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Have you made use of so called free x

04-11-2012, 12:55 AM
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Have you made use of so called free x

I had a question,

Have you guys ever made use of "free x" basically in games coins etc. basically, an games way of using IAP in ways of advertisement etc I suppose. And for those whom have done their hw. How safe is it to purchase from the list?

I for one have not, but have been tempted to use this "feature" for battleloot. Well I may be more inclined, if I actually enjoyed it more, but do not particularly care for it. which is why I didn't pull the trigger. There was the buy a pc or Mac game from big fish for 3 bucks, and receive 64k coins. Which seems like a deal does it not? What re your guys thoughts. And if this is out of line, I do apologize. I did not see it listed on this forums rules etc. thanks for your info guys.