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Underplayed games & hidden gems

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03-09-2012, 01:36 AM
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Underplayed games & hidden gems

Please feel free to list some of your own "hidden gems" and let's get em out there so they start becoming less hidden. Post whatever games you feel fit the above description whether it's a list or has descriptions etc..(descriptions more helpful) * note please refrain from posting links that are seperate from the name and description as it takes up space etc..

This list is made up of comments from numerous people including myself.. If you want credit for it ill be happy to leave what you post in quotes(this hasn't been necessary as the original posts can be found in the thread and this list created for easy viewing to the members and public etc...)

*Devs are also welcome to post here...to share game info etc...
Finally, putting your games in bold also helps(I'm in the process of doing it for the rest)

The "List"

Xenome, this fallout like game was fun and felt ridiculously massive, and at 99 cents you can't beet it.

Chocorun - For using a unique one-touch control system, probably the best Super Meat Boy-like, IMO

Bug Heroes - I always thought this never got the popularity it deserves.

Meganoid - Another one of my favorite platformers

Pet Shop Girl - a match-3 game combined with time management elements that is seriously not loved enough

Pig Flick - a casual arcade game where you control three pigs running down three different lanes, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. Each level is very short and so it encourages you to replay it multiple times to get the perfect score.

Super Bit Dash - A semi endless runner where you swipe in different directions to navigate the level and get past obstacles. The controls are tricky at first but once you get used to it it's really fun.

Ranch Rush - A really fantastic time management game where you build a farm while filling orders. Way better than most of the time management games on the appstore.

ASYNC Corp - A match three game where you are swapping pieces between two sides of the screen. Has a lot of unlockable stuff and quirky style.

Crazy Hedgy-best 3D platformer out there and by far one of the best games on the app store. Just hasn't gotten a ton of recognition

Slam Dunk King-this one's free(mium, though iAPs are way more optional), but it's a heck of a lot of fun.

Tank Battalion Blitz-this one's published by a big name (Namco!) but it never has been spotted anywhere on the charts or in these forums or in reviews (bar one) that I've seen. Probly the best tank game available from what I've seen.

Curvebot-not sure how to describe it best, but it's a lot of fun.

Gameloft Sports Pack-It's by Gameloft, but never has really took off the ground that I've seen. Or it just hasn't when I've been on iOS. Either way, it has 3 quality sports games and is a load of fun.

Sir Benfro's Brilliant Balloon is a gorgeous touch to fly game with hand drawn levels.

Vikings slice - it's a copy of ice slice by nitrome but even better controls in my opinion. Though cloning is wrong, it's very fun. You slice pieces of ice to knock Vikings into the ship using puzzle strategy
There's a Free lite version

Joining hands - not super hidden, but it didn't get anywhere near the amount of recognition that it should have!
You have to make all the characters join hands, set on a hexagon board, different characters have different personalities.. Emos need to be a space away from everyone else, some have 1,2,3,4, or 5 hands, some hands rotate others are fixed, ghosts must also be away from the others. Very fun game..played it through twice

Puddle puzzles- total hidden gem..found it by mistake and I love it
Puzzler with water physics - only game I've seen with that mechanic.you got to get puddles into the warp hole whilst he is floating in water..you have to rotate your device to move the water around, and activate switches and stuff to get puddles to the warp hole.There's a Free lite version

Juice belts - really fun puzzler..very unique..it's a shame it got no updates
It's a physics puzzler involving juice..you have to get the fruit into the blenders to make juice , you add elements ( like with feed me oil and caseys contraption) to the scene to make the fruit end up in the blender

Rotate & roll - this is fun as..was popular ages ago but not so much now
you have to rotate your phonebaround to control a little guy to collect the stars without falling out of the world. Based on a flash game

Construction zoneis the same as rotate, used to be popular, not so much now..It's kinda like simple physics but more in depth.. You need to build buildings ..if you like moonlites or world of goo you'll love this.
There's a Free lite version for HD

Moonlights - similar to world of goo..but there's no characters like goo balls, you just have to build the correct structure that'll with stand the wind and reach the moon. There's a Free lite version

Trundle - alternate sort of puzzler, kinda abstract like Wog and contre jour, you need to get the trundle to the other side of the screen .. There's a Free lite version

Darkness Rush:Saving princess - Unreal powered endless runner that looks beautiful and goes for something different other than jump and collect. you can attack some obstacles, temporarily fly and transform into a werewolf/vampire for more power/flight.

Osiris Legends - 3d RPG designed for wii and psp but they lost budget and decided to port it to iOS, plays a bit like the tales games with its separate screen for battles, but very active attack and dodge system with skills. Long game as well.

Vertex Blaster - great 2 stick shooter in the vein of geometry wars, with 3 game modes including one protection mode where you have to stop towers getting attacked and heal them up by changing weapon, nice spin. Icing on the cake is support for icontrolpad analogue sticks

Final Run - maybe not a gem as it hasnt been out very long, but as far as i can tell no-one noticed it. Its a 3d driving game where some levels are exploration based, some challenges are speed based and some are combat based with car base and zombie enemies. extremely well polished

First Touch Soccer - It was easily better than Fifa 11 and I haven't played Fifa 12, but I doubt it's that far away from that. It got under the radar cause of Fifa obviously, but it's just so damn good! Only problem is that it isn't licensed by FIFA so you have to import kits there yourself.

Spongebob's Fun Time - When people see the name Spongebob, I doubt it gives them high expectations unless you're under 10, but this one's actually a really good puzzle game! Heck Gamezebo even gave it 5/5 and I couldn't agree more! It's like Angry Birds meets Peggle which has been made before if I'm right, but it really works in this. The levels are so random when you hit a jelly, it can take other jellys down leading in to total epic mess. There's also nice power ups that you can buy!

Hypership Out Of Control - This one I've been praising quite a lot, but for a reason! It's so much fun since the game focuses more on speedy flying and dodging rather than shooting. New update made it even better!

Pawn'd - Match-3 game with chess pieces, nuff said! Basically you move the gems like chess pieces. Move the horse gem like a horse pawn. There's 3 modes which all are different and unique and there's no boring "classic" match-3 game. Has beaten Dungeon Raid in hours lately although it doesn't quite match there.

Modern Combat 3 - I know what you're thinking... This is not a hidden gem. Okay, maybe it's not hidden and maybe it's not a shiny gem, but it is a gem inside still. People are overlooking it because of framerate issues and bugs, but even though there are some, it's still the most fun multiplayer experience so far on an iOS device imho!! So much fun, best shooter on handheld devices hands down.

Wizpin is an amazing game that should have got a lot more praise and players then it did. It was noticed for about a week then shrunk out of existence. This game is a must have for its unique gameplay and nice animations.

Push Panic-Possibly the most frantic and enjoyable puzzle game on the App Store. How this didn't get as much attention as it should have is no ones clue but it is a must for anyone.

Bring Me Sandwiches -So this game got the top game for a week and now is no where to be seen. It's an amazing game with a great story, huge amount of content and brilliant gameplay.

Kosmo Spin -Although Simogo are well know now Kosmo Spin is still a game AI never hear mentioned at all. The gameplay is amazing and it is so unique. I found it better than I found their latest games.

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