Evoland Real time Evolving gameplay ARPG Q1 2013

01-24-2013, 12:29 PM
Evoland Real time Evolving gameplay ARPG Q1 2013

Browser-based Evoland is, hands down, one of the more clever video game concepts to come across our desk. The game itself is a history of video games–as you play the game the game evolves from a limited 8-bit monochrome adventure into a modern game.

You start off unable to do anything but move right and collect a treasure chest. That treasure chest unlocks the left key (keys are configured in a WASD style keypad) which in turn allows you to move around a simple monochromatic forest clearing to unlock the rest of the movement keys. From there you begin unlocking more game features, effectively evolving the game from monochrome to 16 and then 64 bit color and unlocking various game play features.

The game itself is short and can be played in about the same time you could watch a video covering the basics of various game changes over the last 30 years but actually playing the game and watching the evolution in progress is far more rewarding. Hit up the link below to take it for a spin.
You can try the current version of the game on the dev site for free

The devellopers decide to improve the game and get it on IOS platform
here is a trailer

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one more good game in 2013

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It seems to come really soon wait just a little
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Take all my money
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This looks epic.
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Holy crap! I'm blown away.
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Mentally purchased

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