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The Bluecoats: North & South - (by Anuman Interactive)

04-13-2012, 04:26 PM
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The Bluecoats: North & South - (by Anuman Interactive)

I spent many long hours on the Amiga battling it out with a friend on North & South: a strange and unique title that combined turn-based strategy, real-time battles, and silly action mini-games.

So, the news that Anuman will be bringing a remake of the title, called The Bluecoats - North & South, to iOS on May 10th has me leaping onto my chair and hoisting the Stars and Stripes in excitement.

Charge! Into the river!

Set during the four years of the American Civil War and based on the Belgium comic Les Tuniques Bleues, North & South tasks you with leading either the Union or the Confederacy to victory, battling it out against each other across fields and stealing gold from the railroads to fund the war efforts.

Oh, and avoiding the pesky Mexicans and Native Americans. No, seriously: avoid them and their crazy tools of mass destruction.

Along with a graphical spruce-up and touchscreen controls, The Bluecoats - North & South for iOS boasts a wealth of new features, including a new victory condition (destroying all troop-producing buildings) and an in-game shop for battlefield weaponry.

The Bluecoats - North & South will be heading to iOS on May 10th, with an Android version reinforcing the line a little later in the year.

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