Ocean Protection Style (Universal)

01-23-2013, 01:20 AM
Ocean Protection Style (Universal)

Name of Application Ocean Protection Style

iTunes Link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ocean-protection-style/id593259610?ls=1&mt=8

Brief Application Description: Welcome to our Ocean World

Here used to be paradise for fish, but now, the Ocean is contaminated by people’s strewing garbage around and it is affecting the quality of fish’s life. Let us clear off the garbage now.
*you will be awarded gold coins when you pick up the floating garbage
* You may be awarded gold coins when you pick up the precious stones
*Watch out the floating bombs, you may lost your gold coins if touch them.
*Watch out the sharks, you may reduce your flying time if touch them.
*If lucky, you may pick up air bottles and with them you can fly longer.
If you pick up the nominated stuff, you will get more gold coins.
Successful challenges and successive picking-ups will give you more surprised gifts.

Brief History of Developer or Development Company

Independent developers
Other Applications You’ve Developed
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Developer Contact Email bbsuper@qq.com
The reason why your app is special and stands out from its competitors.
#Game Features #
Easy operation and fun
Relaxing, interactive with your child
Instill the idea of environment protection and experience the game fun

Any update information, or any future plans as for the continued development of the app. Quickly update
Any Additional Information You’d Like Us to Have (e.g. awards, ratings, etc) with a brief description (functionality and top features), and any possible screenshots or video.

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Seems like a valuable lesson for children to learn to embrace! And have fun, too? Win-win situation here! Good luck with your game!