Supermarket Mania - Promo Codes!

04-16-2012, 06:41 AM

I love all the games of your team
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04-16-2012, 07:19 AM
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I actually enjoy grocery shopping in real life, so this would be right up my alley! I love cooking and menu planning, so shopping's a chance for me to set up my menu plans for the week and put together what I'll need while seeing what's in season and what is new. I'd like to get an iPad compatible version, and my email address is: s k y l e r . k i t t y @ g m a i l . c o m (minus the spaces, of course.) Thanks for the chance - I'll hope to play this soon, if I'm fortunate enough to win!

04-16-2012, 07:27 AM
Really love manage supermarket this kind game, wish me luck to get a chance to play
Supermarket Mania for iPad. My email is, thank you very much.
04-16-2012, 07:41 AM
I love the push cart! I recall pushing is around like I am actually driving. Fun memories!
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04-16-2012, 08:30 AM
Wow,it's unbelieveable that you will give away these codes!YOU will trigger a heated discussion.Well, views vary from person to person on merits and demirts of shopping.But there's no denying shopping makes people relax!Just like your games.Futhermore,shopping can help us know the world better, and it can deepen our insight into life, broaden our horizons and mould our temperament. If it is possible, why not go out shopping to savor the joy of life.
Oh, maybe I say too much.Hope to get a chance.

iPhone edition please
Email :
Thanks for the chance.
04-16-2012, 08:35 AM
I love this game already on iPhone, so I'd love to win a code for the iPad version, to see it in all its gloriousness on the bigger, badder screen! What I love about shopping is the hunt! The surprise at finding the unexpected, and the satisfaction of seeing exactly what you want and on sale too. What I hate about shopping is the lengths one has to go sometimes to find that perfect item, even though I enjoy the hunt overall; the paging through oodles of screens online, or driving from store to store in city to city. That can get really tedious.

My email isn't for public consumption, sorry, but you can PM me here and as I'd said, I'd love the iPad version.
04-16-2012, 10:21 AM
Hey there!

Thank you all for your awesome stories! We enjoyed reading them all!
So let's congratulate five today's winners with the following emails:

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Have A Nice Day Everyone!
04-16-2012, 10:25 AM
Wooow,lucky!Thanks very much!I really love your games.
04-16-2012, 05:59 PM
Got your gift,thanks again.I am really lucky this time