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06-30-2011, 11:17 PM
We offer a free sushi for celebratin​​g Independen​​ce Day~~!!

It is not a real sushi but you can get a free game from Apple store.
Ozgnahc offers you a free game the name is ‘GoGo Sushi’ for Celebrating Independence Day!! -From 1 July to 5 July

Gogo sushi is a simple and addictive tycoon game.
You should run the restaurant and serve a good service for customers.

There are a lot of sushi types and fun systems. It’s a highly addictive tycoon game where players serve sushi to customers.

It features hours of gameplay challenging manage of sushi restaurant, lots of replay value each of the 365 Day requires various ways to make sushi, speedy touch, and improvement in customer satisfaction.

After this game you can make a sushi!!
Make a sushi for your family and friends.
Don’t miss it and Have a good time.

[ Introduction-Appstore url ]

[ Video, How to play with sausage ]

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