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Ghost Puzzle - Cute Concept with Poor Execution

03-13-2012, 09:55 AM
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Ghost Puzzle - Cute Concept with Poor Execution

Ghost Puzzle - Hei Games
Price: $2.99 [App Store]
Played On: iPod Touch 4th Generation 8gb.
Rating: 2/5

The game was released yesterday, and I've had a bit to play with it. Where should I begin? Like the title suggested, the game is based a bit on Dr. Mario. Dr. Mario was a Puzzle Game developed by Nintendo that was originally released on the NES. I played Dr Mario on the Super Nintendo with it being bundled with Tetris. I wasn't a fan of Dr Mario in the least, but I decided to give this game a try.

To put it simply, this game makes Dr Mario look easy.

In Campaign mode, Death is trying and failing to catch ghosts, so he decides to get a new hunter. And you're dropped into a game where you have to clear all the ghosts that appear. The First starts simple enough, place the bricks on the ghosts. But after that, it all goes downhill from there. Unlike Dr Mario, you can't make a tall tower to clear out the ghosts. No, you have to make a single 4x4 line with colored blocks only. The similar ghosts touching the blocks are eliminated. It's really not made clear how to play even with the three hints you get. For example, there is a puzzle with two red ghosts in the middle, and one green ghost on each side of the red ghosts. You have to put two 2x2 green blocks where one square is touching the green ghost and one is touching the red ghost. Both blocks touch each other, and are cleared from the field, along with the ghost. THEN you go and put the red blocks to the left or right of the two red ghosts to clear them. It's a confusing and messy way to play what would look like a cute puzzle game.

At the very least, the game is nice looking on the Retina Display, and it runs somewhat smooth. I noticed a bit of disparity when flinging the blocks down.

There is also an Endless Mode and Score Attack Mode for getting high scores, which are uploaded online. The game uses the Game Center and Scoreloops for online leader-boards.

Basically, I'd say to avoid this game, especially at $2.99. I honestly regret downloading it, even when the developer on the thread clarified what exactly I'm supposed to do. I'm only giving the 2/5 due to the graphics and the generally smoothness of the game.

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