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Win $15 iTunes gift cards + promo code giveaway!

03-23-2012, 09:08 AM
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Win $15 iTunes gift cards + promo code giveaway!

Win $15 iTunes gift cards + promo code giveaway!

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And today's winners are spaz and xbeta!

Thanks to all participants!

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03-26-2012, 07:12 AM
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All codes gone now, thanks guys

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03-27-2012, 12:31 PM
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Since I cannot give reviews for two previously received promo code from Vladen, I've decided to buy this one for this contest.
So, here's my honest review for this app:

Easy way to be slim but what's the $1 for? ★★★★
This app is a food police in my pocket. I keep track of all my food and I will know my daily calories. I lose some weight because of planned diets and this app helps me a lot.
One thing that bothers me (that's why it's 4 stars instead of 5) is WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE between this and the free version (beside $1 less subscription). Because of that, I believe this app really need an improvement.
Suggestion for improvement:
> For 1 dollar price, this app should have something plus than the free one. Perhaps the food photographs or the complete nutrients is given? I think it's a great app, but perhaps you should check out the free version first.
> When I use custom food, the only option of size is weight. But then when I want to put milk, the info in nutrition facts is only in ml. I think it's better if the app has WEIGHT CONVERTER (especially between volume and weight) or we can add the custom food in QUANTITY rather than weight.
PS: Why does it have to be a subscription? I think one time Pro upgrade is more appealing than monthly/yearly subscription.

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03-28-2012, 11:45 AM
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Reviewed as Rokrdude2 on U.S. appstore

A daily use App
Calorie Counter Plus have all the features from gigantic food and activities database to tracking B.M.I, water consumption, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The user interface is simply outstanding as all the necessary buttons are provided on the main screen and your stats are presented in form of various graphs. You can set your own goals like weight loss/gain and app calculates and keeps track of your daily calorie requirements. The app also provides us with option to add your own dishes and activities to the originally existing database. The app also includes a Calorie Counter magazine which gets monthly updates and includes articles, health tips and also recipes which can be added directly to the already existing app’s recipe’s database for future reference. I would love to see following changes being updated as future update:-
1) Ability to share our favorite recipes and stats via Twitter or Facebook
2) A free subscription for a limited time like a week so people can see the benefits of getting subscriptions.
Overall a must buy for every fitness enthusiast.

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03-29-2012, 04:38 AM
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Reviewed as Arutyun Mokoyan in US AppStore
Great Calorie Counter app!
After using free version Calorie Counter app I decided to buy this one because the app is worth it! This is the best Calorie Counter app I've ever seen in the AppStore! Very nice interface and easy to use! Best app if you want to lose weight. You can also create your own goals for weight or achieve it step by step, monitoring your body parameters. There is huge food database. It's possible to add food to your database with Barcode Scanner if you not found it. There is also Calorie Counter Magazine where you can find articles and tips for health, nutrition and fitness or you can add to the database your own recipes. Very useful app! Definitely recommend this great app!
Some suggestions:
- Add more activities in database because it's not comprehensive. For example, it doesn't recognize inline skating as an activity and asks to identify the amount of calories burned.
- Add offer guidelines on healthy measurements or ratios in diary section
03-29-2012, 07:34 AM
Updated my review as deadpuma on US Store
Pretty cool Calorie Counter app!
There are many dieting apps in AppStore but Calorie Counter Plus is more powerful than others. Excepting the main feature which is counting calories this app contains many features such as calorie counter magazine, tracks a variety of nutrients, including total protein, fats, cholesterol etc., allows you to create your own diet and activity plan, body tracker for registering the changes of your body parameters. Also this app has advanced statistics with great colorful graphics. Really great calorie counter app with so many useful functions! Try it!
- add ability to share recipes on Social networks
03-29-2012, 10:35 AM
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Reviewed as danielfanu in the US store

After trying the free version of this app I decide to buy the full version. I'm on diet lately and also want to keep my body healthy. After using it for a while, I realize that I can't live without it. Customizable diet and activity plans can be created easily. The food database is abundant as promised I can find all the food we eat everyday in the database. The changes to your body can be easily monitored by the summary graph from the Body tracker. It helps alot to keep our body health. Highly recommended.

Update my review after I used this app for sometime. It really helped me a lot to keep my body healthy. Now I'm trying to eat more healthy food and do more excise everyday. I don't want to sit all day at home or at work anymore.
Some suggestions:
1. Can I use one single account in all Viaden apps?
2. Can you provide iCloud support in addition to Dropbox? Although the Dropbox is already good enough for me to sync between my several devices.
3. It would be better if you could provide an option to duplicate foods I eat everyday with one click. I eat pretty much the same everyday.
4. It would be better if you could provide some notifications to notify me to do some exercises.

Thank you for the awesome app. Keep up the good work.
03-29-2012, 11:01 AM
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Perfect Calorie Counter for Keeping Fit!

Review as xbetayll in US store with five stars rating
Perfect Calorie Counter for Keeping Fit!
To put it in my sister's words, this app can't be more perfect. She uses this app everyday now and it's on her iPhone's home screen dock.
Brilliant and amazing user-interface and graphics! This app is so easy to use even girls like my sister who totally has no idea of calorie energy or healthy diets can simply get start without obstacles. She never cares things such as food database or synchronization, in fact she doesn't even know what a food database is. She just makes plans to lose weight and follow its advice to be on a diet , simply scans the barcode to add the food, reads the articles on magazines, sometimes tries to cook herself by the recipes. And... it obviously does amazing work since she takes much less junk food than before and looks energetic all day, I am so glad I can enjoy all the snacks alone withou sharing with her! Lol... Oh, fat again, maybe I should lose some weight, too... with this app. XD... Very convenient and considerate app! Super love!
Definitely the best calorie counter in the iOS on a diet to keep fit!
Great deal saves a lot, Worth far more than its price!
Never miss this awesome app if you gonna lose weight or keep a diet!
Some of my personal suggestions:
1, multi-language support so that more people could easily get access to this awesome app in other countries;
2, multi-user profile support so that family members can share this app easily and conveniently;
3, features like recommending food or restaurants based on local customs and seasons;
4, Retina Display optimition for the New iPad;
5, more subscription choices added would be appreciated.
Here is the snapshot of the review in case it don't appear on iTunes:

Thanks for the contest and chance!

In case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.

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03-29-2012, 02:22 PM
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Reviewed as Marc Fizzy on US store with 5 stars:

Your Delicious Calorie Counter

Viaden is known for the polished interface design and powerful functions of their apps. But Calorie Counter honestly takes it to the next level. It has the exquisiteness of Delicious Library, and yet the app is packed with endless features that will surprise you from time to time.

The UI looks extremely polished and sophisticated. Seriously, you won't believe it. It's almost like every pixel fell as a tear from an angel. But a good interface design is never only about prettiness. The designers knows exactly what they are doing. Since it's a universal app, it has to adapt itself to the screens of both iPhone and iPad. Of course, it does an amazing job. But more than just that, I am glad to find out the developers especially optimize the design for iPad. Whether it's for a horizontal or a vertical layout, the app always looks great!

However, the app is not just a beautiful app, it's also useful and very easy to use. I leaned how to use this app almost in an instant. It's self-explanatory, but that doesn't mean it lacks functionality. Calorie Counter has a huge database. So basically, all you have to do is add the food you ate, the app will finish all the tedious chores and boring calculating. You can easily tell your intake of calories, fat, protein, fiber, and so on. Besides, all the data can be visualized in form of graphs and it's clear and easy to read your summary like this. The app also supports Dropbox sync, which is amazing. Now I can take down whatever food I eat immediately on my iPhone and read the detailed summary on my iPad at home.

Some suggestions I'd like to make:

1. A barcode scanner for every user. Although I prefer to type the name and search, barcode might come in handy once for a while. For non-subscription users, they might need this feature as well. But typing the digits seems slow and old-fashioned. The problem is, most apps offer barcode scanning for free, it is unreasonable to charge people for this basic feature.

2. A few iPad interface tweaks. When I first look at this app on iPad, I found some of the characters were too small, especially the "Cholesterol......" on the food page. But maybe this is because mine is an old iPad 2, I hope it will look better on the new iPad.
I also have a suggestion about the gear icon next to the twitter icon on the food page. I think, first, the icon (which is supposed to add and rearrange the nutrients list) should sit on the right side of "Consumed Food" section; second the gear icon is very misleading. At first I thought it was for the setting of the whole app. I suggest to replace it will a plus icon (+).
Moreover, I hope the text "tap here to add food" can have a button background. The text is small and not prominent enough.
The charts in the Summary need more polishing. I hope they look like those made with Keynote. Now they seems a bit cheap, especially on iPad.

3. It's fun to change the background after you tap a different tab. However, as for me, although the layout stays the same, it feels a bit inconsistent. I do like all the vivid colors and beautiful background pictures. So I don't have a good suggestion now. But I guess if you keep the color of icons (food, activity, diary, and summary) the same in different pages.

4. I really hope the Dropbox sync can use SSL by default. Please!

5. When you add custom food, does the weight has to be 100.00g. I hope there could be more options.

6. My biggest problem is that the free version has almost the feature available in this pro version. At least, please add the barcode scanner feature for Plus users. Seriously, I think the free version is so good that I am afraid no one will want to buy the Plus version.

I highly recommend this app to every iDevice owners. After all, it is a top-notch app. App Store has named Calorie Counter the best of the iPad Health & Fitness category in App Store Rewind 2011, and I think you will be impressed by its design and function.

Hands down to the best calorie counter on App Store!
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03-29-2012, 04:44 PM
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reviewed on US iTunes store as: sleeperjones

Makes life easier ★★★★
My mum is a diabetic and her doc had her on this ridiculously strict diet plan that she was sometimes struggling to keep track of. With this app it makes it extremely easy to track what and when she eats.

A big bonus for us is that the app tracks daily blood pressure and Blood Sugar. This app is almost perfect.

BIG PLUS: You can email yourself then print a .cvs report of your food/calorie intake over any period. Absolutely useful to anyone who needs to acutely monitor food intake. Our doc was well pleased.

* I wish there was a way to export the values for Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar for easy printing.

* iCloud support would be great. Although setting up a dropbox account isn't difficult it may still be a hindrance for some.

* Option to set notifications at set meal times like reminders so that if you are actually having or just had a meal you will still remember to log the values when its still fresh in your head. Will also serve as a reminder to not skip meals.

* Visually this fails in comparison to your other apps. The color scheme and contrast is sometimes hard to read like the white text on green background. Most text in the app could be more crisp like in some of your other apps.

With all that said this app still outclasses any other app we've tried and I'd recommend to anyone intent on improving their health or need a way to track food intake etc for health concerns.

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