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Ravensword: Shadowlands Help Thread

12-19-2012, 08:21 AM
Ravensword: Shadowlands Help Thread

I thought we could use a thread for help and tips to share with each other concerning the game. Hope you guys have fun!

Originally Posted by melvin2898 View Post
True Words Spoken By The Great Crex.

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12-19-2012, 09:31 AM

Ah sweet, was going to start this myself.
Thanks Crex!

First off - I'm going to go over the controls because there seems to be some confusion about what you can and can't do.


Movement: Hold left thumb down to start running, move it left, right, or back to change direction.
Double tap on the ground to run in the direction in front of you.

Attacking: Use the sword button.

Magic: A magic button will come up with you have a magical rune equipped.

Blocking: Hold the sword button down, you will lift your shield to block, or hold your sword up to parry.

First person view: To switch to first person, tap the eye button on the top right.

Stealth: Hold down the eye button.

Mini Map: Tap the compass icon.
Your quest marker will show your quest destination when it is within
range on your map.

Look around by swiping the screen

Items: You can tap on an item on the ground or on a table to pick it up if the hand icon is showing where the reticule was. If the hand is red, this means you would be stealing the item. You can decide not to steal when the dialog comes up. If you are caught stealing, beware of guards!

Inventory: Tap the inventory icon

Toolbar: Swipe up to bring the toolbar into view, swipe down to hide it.


Tap on weapons to show their stats and display them in a larger size.
Hit 'equip' to equip them. If you drop a weapon, it will fall from your body onto the ground. You can pick it up again by tapping on it.
To only show one type of item, such as weapons, just tap on the weapons
tab at the bottom of the inventory.

The enhance button allows you to enchant weapons or armor with gems.
If you have collected a gem or venom, you can use this button.
Gems are found in chests, or given to you on quests or side quests.

World map - The world map will show a marker of which area you are in.
You can fast travel to other areas if they have already been discovered, simply by tapping on that location.

Skills - your skills increase the more you use your weapons, magic, and stealth.

Stats - you can upgrade your physical attributes when you level up and earn points.

Talents - same as stats, but these have different levels. For instance, you can level up your acrobatics 5 times - 1/5, 2/5 etc - with earned points

Tool Bar - To assign a weapon or potion to your toolbar, hit 'quick' when having tapped on the item in the inventory

Menu -
You can bring up the options menu here, save your game, see your achievements, or go to the main menu.

In game stuff:

Pick pocketing
You must be in stealth (by holding down the eye button in the HUD)
and get close enough to tap on an NPC (you'll see a hand icon replace the reticule)

Simply tap on a dead enemy when you see a green particle system rising from a corpse, it will
bring up the items they may have hidden. If they just dissolve, that means they weren't carrying anything.

Lock picking
To lock pick a chest or a door lock, use one finger to move around the lock pick, and the other to turn the lock. The more you practice, the more your skills for lock picking increase (same with all of your weapons)

Tap on an NPC to talk to them, follow the dialog by tapping on the text.

Barrels and crates almost always contain money bags, so destroy as many as you can.

More soon as I think of them!

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12-19-2012, 09:44 AM
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I have a tip that should be applicable: during boss fights (if any), it's always helpful to hide behind the red barrels. Works wonders for me at least

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12-19-2012, 11:58 AM
Thanks for the guide Josh. Personally I think I'll ignore fast travel and play my game hardcore style where I use just my feet or the mounts to travel. I guess it should help me grind my skills with this method and it should increase playtime of the main quest.
12-19-2012, 01:43 PM
Another quick tip, in South Aven, if you want an extra weapon, you can get a weak gun if you pick the lock in Silas' house. However if you take everything, dont discard or sell the letter. You'll need it later

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02-09-2013, 10:28 AM
Tip do gobins till you get strong on your weapon ( sword ) then buy a bow level it up by doing them and and get all the nice item and stuff once you can stand up for 12 seconds and not die that means you ready for you first boss. Note gobins are the strongest enemy's in the game so you get lots of money and exp also note that use you talent points on the exp stats money first so you get get an advantage over the game on enemy for some time. Note that the bow is good for up to main quest 15 then you need to get cross bow which is stronger and shoots fast like every 0.50 seconds and give far more critical damage and knock back this weapon will lead you too last main quest in the game quest 25 then you need the raven sword to kill the last boss. Have fun you have a long way of graining to go
12-19-2012, 06:54 PM
Originally Posted by JoshCM View Post
Lock picking
To lock pick a chest or a door lock, use one finger to move around the lock pick, and the other to turn the lock. The more you practice, the more your skills for lock picking increase (same with all of your weapons)
One tip I'd like to include on this is to make sure that you keep one finger ON the lockpick while using another finger to turn the lock left to right. As you're turning the lock be sure to also be rocking the lockpick ever so slightly, but never lifting your finger from it. You'll be able to tell when the lock is going to open because it will start to turn easily. Using this method I was able to break into Silas's house AND chest without breaking a single lockpick. Hope this helps!!
12-19-2012, 10:07 PM
The game has just released worldwide!

Originally Posted by melvin2898 View Post
True Words Spoken By The Great Crex.
12-20-2012, 12:41 AM
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Trolls are hard. Damn. Gonna have to grind a little.

Bought the crossbow, it's pretty handy. Pro tip: jump on a rock where the enemies can't touch you and fire away. It's hilarious that they can't jump two feet with you and just stand there or keep running into the rock while you fire away

And ANYONE ELSE with an iPhone 5/iPad 4 getting blob shadows instead of realtime ones??? I ain't no graphic whore, but was looking forward to the eye candy...
12-20-2012, 12:56 AM
One thing I can't work out - how do you eat consumables like break? It's probably obvious but I can't see how to do it...