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04-09-2012, 11:52 AM
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I've got an iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0. While I've not had any crashes, I've seen some major lag once I got to level 5. It's not terrible once a level gets going, but at the start it's a little slow. It's *really* bad on the level complete screen, where the numbers that slide in from the right stop and stutter on their way left (yes, I did the usual, closing apps, restart).

It's definitely an arcade type of game. Through level 7, using missiles makes the easy levels pretty easy. The ability to aim the gun is kind of cool, but could have used some explanation, as I didn't immediately realize I could aim--I just thought my sights were really off. An added option to disable aiming could be interesting.

I'm curious too, as it's not clear from the help or description, whether the medium and professional missions are the same as the easy missions with a harder difficulty or actual new missions.

There are a couple other minor issues as well: screen rotation doesn't work; it appears to be there but doesn't work--the game center logo rotates, and you can see the screen box rotating but not the game. The speed selector also doesn't respond if you are actively shooting your guns.

All that said, and especially if the lag and crashes can be addressed, it's got some potential. It's a nice change, having a more simplified arcade-style game, having spent a fair amount of time on other recent flight games.

EDIT: I neglected to mention earlier, but the mission select screen could use some indicator that there are more than 6 missions. If you are able to play the game, you need to scroll the mission select screen left to see the others levels. As hinted at by Rokrdude in the promo thread, I too thought there were only 6 missions, then started and exited mission 7. Upon return to the game, only mission 6 was available. Thinking 7 was under Medium, I tried there, but only got the "you must complete all missions on easy" message. It was only then that I figured out that mission 7 was off-screen in the Easy list.

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04-09-2012, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by awp69 View Post
I'd like to know if it's an iOS 5.1 issue causing the crashes though before buying.
I can't get instructions or levels to load on my iPod Touch, 4th gen, running iOS 5.1 either. What I do see of the intro screens looks great! Sure wish I could play the game. I have the sensitivity set to low and the sound off, too, just in case that affected anything. I select my plane and mission 1 to start, then crash to desktop.
04-10-2012, 10:53 AM
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Got a code for this and have to say it has a lot of potential.

First, a word of warning for anyone with less than a 3GS. Despite the requirements, it doesn't appear to work on an iPod Touch 2G. It crashes immediately.

Installed on my 3GS and have had no crashes at all. It looks nice and it's fun to have a more arcadey dogfighter, but the tilt controls, even with calibration, seem to get wonky at times. They'll work fine and then all the sudden it seems like you can't go up and down as easily as you were at first.

There doesn't seem to be lag in the environment or the enemy planes so it's kind of strange to see your own plane be a bit laggy/jumpy.

Also, the aiming system should be explained more. I also thought something seemed off as I would aim my plane at an enemy but the crosshair wouldn't even be close to where I wanted to fire. Didn't realize at first that the aiming was separate. It would be nice as someone else suggested to be able to toggle the aiming system off and just use your plane's direction for targeting as in other dogfighters.

Overall, though, I think with some tweaks this could be a great alternative for someone not wanting a more sim-like air combat game.

Oh, one more thing, the text in the game overlaps making it difficult to read.