Football Manager Handheld 2012 (Universal)

12-08-2011, 08:11 AM
Football Manager Handheld 2012 (Universal)

Football Manager Handheld™ 2012 is designed specifically for iOS devices and allows you to take control of the greatest job on earth wherever you are and whenever you want. You decide who plays and who sits on the bench, you're in total control of tactics and substitutions as you follow the match live. YOU make the difference!

This year, as well as a host of new features, there is a completely new way of playing Football Manager! The brand new Challenge Mode, allows you to play short-term scenarios, which place you in a certain managerial situation with a clear challenge to achieve your goal….

“The Saviour Cometh” – Your team are in a relegation battle half way through the season. Can you take the reins and guide them to safety?
“Injury Crisis” – Your team are swamped with injury problems leading to most of your first team players being on the treatment table. Can you keep the results coming in and avoid getting the sack?
“Unrest at Home” – Your appointment as manager has left some senior players unhappy. How will you handle the egos? Can you avoid being sacked before the end of the season by still achieving the board's ambitions?
“The Invincibles” – You’ve gone on a long run without losing. Can you cement your place in history by going the full season unbeaten?

(All of these challenges can be played using any club in the game except for “The Saviour Cometh”, which is playable with any club in a league with relegation.)

What else is new?
Updated Leagues, Competitions & Transfers - for the 2011/12 season, plus the addition of the Corbett Sports Welsh Premier League, and Blue Square Bet North & South.

Fully customisable tactics – Use drag and drop to create your own unique formations and perfect your tactics.

Apple TV Mirror Support – Playable in HD on a HD TV using the Apple TV Mirroring system for iPad 2 & iPhone 4s and a new generation Apple TV.

Star Players – Helps you to easily identify the three key players in other squads.

Social Networking – Send updates direct to friends directly from the game via Twitter and, for the first time, Facebook

Improved User Interface – Various updates with more graphical emphasis on newspaper items, sorting on shortlist page, visibility of future transfers, transfer window rules page and lots more.

Plus, improved match view, more media interaction, shareable shortlists and search filters and lots more!

12-14-2011, 09:54 PM
3.1 Update released


I'm pleased to indicate that the first update to the iOS game should be available on the store later tonight - details of what is in it are indicated below:

#3.1 - Update 1
Allowed selection of multiple items at once on attribute filter page
Stop CPU offering to loan players going out of contract soon
Tuning of timing for transfer rumours
Add link to general training schedule in motivation problem news item
Fix for incorrect number of matches being listed for Welsh Prem on rules screen
Stopped transfer delay news item from being generated when it wasn't needed
Transfer Window screen fix
Match balance tweaks
Transfer logic tweaks
Made sure league table always gets shown at end of Challenges
Stopped Negotiate button sometimes appearing for news items when it wasn't needed
Remember live league table scroll position between screen changes
Fix rare news glitch where a comment would be given to a humans when not set by him
Tuning of national team manager job movement

Please keep the feedback on the game coming - especially any glitches or things you'd like to see in future versions we're taking it all into account and there will be further updates at regular intervals.

Hope this helps,

01-23-2012, 11:30 AM
iCloud support

Thank you for making this a universal app! And thanks for all of your hard work on updating.

But could you please add iCloud save option? I've got this game on my phone an iPad, but don't see the use of I can't transfer save files easily and fast.

Thank you for listening to all of our suggestions!

01-25-2012, 04:05 PM

I'm pleased to indicate that the second update to the iOS game is now available on the store - details of what is in it are indicated below:

#3.2 - Update 2
Fix loyal manager leaderboard reporting
Fix for specific squad selection method on iPad
Tuning of contract renewals for big-name kids in inactive leagues
Further tuning to transfer system
Further tuning to player regeneration implementation
Allow Inside Forwards in AMC positions
Allow players to retrain as sweepers
Slight tuning of player preferred roles
Allow all exceptionally performing clubs to turn professional
Broadcast Addictedness at the end of a season
Tuning to regen player physical attributes
Some auto-repair code for corrupted save games
Tune unhappiness behavior of young players at large clubs
Fix rare condition where set-piece/corner taker cleared down
Added more player personality information
Fix for excessive friendly attendances in some circumstances
Tune contract renewal amounts for older players on huge salaries
Stop players moaning about not playing if they have long term bans
Further Match tweaks
Fixed grid to pitch dragging bug where game would think formation had changed to a custom one when it hadn't
Fix offering of new contracts to players in reserve sides

Please keep the feedback on the game coming - especially any glitches or things you'd like to see in future versions we're taking it all into account and there will be further updates at regular intervals.

Hope this helps,

PS - iCloud integration is something I will look at some point in the future; however I can't promise when it'll arrive as first and foremost I want to fix any issues reported with existing features before adding in new bugs
02-28-2012, 07:20 AM

Ever wanted to up your money? Now you can. Ever wanted to see your players' hidden attributes? Now you can.

A word from the makers:
Dec: When Foss approached me with this file I couldn't believe it. I have found it was so helpful and made sure I supported him in getting this finished and thankfully it has. I hope you all enjoy this as much as me.

Foss: Well, finally after hard and not so hard work I can proudly say that the FMH Save Editor is available for public download and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

What is this?
It is a save editor for iOS that gives you the ability to edit different things such as managers, players and clubs as well as see various hidden statistics in the game.

V 1.1 Changelist:
* Fixed the overwriting save bug
* Fixed the index bug that causes extreme edits
* Minus wage value fix
* Allow ability to edit club colours for home and away kits
* Added player liked and disliked personnal onto the view

Where do I put this?
This is a file that goes on your computer in which you extract and load the FMH Save Editor file. It will then prompt you to load your FMH iOS save file.

Should I back up my save first?
Yes we always recommend you store a copy of your save before putting it into the editor.

I have found a bug, what shall I do?
Just post it here.

Can I edit anything else such as player names?
Sadly no, if you want to request something we will look into it but we've tried to include everything we can.

Are you planning to do a Mac version of this?
Not at this time, sorry.

Ok, what about a FMH PSP game?
No chance at present, sorry.

Great work, how can I reward you?
To say thanks please buy a premium account which can give you unlimited downloads and help keep this site running too.

This is the first release so please report any bugs by posting.


- Dec & Foss
03-26-2012, 01:47 PM
Just to keep people up to date - a new update for the game will be available this evening.

This will include the January database update and various other tweaks and improvements as shown below:

#3.3 - Update 3
Fix Scottish loan rules
Show player names on 2d retina pitch more often
Rotating incremental save game
Drag and Drop tactics in match
Stop Man Utd players getting excited and asking for new contracts after winning Charity Shield
Tweaking of match simulation
Text Improvements
January Transfer Database integrated into the game (you get to select to use that or start of season when you begin a game)
03-26-2012, 03:35 PM

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07-17-2012, 10:51 AM
Just to let you know - the game has a price cut to 2.99 UKP from 6.99 UKP for the rest of this week ....
08-02-2012, 01:45 PM
Just so people know the final update for the 2012 version came out last night, version 3.5 includes the usual raft of fixes and improvements and also two new challenges for people to attempt.
08-03-2012, 07:56 AM
Originally Posted by Marc Vaughan View Post
Just to let you know - the game has a price cut to 2.99 UKP from 6.99 UKP for the rest of this week ....
Curses, which I'd seen that sooner. Must flag it in AppShopper
08-08-2012, 09:33 PM
Are there any good web resources to help me play the Android version? I've played through a bit but I feel a bit lost or at the very least I feel like I'm mainly just advancing to the next screen without actually having any influence over what is happening in the game.