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Fitness: Win $15 iTunes gift cards + promo code giveaway!

04-13-2012, 04:30 AM
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Fitness: Win $15 iTunes gift cards + promo code giveaway!

Win $15 iTunes gift cards + promo code giveaway!

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Today's winners are Frozen Flame, Agas and mikron!

Thanks to everyone, you're the best

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04-13-2012, 04:48 AM
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04-13-2012, 01:15 PM
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Reviewed updated as Rokrdude3 on U.S. appstore

Truly All in One!
All-in Fitness app includes the functionality of 4 different apps- Calorie counter, Body tracker, Pedometer and Fitness exercises/ Yoga.

The Calorie Counter keeps track of your daily goals by calculating the calories intake via its gigantic food library and categorizing it into carbohydrates, protein and fats and use this information for giving various suggestions for achieving your goals. Body tracker keeps track of your B.M.I while the pedometer which comes with custom music player tracks distance travelled and calories burnt and represents it in form of various charts and graphs. Finally the best thing I like about this app is availability of various workout modes combined with over hundreds of Fitness exercises and Yoga poses with audio and video instructions in this app.

Some of the features I would like to see as a future update are:-
1) As the app contains so many features, I would love to see some kind of demo tutorial showing how to use the app effectively for new users.
2) Also would love if the user could get the premium contents for free for a limited time so that could try and see the difference.
3) Finally would love some pre made workout plans based on the time user has like 15,30,45 and 60 min so that user can quickly try the workouts.

With the latest update all the crashes and calendar issues from previous version has been fixed .Overall with so many features and such a low price, it is a must have app for every Fitness enthusiasts.

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04-14-2012, 11:17 PM
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Reviewed as TopBigGD under US store.

I love this body workout app, the whole set is so detail, from the profile to different kinds of workout set meals which are focusing on every single part of muscles. The fitness process has different levels as well, beginners, intermediate, advanced, you could just pick the tough level yourself. Build your own goal then achieve it. Totally amazing.

You could even set your personal training plan, with the help of calorie counter and body tracker, the effect is remarkable.

Feedback: about the Premium content IAP, as I could see the premium content include 5 aspects, but 3 of them such as Detailed food plan, Heart rete Calculators, Share the workouts to friends are not so helpful mainly because there are either same function in the sports tracker or could be replaced by a simple calorie counter.

The other two useful elements are the 70 more workouts and the magazine which I think you could give some more tips, not just one word description, something like a list of the new 70 workouts' name or two pages screen shots of the magazine would be really helpful for me making the decision whether to buy the IAP or not, to be honest just a little more contents' preview regarding to the Premium would bring you more sales...
04-15-2012, 03:05 AM
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Left a review on us store as ewTang.

This is an awesome exercise app, with all in fitness, I could easily make my personalized plan which totally fit my need. You could miss the gym time due to a lot of reasons, such as work overtime, pick up your kids, etc.

For now I have all in Fitness, it's like I take my gym in my pocket, I just need to squeeze time for the exercise, no worry about the place anymore. Besides there are food calorie calculator and a very thorough body tracker, making the body build up plan be more scientific.

Very good fitness app, way to go.

Suggestion: As I mentioned before, I really take this app as a portable gym, and I think most people would like to listen music when they working out, but for some reason I dont put any music in my device, that would be so nice if you could put several different beats passional sound tracks in the app.
04-15-2012, 12:33 PM
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5 star review on US app store as _burn:

The great thing about this app is that it can be used for working out at home on a personal bench with dumbells or bars, or it can be taken to the gym where you have access to several different machines. This app covers all of that.

The user interface is well written, the colors flow together and the data is nicely organized. There is a lot of quality in this app.

I love the body tracker .... it's a huge motivator to keep track of your progress. Not only can you track your measurements but you can add photos, blood pressure, body fat, even your mood.

For me, there are two main areas for this app: the training plan and the exercise base. The Training Plan let's me create a custom workout schedule. I can use one of the many, many built-in plans or search for a specific workout. If I find a workout that I really like, I can star it so I can quickly find it again. There seems to be hundreds of Ready Workouts. The Ready Workouts are usually 3 days long and stretch anywhere from full body to just toning or weight loss. You can pick workouts either by gender or by level (beginner to advanced). These Ready Workouts seem perfect for the beginner because it takes the guesswork out of what workouts you need to be doing. Seriously, there are a LOT of workouts in here.

Another feature that is just as important as what workouts you're doing is what you're eating. The built-in Calorie Counter is another well-written piece. You can search for your food, scan a barcode, create recipes for quick entry when you cook that same meal again, or search for a meal based on what restaurant you're at. If your work buddies want you to go Applebee's for lunch you can easily track that so you'll know where you need to cut calories later.

I also like the idea of sharing your workouts with friends. Most people that are new to the gym are there with a more experienced buddy so it's a great feature for that buddy to be able to share his workouts with his new gym partner(s). This feature comes with the premium upgrade.

I'm just getting started with this app and so far it's working great. There are a lot of fitness apps on the app store so the competition is tough. So far, this one has everything I need.

I would like to request a few features:
* I have one of your iPad apps and love it due to the larger screen for the videos. However, I mostly use this phone app for entering my food intake. It would be awesome if I could sync the two. I don't know if the answer is with a universal app and Apple's iCloud or a syncrhronization server on your end. Either way it would be really helpful.
* I may have missed this feature so I apologize if it's already in there, but it would be nice to have the option to export my stats to Excel or Google Docs, or just a CSV file. That way I can keep up with my stats on a long-term basis.
* Another thing that would be pretty slick is if I could print out my workout routine. I just got an AirPrint-enabled printer so that may be me just wanting to use it for everything I can think of. I do think it would be nice to have a print some of this stuff, like my workout schedule, food consumption, etc.
04-15-2012, 12:38 PM
Nickname: lopatiyi
Five star review
Title: The best fitness app
It has lots of advantages like beautiful design, calorie counter, rich exercise database, and ability to ask support on any subject. But it has the only minus: because of big amount of exercises size of all media is around 1Gb, I think it will be better if users have chance to download pictures and videos separately like in previous versions (and trick for developers, instead of record long videos you can shoot short 3 second clips and repeat them, i think it will reduce the size by half or more).
04-15-2012, 10:24 PM
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US store updated as oni1031

Best Fitness App for iPhone
More than one million usage can not be wrong. Just bought it, what an inexpensive price which might save me thousands of money to get fit.
Wow, in return you will get over 700 exercise photo guides with detailed text descriptions, audio and video demonstrations. 40 workout programs, calorie counter, body tracker, training schedule and much more.
With All-in Fitness for iPhone, there is no longer need a personal gym trainer. Strongly recommended, especially to all those willing to get body build up and loss some weight.
04-17-2012, 05:54 AM
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Reviewed as Mohaimin Zack in US AppStore

Let keeps our life healthier and love ourself.
Would like to see an upgrade improvement to make this app better.
a) User can choose their level, eg. Beginner, Intermediate, Advance or Guru in their profile. And the Yoga that shown would be sync with their level and gender. So they wont need to choose their Yoga from other level.
b) Give a few full magazine article and the user could print out the magazine article.
c) Let the user choose a music from their music to listen while Yogaing.
d) Give a one month trial for the premium content. So the user could be attract to upgrade to premium.
e) User can took and save a picture of them while using the Yoga app. So they can make the comparison physically from the picture. A gallery menu maybe could be use for store the image.

Live healthy and shape your body with this Fitness app. Fitness is very useful and great app! Recommended for those who want to keep their body strong and healthy!

With 700 videos and exercises plus 300 yoga videos. You follow the exercise via audio, picture or video. Keep track your BMI and stay fit & healthy. With this app you wont need a personal trainer and go often to the gym. Use it everywhere, in your house, outdoor or recreational place.

Let keeps our life healthier and love ourself.
Would like to see an upgrade improvement to make this app better.
a) Export the tracking by monthy to Excel/email. So that we can save a softcopy to other storage eg. PC,thumb drive.
b) User can choose their level, eg. Beginner, Intermediate, Advance in their profile. And the workout that shown would be sync with their level and gender. So they wont need to choose their workout again.
c) Give a few full magazine article and the user could print out the magazine article.
d) User can took and save a picture of them before and after using the Fitness app. So they can make the comparison physically from the picture. A gallery menu maybe could be use for store the image.
e) Mini dictionary description about the body part, muscle or any gym/workout term. So that the beginner user could understand more.
f) Let the user choose a music from their music to listen while using the app.
04-17-2012, 08:35 PM
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Hm..don't know whats wrong with my iTunes..but I can't leave a review. I get the message "You must own this item to write a Customer Review". =/

I'm "dtops2" on itunes. I'll try to leave a review later. Hopefully I can still be part of the contest.
Anyways, this is the review I'm trying to leave:

All-In Fitness

All-in Fitness is a great app for those interested in fitness. Other reviews have already mentioned the strengths of the app so I won't go into detail about them. The app has many useful tools (training programs, calorie trackers, various body calculators & tools, and a large set of excercises). The app is pretty easy to use once you learn to navigate the menus. There's a lot of power to track your workouts, and to even modify existing workout programs.

1. Have the option to download the pictures, workouts instructions and videos, or download all as 4 options. Have a check box next to each option so when checked, the items will be/have been downloaded, and unchecked to delete the deselected data. Have a save confirmation to ensure the data isn't downloaded or deleted immediately after check/unchecking the boxes to prevent accidental downloading/deleting. This is useful option to save on filesize of the app. The current option to download all is pretty large.

2. Not sure how to fit the menu..but have an option to filter the list of exercise for each body part. (ie: If I'm looking at chest excercise, have an additional filter to look at free weights, bench, machine, BOSU, etc.. and let you pick multiple filters).

3. For the video, add a play/pause button with a draggable video position bar so people can drag back and forth to check out poses they're having trouble with.

4. Have a way sync data/profile across different Viaden fitness apps if desired. Syncing (custom) workouts between the normal & then HD version would be nice. It could be done through icloud or other method. Care needs be taken though in case there's custom workouts with the same name.

5. The yoga portion of the app seems tacked on. All the yoga positions are just lumped into one Yoga catagory, not broken down by types of positition. There's also no preset workout programs for yoga (for both included and the premium from what I can see). I'd prefer if the Yoga portion to be removed since its not really helpful, or create a separate catagory for Yoga and include at least a few Yoga workout programs. That being said..the All-in Yoga program is an excellent app, so get that app if you're looking for yoga.

Overall, this is a great app.

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