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Review Site Outs Developer for Reviewing Own Apps!

04-08-2012, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by Rocotilos View Post
Developers reviewing their own apps are not something new.

I used to do it as well when I was starting up.
But I no longer do it, coz it's just a waste of time. Really.
I agree LOLZ it is a sort of much ado about nothing. One review or two is not going to move the needle either way and we've seen with Zynga and other larger companies that they do it all the time anyway so what's wrong with the little guys doing it (or not?)
04-08-2012, 01:44 PM
As a small studio or indie, you got to take advantage of everything you can to even have a remote chance of success for your app and for your business. You should be using every possible trick in the book (that doesn't put you in jail or court) to hustle your goods.

With regards to this specific article, there's better targets to go after in terms of shady practices done by larger companies to give themselves an edge.