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What phone should I get?

03-05-2012, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by November's Chopin View Post
I'm regretting getting a 4S.
iPhone 4S:
- More expensive
- Battery problem NOT solved, your phone will drain like 10% per hour on standby, Apple's not giving a f*** damn about this. Just look at how casually Tim Cook put it, "a small percentage of users found that the battery lasts slightly shorter than our standards". Yes, a brand new iPhone 4S straight out of the box going from 100% battery to 27% in just one night of standby is "slightly shorter", and flooded threads in the Apple forums of users complaining about the battery bug is "a small percentage of users". When did the 4S come out? And what month is it now? It takes them 4 months to pull out a patch to fix a battery bug, and it's still not fixed yet?
The funny thing is when I went to buy the 4S, the cellphone carrier dumbasses was laughing at me saying I was "falling behind current news" when I mentioned it has the battery bug, they told me it was fixed in November 2011. I'm going to be returning the 4S I just got and then throw a brick at those dumbasses.
Also I don't know if you care or not, but the 4S's home button is not aligned properly. It's slightly off-center. Lots of people have this problem. If you're lucky you might get one that's aligned properly, lol.
At this point, iPhone 4 > iPhone 4S, unless you're one of those gadget junkies who thinks anything new is automatically the best thing ever. 4 and 4S runs the latest games at the same speed and quality. And yes you can get Siri on the 4. So you're basically paying an extra $100 for like 10x shorter battery span and a misaligned home button.
Actually it's not only the 4S my 4 sufferes the same problems with battery life. By 12:00 PM its usually around 50%' It's new too...

Anyways wait until the 5 it will be way worth it...
03-06-2012, 10:01 AM
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If your home button is misaligned, take it to an Apple Store and they will exchange it on the spot. That's a defect. Should be no trouble at all. I'm not sure about the battery draining. I think if you have bluetooth on it will drain faster. Otherwise my iPhone 4 seems to have decent, if not great, battery life. It's certainly better than the 3GS's battery life.