iPad: [Cut WallStreet HD] is released!!!

01-08-2013, 07:07 PM
[Cut WallStreet HD] is released!!!

[Cut WallStreet HD] by "4UApps" is released!!!

The First "Two-Fingers-Slice Game" of the World !!!!

Blow Out Wall Street Guys
Retake Cities from Wall Street !!!


"Cut WallStreet" is a very creative, dynamic and addictive game.
The new creative method for Play --- "Slice with Two fingers" !!!

Do you remember "Occupy WallStreet"?
Do you wish to occupy WallStreet too?
You can get your wish with this game!!!

## This is the most significant game ever I played --- FunToPlay…
## Cut WallStreet thrilled me, remind me of the "Occupy WallStreet" ---- WithGoodApps…
## This is a Creative and Different game, using two fingers to cut objects ---- WhatToPlayToday….
## "Cut WallStreet" is the first "Two finger slice game", Very Creative! ---- BestTo Recommend…

Are you angry at WallStreet?
* Cut the WallStreet items which are tossed by slicing with two fingers
* Use two fingers to slice them more actively
* You can buy cities (Retake Cities) with the Golds you earned
* Avoid Obstacles (Bomb, Trap)
* Acquire the Bomb-shield to protect against Bombs
* You are the only Hero to retake cities from WallStreet guys

##### Details #####

**** Story ****
Cities of the world are under WallStreet.
You are the hero to save the cities.
Cut the items of WallStreet and make money.
Retake the cities one by one with the money

*** Play ***
You can use two fingers to cut items more and faster. Move two fingers up and down!
Cut the various items of WallStreet which are tossed faster and faster.
Be cautious not to cut Bomb Items (Bomb, Trap).
Bomb-shield item protect you from explosion of a bomb.
Retake cities under WallStreet with the money you made!!!

You can turn on/off the bomb-shield button on the top-center of the screen.
There is a bonus session every several stages!

*** Cut WallStreet Features ***

- There are hundreds of cities under WallStreet.
- Retake the cities with the money you made

*Option (Weapons)
- Twenties of various weapons available in the Option menu.

- More Items are tosses as the stage Up
- Various Items to cut: Goldbar, MoneyBags, PaperMoney, Diamond, WallStreet Character, etc.
- Bonus Item: Bomb-Shield
- Bomb Items to avoid: Bomb, Trap

- Compare and share your achievements with your friends!

Save your cities and Change the world!

Enjoy !!!!!
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The First "Two-Fingers-Slice game" of the World

[Cut WallStreet HD] is the first "Two-Fingers-Slice Game" of the World !!!