App description: Where Only the Strong Survive

"I cannot stop playing Fighter City. It does what it does incredibly well." (4.5 out of 5)

Its a dog eat dog world in Fighter City. Around every corner is a cutthroat hooligan waiting for their next victim- the only way youll survive is to fight your way to the top. Develop into the ultimate fighter by training in a diverse range of martial arts, from Muay Thai to Tae Kwon Do to Jiu Jitsu. Become the top dog of your real world city by establishing a dojo and accepting apprentices. Climb up the ranks of notoriety as you and your posse run Fighter City.

Do you have what it takes?

Level up by strategically training your avatar in various martial arts skills and combat moves.

Raid dojos, recruit apprentices and battle your way to riches and glory.

Customize your character with accessories and weapons to enhance your ultimate brawling skills!

Mark your turf with your very own dojo and ransack others in real life locations.

Immerse yourself in detailed anime-style graphics for adrenaline- pumping madness!


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Echoseven's comments:

04-14-2012, 09:01 AM
I'm top 1 now,i need they update soon to continue training my character
04-17-2012, 03:24 AM
When i update Fighter City to 1.0.3,my character name po is deleted,i must create a new character,WHY???????????

04-17-2012, 05:52 PM
I would imagine that they changed too much stuff on the back end and decided a wipe would be in order.

My character was just the way I left it. I have no idea what happened.

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04-17-2012, 06:32 PM
My character is left the same way as he is as well. It's a good thing. Anyone got this game figured out? Like what skills to use?
04-18-2012, 08:05 AM
okay, i figured this game out now....

to win on any fight, you can

1. buy cash point item. and attack first/ use weapon/ use armor with limited use
2. buy weapon, hit enemy with weapon for massive damage/ status effect
3. buy cash point costume with ridiculous bonuses

then you have alot of skills that you can train or use. but to train them further. you need


the money part is quite almost impossible. because you only get so little money from winning. while training cost quite alot. sometimes i found myself getting 3 lvls. and get enough money to train 2-3 skills (on that 3 levels i get about 8 new skills)

all the skill usage are also random. therefore. sometimes you find yourself using the crappiest attack/ defense skill. while enemies use the best ones. there are ways to prevent this.
and its to "disable" a skill. therefore. you only use your best skills.
however, to disable a skill. you have to "master" it first. which requires TONS of money and TONS of energies. giving that skill about.... 20% chance to crit. and now that skill is very good? you have the option to disable it.

of course, you can try to fight fair and get money from just winning any fights. or wait 24 hours for your dojo profit (unless its raided. in which case you get crap). dojo profit is also weird. i get $1760 (supposedly) and i only get about $300 in reality. either im raided to death. or the profit is not really a "net" profit.
but by the time you managed to "master" one skill. you probably have about 20 unlockable skills. very high level. and by now you probably have about 30 other skills you want to disable. therefore. its pointless...

of course. all this can be voided by
buying money in cash shop
buying energy restoration (if youre not patient) in cash shop

that way, you get unlimited money to train your character. buy equipment, combat stuff, etc, which will guarantee you to win almost any fights.
keep in mind that this circle rotates further as you gain more level. and more unlockable skills.

therefore, i can only say one thing to this.
you pay money
you win
person who dont pay money, will almoost never win against someone who does
end of the line.

and on that humble ending. i deleted this app from my ipad. it was fun while it lasted. but i dont feel like wasting my wallet
04-20-2012, 01:44 PM
Fighter City Cash Point Event

Fighter City Cash Point Event!

visit our facebook page at for details.
04-20-2012, 01:53 PM
^ So true, but I take on the challenge by not spending any real cash. I basically level up skills and disable them one by one that have low damage attacks. I only keep 1 or 2 that does the highest damage and the highest focus damage because that will lead up to higher-damaging skills with opp. focus requirements. Then that night when i left my dojo unprotected i went 11-0 against all opponents that tried to sparred or raid me lol.

As for the money, when you get to level 30 and level up your dojo few more, you start ranking in more money. I could barely make 1000 a day and now its easy to make nearly 10,000 in a day without spending too much time in the game. Though still a time-consuming process, but you are spending all your money on building your skills anyway.

As for the skills tree, you might want to focus on building up standing-striking skills only, because they are cheaper and easy to unlock very early Even if you did unlock the grappling/grounding skills first, they required you to damage other opponents' focus first. So build up in the Muay Thai and boxing skills first. Also you might want to focus on one line in each of the skill tree first. Like Low kick, then middle kick, high kick to step-up knee in Muay Thai and ignore the rest. Dont forget to disable the one that does the low damage too.

My other advice is just avoid gun users and weapons users for a while. You can take on them later when you are at least few levels above them.
05-09-2012, 01:43 PM
Free cash point event

It's Warrior Wednesday!

Comment with your fighter name to receive 100 Cash Points!
Cash Points will be sent on Friday.

05-14-2012, 05:10 PM
Fighter City has been updated to v1.0.5.

- New character can be created in Options
- Initial protection of Dojo has been increased to 5 days from 8 hours
- Notice feature added
- Bug on Dojo fixing fixed
- Fixed bug where protection deduction not properly displayed to user
- Fixed bug where game gets disconnected if location name is long

Thanks for enjoying and let us know if you have any additional feedbacks!
08-10-2012, 03:14 PM
Dojo rename?

Can someone help me
I want to change the name of my dojo, how do I do that?


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