Post your game's before and after pics!

01-27-2012, 04:57 PM
Great thread!
Here's a shot from my new game 'End Night'[url]
[/url] showing the infected towns furniture store before and after an art/lighting polish pass

and the lab (where the player brings the infected samples they collect) On the ipad 2 this blue light flickers on and off with the shadow changing, however for the ipad1 version have had to disable this effect.

01-27-2012, 10:11 PM
Wooow, great topic, and really cool games

03-19-2012, 05:05 AM
Can not believe this thread is still going, but love all the entires. I think this will be the first VIDEO before and after post!

This was our new iPad game Flockwork before...

Youtube link | Pop Up

And here is what it looks like now (coming to the App Store soon, with retina support!):

Youtube link | Pop Up

04-03-2012, 02:48 AM
Ha! Great thread

As our game Tesla Overdrive is nearing its release, let me show you some gfx!

Here is the game in a very early stage:

Here is the game now:

That is a difference!

You can see more here:

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04-19-2012, 01:02 PM
Cyberjack before:

and after:

Cyberjack Solo developer.
Bike Baron programmer.
Minigore programmer.
Death Rally iOS additional programmer.
04-20-2012, 10:52 PM
My game Charred Dirt Defense isn't close to done, so I'm not sure if this qualfies, but here's the 2-3 month progress from my first concept to where it is now.

P.S. Reign Design, my daughter absolutely loves your Pig Rush game.

05-01-2012, 12:43 PM
Ok, maybe is a bit early as our next game 'Supermagical' is not out yet, but here I post the first mock-up I did just to show the concept to my team mates.
Note that the color-matching mechanic was already the core of the experience, although it was much less casual with lots of orcs and monsters, though, plus the choice of buying catapults and giant bows to defend your castle instead of using warlocks, as of right now.
Also, the main character is kind of similar, although in the final version is a witch, not a wizard.

And this is how the final game looks. Take a look into our thread ( ) for a video, info and more screnshots:


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05-04-2012, 02:01 AM
Initial concept tests:

Getting there:


Check out Draw the Line on TouchArcade [URL=""]here[/URL].

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05-04-2012, 02:05 AM
@CharredDirt. I like your WAKFU art style. Looks really appealing to me.