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Looking for a brother in arms.

04-02-2012, 06:38 PM
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Looking for a brother in arms.

A call for real indies. A garage developer not a garbage one.

I'm tired of devs that can't deliver, or aren't really into it, making games is super fun, but it takes real commitment. If you experience something similar with an artist, I feel your pain. I'm looking for someone who sees titles like Beat Sneak Bandit and not say I wish I could do this, but instead it thinks to himself: I can do this, I should be doing this, 💩💩💩💩 I just need a good artist with that spark (because in my case is just the same but with a dev)!

About me: I'm a UX Designer by day, but a 2D animator by night, my latest game was called Ninja Steve, it was pretty lame, but art wise it wasn't bad, feel free to take a look at the sprites: http://cl.ly/DqBN The game that was going to follow that one (long Story there, as Ninja Steve was only to test the AppStore wall) was going to look like this: http://cl.ly/C7Hn so you can get a sense of my style, but I'm not constrain by it, it's just my preferred style.

I have two pretty interesting projects in mind (one being a potential franchise), I have some marketing background which comes in handy sometimes (Ninja Steve main song was created by iPhone Antenna song creator Jonathan Mann), but I'm open to what future discussions may bring.
So feel free to reach me, you'll find everything you need at my site http://fruit.gs