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TAGOTW2012 - Touch Arcade Game of The Week Winners of 2012

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01-11-2012, 12:35 PM
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TAGOTW2012 - Touch Arcade Game of The Week Winners of 2012



The purpose of this thread is to record the winners of the weekly TouchArcade Game of the Week (GOTW) polls, as voted by forum members, for the year 2012. You can browse to the winners' thread pages, appstore links, front-page reviews, and also view the trailer video if you are interested to find out more about the games.


The idea of Game of the Week came from Ap0calypse on 7th July 2011. The brilliant idea is embraced by Touch Arcade members and following some discussions on its thread, the first five nominees are selected. These games are King of Fighters, Magnetic Baby, Ninjammin, Sword and Soldiers, and Deathsmiles. A public poll was made and finally Swords and Soldiers (Chillingo Ltd., Two Tribes, Ronimo) was declared as the first Touch Arcade's Members Game of The Week.

Considering its potential, Touch Arcade very own Superman helped to organize and initially introduced the term GOTW for the weekly winners. This is his quote on the rule of GOTW on 13th July 2011:
"So we're going to have this GOTW every week. The week starts on friday and ends on thursday. So any game which shows up in US store before Thursday midnight is eligible for the week. But thats just a general idea. In case something cool gets released on thursday (or even earlier) but got overlooked by forum members, it can still be nominated in the next week. The main motive of this GOTW is to have an easy way to find the best games of the week for those who dont follow the forums 24x7. A new thread will be posted every wednesday with a list of all notable games released that week along with the NZ releases of that day. The list will be updated until thursday night. Forum members will then vote for the game/s they'd like to be included in the poll. Since the forum limits poll options to 10, we'll choose the 10 most nominated games and poll will go live on friday. You'll have until tuesday to vote for the GOTW."

With a new ground rules set, GOTW embraces 10 nominees and the poll shows a significant rise of popularity with a total of 97 votes compared to 37 votes on the first poll. The poll continues to run until now. The winning games are sometimes also the AppStore Game of The Week and they usually are mentioned in Touch Arcade Monthly Best Game List with high rating, which indicates the quality of the games themselves.

I'mNoSuperman continued to make the weekly polls until the week of 11th August 2011. After that, the weekly polls are organized by Triggywiggy until the week of 8th September 2011. Then Arta takes over the role of GOTW organizer on the following week until now. He's taking a break for the week of 21st December 2011 and Echoseven helps to organize the thread during his absence. Since the week of 14th March 2012, Echoseven takes over Arta's role until now. In the week of 5th July 2012, TheFrost helps Echoseven during his absence to take care of the thread. Since I, Agas, think it is difficult to track the GOTW winners from a huge amount of threads, I create this TAGOTW Winners List with the help of moderator Red1 as a reference for all Touch Arcade Members.

Most voted game among GOTW winners is currently SUPER CRATE BOX which got 60 votes (78,95% of the total votes). The week of 5th July 2012 is the most voted week with 180 votes. In contrary, the least voted week is the week of 5th October 2011, which only got 24 votes. Seven games among TAGOTW are selected as the candidates for Touch Arcader's Pick for Game of the Year 2011 (thread) : Anomaly Warzone Earth, Jetpack Joyride, Mage Gauntlet, Junk Jack, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, Infinity Blade II, and Grand Theft Auto 3. In the end, Junk Jack (the most voted GOTW of 2011) receives the most votes and become 2011 Touch Arcader's Pick for Game of The Year. Because of a releasing date mistake, Swift Stitch become the only game that is nominated twice in two weeks in a row(4th July 2012 and 11th July 2012). Currently there is only one week when the GOTW result is a tie (18th January 2012) where Puzzlejuice and Soulcalibur share the title.

In 29th July 2012, Echoseven created a thread to determine Best of One Year Of Touch Arcader's Game of The Week. After a period of nomination process, there are 10 among 52 TAGOTW winners that are nominated as TAGOTWOTY. They are: Chaos Rings II, Crazy Hedgy, Grand Theft Auto 3, Infinity Blade II, Jetpack Joyride, Kingdom Rush, Mage Gauntlet, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, Swordigo, and Waking Mars; and the big winner is Kingdom Rush.

2011 TAGOTW Thread : HERE


28112012 poll thread

by Atypical Game ($4.99)
Universal thread link video

1st - THE WALKING DEAD: ASSAULT by The Walking Dead: Assault ($2.99) Universal thread link video
2nd - MINI DASH by Chillingo ($0.99) Universal thread link video
Nominees - Crumble Zone, FLASHOUT 3D, Jet Set Radio, Matchblocks, Team Awesome, Towel Tim, Vectrex


As a Touch arcade Member, it will be great if all of you can participate in the poll to make the result is more credible. You can go to the weekly poll thread and offer some nominees as well as vote for the GOTW when the nominees are announced.
Basic rules for Game of The Week Voting Poll :
a. Up to five nominees suggestion per member each week.
b. One vote per member each week.
c. Developers can't vote for their own game.
d. New users enrolling to vote will not be counted.
e. Poll will be public, for transparency.
f. Nomination post will be announced in the respective thread.
g. Voting is for TA members, no outsiders allowed.

For this week's poll : 05/12/2012 -HERE-

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