Little Labyrinths - from ByteSize Games, the makers of FlipShip

04-04-2012, 11:40 AM
Little Labyrinths - from ByteSize Games, the makers of FlipShip

Hey guys, we had so much fun talking with you all when we launched FlipShip last year that we thought we'd do it again. So here's today's press release. I'll be popping in from time to time to chat or answer whatever questions I can, so feel free to let us know your thoughts! We are very excited to be bringing this out this month, and can't wait for you guys to get your hands on it!

Richard Hoeg
ByteSize Games, Inc.


ByteSize Games Announces iOS Game Little Labyrinths

Infinite Mazes. Infinite Fun. Little Package.

Novi, MI – ByteSize Games, Inc., the creators of last year’s critically-acclaimed iOS game FlipShip, today announced the April release of their second game, Little Labyrinths, for all iOS devices. A trailer will be made available early next week.

“Like FlipShip, Little Labyrinths is a wonderful ‘bite size’ game experience, and one that’s fun for the whole family,” said Chief Executive Officer Thomas Hoeg. “At its most basic, it really captures the simple fun of completing mazes, brought to life through intuitive touch controls and a colorful cast of characters. Looking deeper, whether it’s the unique scoring mechanics, wildly diverse game modes, or zany mix-and-match game play, there really is something in Little Labyrinths for everyone, from the casual player to the high score seeker. That’s something we at ByteSize are constantly striving for, and it’s something we’re quite proud to have achieved with this title.”

In Little Labyrinths, players help Cheddar and his friends find cheese, pearls, buried treasure, and more simply by navigating mazes with their fingers. But that’s not all. Every maze in Little Labyrinths is procedurally generated, so players never have to play the same one twice. In addition, Little Labyrinths features more than thirty different characters, objectives, environments, and game modes all of which can be mixed and matched to create some truly…different combinations. So whether it’s a grumpy crab searching for pearls at the bottom of the ocean, or an ancient dragon protecting its eggs in a magma pool, players have the ability to make the game exactly what they want it to be.

Little Labyrinths launches with four gameplay modes, two of which are described below:

CLASSIC - In this mode, players fight against a ticking clock to solve as many mazes as possible before time expires. Solve more mazes, get more time. It's just that simple. But to score big points, players have to be really good, because solving consecutive mazes quickly is the only way to multiply their score. And they definitely shouldn’t forget to look out for those pick-ups!

ZEN - No points. No pick-ups. No timer. No stress. In this mode, there's nothing but the player and the maze. Perfect for winding down after a long day. Solve one. Solve a hundred. Only the player can decide.

“With Little Labyrinths, we are keeping the competitive aspects of FlipShip but are also building in more support for new players, and more for all players to achieve. With the currency-based system we’ve built, players are constantly progressing towards something, and it’s completely up to the player to decide what that something is,” said Hoeg. “Perhaps even more exciting is what we have planned. Little Labyrinths will be supported with free monthly updates, all of which will include an assortment of characters, objectives, or environments and at least one game mode. We can’t wait to share them with everyone.”


• Procedural generation means never having to play the same maze twice.

• Intuitive touch-based controls allow anyone to play!

• Over 30 different characters, objectives, environments, and game modes, with more to come in monthly updates!

• Mix-and-Match: Want a police car to search for buried treasure in deep space? Want a yeti to look for cheese at the bottom of the ocean? All these choices and more can be had in Little Labyrinths.

• Unique risk/reward scoring systems make every game mode feel like a different game!

• Want to know more about a character? An environment? Players can check out the included in-game encyclopedia for fun facts about their favorites.

• Full Game Center support with more than 60 different achievements to earn online or off!

• Online leaderboards will let the players compare their skills with friends (and enemies) across the world.

• High definition visuals designed for the iPhone's Retina Display!
Pricing and Availability

Little Labyrinths will be available from the Apple App Store and through iTunes in April 2012. It will retail for $0.99 and will also support in-app purchases (“IAP”). Though IAP is supported, such support is made available solely to allow players to accelerate their acquisition of characters, objectives, environments, and game modes, if desired. In-game currency will always be available for collection at reasonable rates simply by playing the game. IAP will NEVER be used to unbalance internal gameplay.

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I think this is the way to do it...

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Now with embedded pictures!

Ok! So now that we've finally got our screenshots embedded in the primary post. Let us know what you think!

And keep your eyes open early next week when we reveal the trailer!
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New Trailer and Release Date!

Hey guys,

We're excited to have added to the original post, Little Labyrinths' announcement trailer and release date: April 18, 2012! Let us know what you think.
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Definitely, zTurinoz. Our daughters have been calling it the "mouse and cheese" game for many months.

The good news is that we think there's a little something for everyone with the different modes and scoring systems, so your kids may have to wind up sharing with you.