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'BattleLand HD' Review-'BattleLand HD' good experince with Dark Fantasy board game

02-14-2012, 10:06 PM
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'BattleLand HD' Review-'BattleLand HD' good experince with Dark Fantasy board game

Battleland is the best game I ever played in my life. if you like to play game style of Itadaki street and dokapon so, you should not miss this game.

The story of this game

Long time ago have a peace town name battleland until monsters come to attack the town kill many people until warrior of the light will appear and protect the town and fight to defeat dark lord......

Graphics in game

Graphics in game are very beautiful character design like dark fantasy.
Maps in game and monsters look perfect design.

Music in game

Music in game and fighting music are the best. You can listen everytime and never bore.


It is dice game. The people who like board game should not miss it surely.
This game use talent 60% and lucky 40%. The method of playing is throwing
your dice to move your character and then many events will happen:
Fighting,taking treasurers,getting traps and mystery events. So it is fun because
you never knows what is happening.

Fighting tactics in game are very creative. It practices your IQ. When you play,
you can choose vary tactics for fighting and winning your enemies.
You can set skill by your own it does not locked like some game.
Tactic for fighting depend on player.

There are many jobs in this game such as priest, assasin , warrior, hunter, berserker, mage and they have special abilities differently.

This game has process for upgrading weapons and armors like "ragnarok online"

Online battle system is perfect design because you can battle for collect scores
and raise your ranks up for opening the new maps to play so, it is very good creative idea.

The weak point of this game is online security system because some guys cheat
levels and items in game however developer takes care of this problem by
ban their accounts.

You can have good experience of dark fantasy board game when you play this game

Price of this game is Free now

Rating score (star)

Average user Rating is 3.5/5 but in my opinion scores of this game is 5/5

Developers takes good care players if the players find problems and bugs in game. Developer hurry fix it rapidly.

Finally if you like board game and dark fantasy game this game is your answer.
When you play this game I believe you will play at least 5 hours per day.
I guarantee by my head.

This is the best game of the year and the best apps of Ipad that people in
the world should download unsuspectly.