:

Story: To make travel between systems safer, the Intergalactic Trade Union has offered a bounty for clearing new routes through space! Blast as many asteroids as you can, and dispatch the deadly Krabulus Drones!

How far will you go? How many drones will you blast? There’s only one way to find out!

* Super-precise motion-sensitive controls.
* Enemies powered by state-of-the art artificial intelligence – watch out!
* Progressive difficulty and infinite play!
* Multi-task-friendly. Switch to email, look like you’re working, and then pick up where you left off.
* Choose your ship’s paint.
* Unleash powerful new weapons as you collect Energy Cells!
* Compete on GAME CENTER! Win new achievements!
* Designed around an all-around fun classic space-blast experience!

How to play:
* Tilt the iPad to steer in any direction.
* Touch anywhere on screen to fire your weapon.
* Touch the bomb-release button to unleash a barrage of Annihilation Globes.
* Drag the throttle control to speed up or slow down the action.
* Blast rocks, Drones, and Space Pirates to earn a bounty, and collect Energy Cells to keep your shields and weapons charged!
* Don’t let enemies pick up stray Energy Cells… the bad guys play by the same rules you do!