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Old 12-29-2011, 07:00 PM
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Default Wayward Souls (Mage Gauntlet spinoff by Rocketcat)


Originally Posted by coolpepper43
I have been playing this game for at least 9 hours. I have gotten to the boss a few times. I have been grinding like crazy to level up. My entire family is completely pissed off at me because I am supposed to do something with them and I'm ruining everything. I can write you a very good review and I will buy at least 5 more dollars of your games. I can't let everyone down but this game is turning my life into a nightmare. Please please please let the next person go.
For the love of god please.

From TA front page...
Hailed as 'what we wanted Mage Gauntlet to originally be' Wayward shifts the gameplay to a more rogue-like style with randomly generated levels, multiple classes (each with their own special moves and attacks), and perma-death. Permanent stat increases that persist across characters and runs offer some depth of progression and replayability that is typically missing from rogue-likes.

While fans of Mage Gauntlet will be intimately familiar with the visual style of Wayward (as the same engine is utilized in both), RocketCat is streamlining the control system by removing all visual buttons on-screen. Instead, attacks are performed by tapping (or holding and releasing) the right side of the screen, while swiping mechanisms govern special attacks. The left side still plays home to a (now hidden) virtual joystick for movement.

Low bandwidth Version | Pop Up

Previous details below might be outdated:
From Rocketcat Facebook: "Mage Gauntlet update work is winding down, so soon we're moving on to the spinoff. It will be a randomly generated dungeon crawler using MG monsters and mechanics, but with lots of changes. Big features:

- Different classes for the player to choose from, with more added in updates if the game does well.
- Free to download. Every day, there's a different class that can be played completely for free.
- You can get gems as IAP or find them in the dungeon. Gems let you permanently unlock classes so you can play them whenever you want, or let you buy bonuses that last for a single game."

The Spellsword is essentially the same as Lexi from Mage Gauntlet. Anti-magic dash move, finds randomized single-use spells, while also being very strong in melee. However, he has low health compared to almost every other character.

Despite the similarity to Mage Gauntlet mechanics, we'll be taking a lot of time to improve things with the Spellsword. The heart system will be replaced with a health bar system, allowing for things like armor that actually reduces damage. We're also looking into altering the equipment a bit. Some ideas include making some of the swords change what your charge-attack does, the spell-critical robes being replaced with new effects, and the spell trinkets adding secondary effects to the specific spell.

The mage is about blowing up enemies with magic. At range. Where it's safe.

What we're going for, though things can change by release of the game:

- Primary attack is medium range magical bolts. For more energy, you can also charge up the bolt for a longer range attack that pierces multiple enemies. These attacks have some difficulty against large swarms of enemies, especially if they're in your face.
- "Trinket Ability" that recharges as you defeat enemies. Variety of them, generally along the lines of keeping enemies away from you. Stuns, slows, pushing enemies away.
- "Spell Ability" that consumes mana, which you recharge mostly from vials that enemies drop. You get to decide at the start of each game what you want. Generally very damaging abilities, but limited use.
- "Crush Ability" that requires rare enemy drops to recharge, but devastates enemy groups.

The gunner class is about gunning things. You dish out a lot of damage at range, but you're dependent on finding both ammunition and your actual weapons. What attacks you have available each game can vary wildly, based on what you find in the dungeon.

You can find a variety of dwarven firearms and magical artifacts to put in your inventory. Equip both a main weapon and side weapon in your menu, and switch between them at the press of a button. You can carry five total, and drop them when you want to make room for a better weapon. In addition, you get to choose a starter weapon, a melee weapon, and an armor type between games, the latter two of which can't be dropped.

If we can get it to work right, this class will use dual-stick-shooter like controls. That is, a v-stick or swipe on the right of the screen will let you shoot independently of your running direction. That's the plan, anyway, but it can change a lot between now and the game's release.

The warrior is about cutting things down with physical attacks. Planned features:
- Powerful, fast weapon attacks. Quicker swing rate than Lexi, but limited by an energy pool. If you run out of energy, you're temporarily forced to punch enemies instead.
- Dash replaced with a running punch attack that lets you knock a single enemy down in a long stun.
- Most classes will now get the ability to swap between two different sub-ability types in their menu. The warrior can bring out shields with different properties and also has access to a variety of throwing weapons.
- Large amount of health, boosted further by being able to find support items to be put in a small inventory.

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