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Haypi Dragon

02-18-2012, 02:50 PM
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Haypi Dragon

From the makers of Haypi Kingdom comes Haypi Dragon a game about collecting and leveling dragons, pvp, getting high scores and much much more.
Easily described this game plays like worms with a bit of physics involved where the aim in single player is to get 3 stars in every level, then team up with others to kill the boss ( and hopefully unlock him as a dragon) and move on to the next zone.
Other features include:
  • Dragon leveling system, use currency to level up your dragon and purchase new skills
  • Up to 5 different dragons to collect all with unique skills
  • Over 100 levels and 4 epic boss levels to keep you entertained with the chance after every level to win currency, dragon exp, player exp or even Haypi currency (which is used to fast track leveling and by things from the shop but nothing that gives and advantage over other players.
  • PVP system which include a ranking system, multiple maps and multiple modes and ofcourse leader boards
  • Explore system which sends dragons you aren't using to go and explore areas for X amount of time with the chance to come back with currency, treasure chests and treasure map pieces
  • Magic Matrix which is essentially upgrading your defense, attack, mana, crit rating and others with different ranks of magic stones.
  • Daily tasks with currency, player exp and treasure chests as rewards so that your always kept doing something!
  • Player leveling system with rankings!
  • Achievement system with rewards!
  • Best of all the game is completely free!

They've shown that they are committed to listening to people and improving the game as they resolved a lot of problems in the recent update and have added a lot of new content id definitely give this addictive game a 9/10 easy

If you pick up the game feel free to put Shadowslain as the person who recommended you if you like