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Swordigo treasures walkthrough & Strategies - highly spoilerific!

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03-07-2012, 06:16 AM
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Swordigo treasures walkthrough & Strategies - highly spoilerific!

So hey there, time for me to make another guide! This one's for Swordigo - and all of the treasures. Without further stalling for time - here it is!

If anything's unclear, please ask and I or someone else will try to explain more.

Here's the main game thread:

You'll find this on the way to find your master. It is right above the sign telling you to hold the jump button to jump higher.

As soon as you enter Cairnwood Forest (to find your master and the place with the treasure above) you will come across a bridge. Above you and just before that is a ledge. Jump up there and go back to the right to Cairnwood village. Further along this path is a dusty hut where you will find this treasure.

As you enter from the left, keep going straight until you find a "wall" of four jars. Behind it your first treasure!

As soon as you drop down from the upper path, go left. You will have to drop down again and find the entrance to a cave and your second treasure!

Just before the exit, take the upper path and go into the cave. It will be right above your new platform.

After you activate the raft and enter the tower on the other side, jump up on top of the tower and there it is.

Jump down after you encounter the stairs and it's to your left. You should see it while running up the stairs.

After you find the portal, jump down in front of the turtle shooting fireballs. Keep going and you'll find it.

After you use the first box to jump up, go left.

You will see this one as you go forwards, it will be protected by an angry red flower. To get it you will need to use the second spell you get - the bomb.

Near the end, once you have access to the bomb you can take the lower path and enter the caves. Once you do and progress further, you will soon be able to drop down and encounter another explodable wall. Behind this and at the end of the path is a boss and the treasure!

Right behind the first two moving spike traps, go down.

After you defeat the boss and unlock the door you will find a shaft in front of another gate. Going down will activate an elevator that will take you to the top of the shaft and the treasure.

Immediately after the previous treasure you will see another platform that will take you upwards between spikes. Go right, avoiding the swinging axe and jump to find the last treasure.

To the left of the portal. Take the upper path and you will see a turtle shooting spikes. To its left, on the same level are some platforms above the ruins. The second "platform" is actually a block you can push. Behind this is a treasure.

Another treasure that requires the bomb ability. To the right of the previously mentioned portal, keep going until you find a path going upwards. Take it and you'll find two breakable walls protecting the treasure.


Start here:

End up here:

(Drop down the hole on the right)


(Go down the hole)

(Instead of taking this box down as usual, take it left and use it to climb up to the treasure)


Break the wall with a bomb spell.


(to the bottom right is the wheel you normally use to get into the mountain. Jump onto the platform as shown here, rock it, and go left)


(Assemble the crates like so, then push them as far left as they will go. Use them to get up to a higher platform where the treasure is!)

This one is right above 12a. Just to the right of the treasure chest is a background wall with some darker bricks. Well those "bricks" are actually platforms you can use to jump up to the next treasure.

This one is pretty obvious and very hard to miss. You'll see it very soon after you enter the crypt.

Also hard to miss. Defeat the boss and you will be shown the treasure.

Another easy one. If you follow the smart advice of the lady near the portal and take the upper path, you will enter Evernight caves. Take the lift in front of you up to find this treasure.

Going through King's Road as usual, you will find two wooden barricades under a ledge. Destroy them and claim your treasure.

Once you're jumping across the water on wooden platforms, you will encounter a rock-spewing turtle. After it, the platforms will start falling down. From the third platform, above you will be a small outcropping of rock. Jump on it and keep following the path to the treasure.

16a: Note: This area is inaccessible until the very end of the game.

(You will come across this as you progress through the level. Push the crate to the far left and use it to reach the treasure. Do NOT push it against the wall, since you'll need to push it backwards to continue through the stage.

16b: Note: This area is inaccessible until the very end of the game.

(Just follow the path of broken platforms (to the right, not left as the character's facing, sorry) to wherever it takes you and you will find the last treasure of the game. Congratulations!)


(Just before you talk to the guards in the Florennum Walls, you will encounter this. Fall down in the hole the character is facing and you'll have your treasure!)


(This one is hidden in the shadows after you enter the sewers - immediately after the first water pit where the green fireball hits the ceiling.)

18a and 18b:

(If you jump to the left from here, and through the gate, you will soon find a mage who, after being defeated, awards you the treasure. If you jump to the right, however, (if you look carefully you will find a path where the darker wall is) you will find a gauntlet that might just make you cry, but at the end of which you will be well-rewarded with treasure 18b.)


(A careful double-jump from where the character is standing will get you on top of the archway to the right. From there, jump right to the next arch and you will see a platform. Jump there and soon you will have this treasure too.)


(Unless you defeated him already, there is a mini-boss here. From here, go to the right into the caves and you will find the first treasure.


(You will find this in the same cave as 20a. At the bottom is a breakable wall, you will need to time your bomb carefully to destroy it. Once you do, jump down there and go through the Thieves' Hideout to find the second treasure.)


(You will find this further towards the end of the level. Just follow the platforms upwards and Bob's your uncle. Or, well, you'll find the treasure there.)


(Once you see this, if you drop down and follow left you will find the first treasure.)


(From the picture under 21a, swing the platform and jump to the ledge on the right. Then climb up higher and follow along to the left. Once you see what the picture is showing, you're in the right place. Jump to the little ledge on the far left, solve the puzzle (by throwing a bomb through the hole) and the next treasure is in the house.)


(Arrange the pots like in the picture, and you will be able to jump over the house and enter through the back door. Note the pot on the bottom right, you will need it there to make the jump to the house. You can find the pots if you go right from the house until the end of the level.)
PLAINTEXT: Since you cannot throw the jars up to the higher ledge, the idea is to place something on the ledge below. Something jar-shaped. Once you can jump up to the higher platform while holding a jar, simply stack them one on top of one another and jump to the back door. (Drop them against the door if you can't quite stack them)

From Greyhedge Crossing (area 24 on my map) take the top path until you enter a cave with three drop offs guarded by bats. You will need to jump through the middle one, and you will land on top of the chest for treasure 23.


(You will need to wait until you have the third spell - the grapple. Once you do, come back and use the purple goo to pull yourself up.)


(This is below treasure 24a, just swing this platform and do a running jump leftwards to find the treasure.)


(Down below, to the left of the character in the picture.)

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