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Any good paid marketing services?

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03-23-2011, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Hodapp View Post
Honestly I think most of what these low-dollar PR services do could be accomplished by the developer just posting a thread that they pay attention to on the TA forums. If a game can't generate interest here amongst our community, all the press releases in the world won't make people interested.
I agree with this.

Honestly the best way forward is to join communities, post your game (don't spam), and really listen to customer feedback. Also, individually email review / blog sites with a link to itunes, screenshots, a web landing page and a trailer from youtube. Be brief and informative.

Also remember that marketing is tough and very time consuming. I've put as much time into researching marketing and listening to feedback as I did learning objective c and programming the game. So know that only half the battle is over when you submit to Apple (unless you get lucky).

For low-cost solutions I would recommend PRmac.com and iSpreadNews.com. iSpreadNews was actually a lot more useful than I had planned due to the fact that they put me in touch with a lot of international iPhone bloggers I would've never known about. I met some really cool people that way.

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