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Gameloft IAP Discussion

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02-23-2011, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by COHagan23 View Post
How many times has someone posted how "smart [a] move by [G]ameloft to battle piracy," without realizing that this particular flavor of software distribution via IAP is in reality much less secure than a "traditional" iTMS app purchase? You don't even need a jailbroken device to pirate this game or Sacred Oddyssey. If this is Gameloft's attempt at battling piracy it is an epic failure. But it's funny how people with barely an anecdotal understanding of piracy or software publishing think it is revolutionary in its cleverness.

I whole-heartedly agree that piracy is wrong - as a software product manager and designer I know first hand who is hurt by it. But in my opinion appending more and more intrusive, annoying or inconvenient forms of DRM that interfere with fair use is not the way to succeed in combating piracy. If anything it encourages the very activity it was intended to prevent by giving crackers incentive in the form of a new challenge and alienating a significant portion of your legitimate potential customer base. An alienated consumer that loses trust in a software publisher is far more likely to pirate that publisher.
I for one am used to just clicking the buy button in iTunes, and not giving it a second thought. I'm not a fan of IAP, I prefer to pay the upfront price for an app and thats it. Since IAP's were introduced to the Appstore I viewed them to be mostly a negative thing for consumers. Gamelofts new model is a minor hindrance that I prefer not to put up with. I feel much better knowing that I have a purchased app that I can freely install at will without having to talk to Apple's (Gameloft's) servers everytime I wish to do so. Why does everyone here think Gameloft's new model is because of piracy? There are probably other reasons for them going the IAP route...I agree with COHagan23 I believe this new model will fail and ultimately end up alienating former loyal customers.

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