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Vicious looking ”WEREWOLF” game - looking for feedback!

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07-25-2011, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Klemen View Post
Sounds good to me Will the character be able to jump around (like rooftops and stuff like that)?
The basic roaming idea is more of a sneaker a-la Thief, so a lot of the gameplay is about moving in the shadows and light and utilizing the environment to gain the advantage before going into combat. Hence there won't be much jumping if any at all :-)

Originally Posted by TruSmiles View Post
Wow, that concept art looks amazing, can't wait to hear more!

This seems like a stupid question, but will the boy be switching between human and werewolf states throughout the game? I.e will the main character have to make use of skills as a human and as a werewolf too?
Thanks :-)

Yes pretty close - without spoiling to much the character evolves, and gains new powers as the game progress. These powers are needed to defeat more powerful enemies.