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Run Roo Run - Timed Tapping Excellence

01-13-2012, 06:14 AM
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Run Roo Run - Timed Tapping Excellence

Varying levels? Check. Cute graphics? Check. Great and relaxing music? Check. Loads of levels? Check. Varying difficulty levels? Nope. Run Roo Run, from the developers of Scribblenauts, is a game set in Australia with so many levels (420 of them to be exact) you'll be busy for a while trying to just finish all of them, let alone get gold stars.

RRR puts you in control of a kangaroo, trying to find its baby which was taken by kidnappers. The roo constantly runs in one direction (right, until turned around) and you must successfully tap the screen at the right time to avoid obstacles and get to the finish line at the end of the level by jumping, double jumping, bouncing off tires, etc..

The level selection design is fantastic. There are twenty chapters with twenty-one levels in each. The first fifteen levels of each chapter are generally really easy, while the last six levels are extreme levels, which requires a whole lot of tapping and at just the right time to beat. Completing only the first 15 levels are required to move on to the next chapter. Each time you beat a level the screen scrolls to the right and your roo drops in, ready to start the next level. You can get either a bronze, silver, or gold star for completing a level, depending on how fast it took.

If you're thinking "Well 420 levels must get boring after the first 50 levels." then you're wrong. Each chapter brings in a new element to the table, changing the gameplay every twenty-one levels. This new element includes things such as double jumping, bouncing off tires, swinging off tires, blocks that crumble beneath you, cannons, jumping off birds, and in the last chapter - invisiblity (not to be confused with invincibility). Each element requires a different kind of tapping timing which adds to the experience and variability of the gameplay. Most of the 'Extreme' levels are just like the title would suggest, extreme. They require extreme precision of taps, extreme patience, and an extreme grip to be able to hold onto your device instead of throwing it against the wall. If you're not into this kind of gameplay I'd still suggest getting RRR, since there are 300 non-extreme levels to have plenty of good times with. As if that wasn't enough; after the game is completed, you unlock an island with even more levels that comes with ten levels, plus another ten levels every week for, at the very least, the next seventeen weeks.

The obstacles look very sticker-like, meaning they have a white border around them - a nice touch. The rest of the game has a very polished look, and is quite appealing. The music is absolutely superb, I've even caught myself just staying in the main menu to listen to it a bit more.

Achievements and Leaderboards are done through GameCenter. There are 49 achievements which award you for completing and getting gold stars on each chapter, along with other various achievements for doing certain tasks. The leaderboards display the top players overall, and of each chapter. These are shown by taking your best times of each level in a chapter and combining them to show, in minutes and seconds, how fast you've completed the chapter's levels.

Run Roo Run is a game with many levels and great polish its hard not to recommend, especially for the asking price (even the HD version). Although lacking variability in difficulty, I'd suggest this game to anyone looking for something to play casually or something with extremely difficult levels and good leaderboards to fulfill your hardcore gaming desires. I personally have achieved everything there is to achieve, including a top five spot on the leaderboards, and I approve this review.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (The lack of varying difficulty solely does not make this a 'perfect' game)