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Bloom Flower Breathes Fresh, Spring Air into a Basic Match-3 Game!

01-30-2012, 04:04 PM
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Bloom Flower Breathes Fresh, Spring Air into a Basic Match-3 Game!

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Disclosure: I received a promo code for this game, but it’s definitely one I would’ve bought anyway and I’m very happy I own it! For me, it’s a keeper.
Played On: iPod Touch, 4th Gen.
My Rating: **** out of ***** for its genre. With the addition of a good tutorial, this would easily be a 5-star match-3 game.

I love match-3 puzzle games! Bloom Flower, by independent developer Three Cats Lab, features six different game modes and beautiful retina graphics of flowers, petals, vines, butterflies, ladybugs, and more billowing across the screen, bringing a breath of spring to my dull winter's day.

The basic game has you matching different flower petals to remove them from the screen, as usual. A match of 3 does a simple remove, a match of 4 gives you a flower with special powers, a match of 5 gives you a colored ladybug who'll remove lots of petals all at one time, and matches of 6 or more bring more secret delights. The in-game music is very nice, and the special effects sounds are delightful, and it all meshes nicely to reinforce the relaxing, garden hideaway atmosphere.

Besides this Classic mode, which you can also play as a speed challenge or in the more relaxing Zen version, there's Ladybug mode, where you work to save the ladybugs, and Vine mode, where you're trying to prevent vines from taking over all the tiles. The game really shines with the additional variety of play!

Quest mode is the most challenging style of game play, and I still haven't quite figured out what I'm trying to accomplish in this mode! Part of the problem is that the developer is not a native English speaker, and that's reflected in some shaky descriptions on the game's page in the app store, and part of the problem is that there is no in-game tutorial yet. I did ask the game's developer about this mode, as he's very responsive to queries made on his Facebook page.

The developer's explanation of Quest mode is that it's a puzzle mode for challenging your skill. Your goal is try collect some flowers or ladybugs then use them on areas of the screen where you'll see the different colors and outlines of a series of hidden mosaics. If you've guessed correctly, you'll reveal the mosaic puzzle pieces. I'm not very good yet at this mode, but this game is so beautiful that I love trying!

This game supports Game Center, and offers over 30 achievements as well as a leaderboard. It also conveniently automatically saves your game in progress, as long as you remember to tap the Menu button before quitting. The developer has promised new flower effects and new modes in future updates, so if you’re a match-3 puzzle fan definitely don't miss this one!

If you're still not sure, and want to take this game for a spin before buying, there is a lite version available too.

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