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Pokemon Black/White Thread

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03-06-2011, 09:57 PM
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Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon Black and White is released today in the US, and Europe two days ago. I thought I would start a thread so that people can share their experiences and their opinions or just say if you're enjoying this game or not.

This thread can also function as a trade/battle request thread is you wish.

I also put in a poll so you can select the pokemon you chose/are going to choose once you can get your hands on one.

All the information you need to know:
Black and White Pokedex
Exclusive Pokemons/Stuff

Past Event Pokemons:
- Celebi can be downloaded today only as it's the last day to download it. It's required for the Zorua event ingame.
- Victini can be downloaded starting today thru April 10.

Current Events:
- Munna C-gear skin can be downloaded from the Dream World with this password: PGLDR34M.
- Pokemon VCG Championships are underway.
- Dream World eveelutions are able to be downloaded if you played and won the Breakout game.

For more general stuff, serebii.net has a bunch of information. You can discuss this amazing game, send out requests for trades and battles or post your team! If you post your friend code, I will edit this post to add you to the list so people can find some TA people to trade/battle with easier.

Friend Codes:
1. 3653 9897 7638 - MystikSun
2. 4169 3825 8951 - 5duc29
3. 2752 0428 2671 - Rocketman919
4. 1721 3083 4923 - Watabou

Gamecenter: Rorschach90

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