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Junk Jack-The Newest Look for Mining

03-26-2012, 07:40 PM
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Junk Jack-The Newest Look for Mining

A while ago a new app came out which looked similar to Minecraft and Terraria but also had a different feel to it. This game is Junk Jack, which recently won the Touch Arcade Game of the Year Award.The creators of this game Jack and XsX are a two person duo with Jack handling the coding and XsX handling the graphical and artistic features. Although some may be turned off with a price of $2.99 I say to these people that you should give this game a chance. With new features being added all the time and a forum where the creators actually take your suggestions of how to improve the game this app should have a place on your Ipod. The only problem with Junk Jack so far all of the bugs and crashes but these are being fixed constantly.In fact only recently many of the annoying crashes were fixed. One new feature many players are looking forward to in the next update is a framing and cooking system with over 120 different recipes to make.Another cool feature is that you can actually suggest ideas for achievements that could be added into the game and XsX will choose some of the achievements to implement into the game.
As for the actual game play it is relatively simple swipe left and right to move, tap or hold to mine. A feature which is might be new to some gamers is the ability to completely move your inventory from one world to the other. This is nice when you plan to mine one world and drop off all of your loot into your world with a house. Worlds are not infinite yet but will hopefully be eventually. I think that the way Jack is going to attempt to accomplish this is make chunks off world which will load as you walk through it. While traveling through the world during the day you may encounter different mobs such as cows, chickens, boars and snails. At night however, the monsters come out. These monsters include slimes, spiders, zombies skeletons and other such things. Not only is there mining but there is also a variety of items to build your dream house with. Some materials include stone, gem blocks, metal blocks, wood walls, brick, and many others. However donít think it will be easy because to build the house you first have to collect the items for the house. This in itself presents a challenge for the player. Crafting is also a relatively simple thing to do. Simply open your inventory and the crafting bar is to right. There are many things that you are able to craft and even some hidden crafts that are not found in craft notes which are spread out among the world. If your craft requires another object such as a furnace or a loom all that is needed is to stand at least one block from it and an icon should show up to the right of the crafting box.
Overall Junk Jack is one of those games that you can play for hours and never get bored with. With constant updates and tons of new features being added constantly this game is a great way to just let your mind have a break and enjoy some digging, find some diamonds, and maybe even complete the bottomless chest. In my own opinion I would buy this game five times to help support the developers. In fact players can now help the developers with a IAP of a cool new hat that drops gunpowder or a cool shiny gold logo. This is one of the best games on my Ipod and the only one to have one Toucharcadeís User Voted Game of the year. Having never played Minecraft and Terraria only once I was really excited when a game that was going to be somewhat similar to the two of those games was being realesed. Little did I know that this game was going be one of the best games I have ever played. In conclusion I rate Junk Jack 5/5 stars and would highly reccomend anyone who wants to try something like Minecraft or Terraria.

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