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Tiny Tower - Tips & Strategies Thread

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06-23-2011, 01:39 AM
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Tiny Tower - Tips & Strategies Thread

It's evident there are lots of minor details which the tutorial initially leaves out, only to encourage you to discover things by yourself while playing. Feel free to post your tips and strategies here.

Advanced Strategies

*** Above all, this one has helped me out the most: the game has some in-built mechanic to send a larger number of Bitizens to Housing Floors which are fully occupied or Shops as opposed to ones which have vacant spots. Take advantage of this by keeping one empty slot in each housing floor you own. If the Bitizen who just arrived has a high Job Skill Rating + wants a Dream Job in one of the establishments you own, keep him/her and evict someone else in the house. If the Bitizen which arrives seems like a waste, evict and wait for another.

By constantly keeping a slot open in each housing establishment, you increase your chances of filling in your Shops with employees who want them as Dream Jobs.

*** Job-Skill Ratings (out of 10) contribute towards a percentage discount while restocking any floor.
ie: If three employees, each possessing a rating of 9 towards a particular skill are working in the appropriate store, a total of 27% of the normal price will be discounted each time you restock items on that floor.

*** Dream Jobs: 1 worker with dream job will get you double stock on the first sale item, two dream workers will get you double stock on the first and second items, three dream workers gets you double stock on all three.

*** Want to change one of your stores? Not happy with the Womens' Fashion Store or Frozen Yogurt stall?
Wait for all stocks to get depleted from the store you want to change (to make the most of your invested money), and hit DELETE. This does not cost any Bux nor gold but it will put the floor back on construction mode; it will take 30 minutes more to build than your previously built floor, just as if you had purchased a new level for your tower.

*** Cycle your Bitizens if you are low on housing-space. They are required to STOCK STORES, not sell the items in the store. The latter happens automatically; therefore, you can fill up a store with three employees, finish stocking all three levels, then assign them at different floors. Comes in handy during SOME situations - I personally don't take advantage of this too much with so many Bitizens on hand already to manage.

General Tips

- Suggested order for spending Bux initially in the game would be as follows:
i. Transport as many passengers as possible, collect tips and start building your Bux hoard
ii. Do not spend Bux on restocking Level 1 or Level 2 items. Level 3 (the longest), go for it.
iii. Save up 50 Bux and trade them for 100,000 gold.
iv. Spend the 100,000 you receive on building up as many floors as you can, while saving some for re-stocking purposes.
v. It's time to start saving up your Bux - as mentioned above, only spend them on speeding up Level-3 (the longest) store items - wait out Levels 1 and 2, they're usually considerably shorter.
vi. Once you have 25 more Bux saved up, it's time for your first Elevator upgrade - you won't realize how helpful this is until you actually upgrade it and find out for yourself!
vii. Keep collecting Bux, upgrading your tower as well as its' Elevator going - build a variety of shops and have a great time with the game.

- To help with the above... get into a habit of SAVING CASH! Bored of transporting Bitizens up and down the elevator? Multi-task out into a game of NBA Jam, lap of Real Racing 2 or match of First Touch Soccer and come back while your floors are being built or items are being restocked.

- Make sure all of your shops' three employment-slots are filled with skilled workers. Keep your floors fully stocked with items before logging off or taking a break, letting you sell maximum stock while away. If you're 15-20 stock away from hitting empty on a Level 2 or 3 item, consider spending Cash to restock it fast before logging off.

- Plan your next move. You will usually have more unemployed Bitizens in your hotel than working ones initially, since only 3-slots exist per store. Decide which shop you want to open next and invite only Bitizens with that particular skill-set to stay at your tower while you save up gold for the next floor.

- Stock all three items on any shop to get a small coin bonus. There are NO ALERTS as to when an item goes out of stock; so keep your eyes peeled!

- You can give each Bitizen a makeover for 1 coin per change. Beware, this is not mentioned explicitly in-game!

- Change the theme of each room by tapping on it, and then hitting PAINT! You start off with 100 Paint-credits which can be used to renovate any room in your tower. When you run out, buy another 100 Paint-credits for 1 "Bux"!

- It's easier organize and henceforth, manage your rooms, restaurants and other themed-floors if they are stacked together. Tap on the room you want to shift, and hit MOVE! This costs 1 "Bux" every time you move any floor.

- When doing the "find a Bitizen" mini-missions, you don't need to find his exact position (a-la Where's Waldo) - just tap anywhere on the floor he or she is on!

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