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My Photo Note - Take notes with photos, and make high quality PDFs out of them

04-03-2012, 04:14 AM
My Photo Note - Take notes with photos, and make high quality PDFs out of them

mOOncOw interactive
proudly presents

My Photo Note

Ever wished your photo library would be more organized? Or you could easily show your colleague the photos of that new design?
My Photo Note makes it easy for you to categorize photos, add a title and description, make PDF files and share them.

Organizing your photos with My Photo Note is fast, easy and fun - what about

✓ Sending a PDF with high-quality photos of the house that is for sale now to your customers?
✓ Taking photos of the contracts you make with your customers, and automatically create a calendar entry with a link to them?
✓ Quickly taking a few photos of the sketches for the new ad campaign and send them to the office in an email?

All that is done with just a few taps of your finger - and integrated with the iPhone's calendar and photo library.

My Photo Note starts where the photo library ends: It's not about taking a picture, it's about using it!


✓ Easy visual note-taking and tagging
Group several photos in one note
Zoom in and out of your Photo Notes list for different levels of browsing detail
✓ Set a Photo Note as event into your calendar
✓ Create high-quality PDF documents of your Photo Notes and email them
✓ Send Photo Notes by email
Synchronize Photo Notes with your photo library
✓ Backup all your Photo Notes into an XML file and import them again if necessary
Adjust categories and keywords to your needs on the fly
Filter your Photo Note list - extended filtering options, including full-text search
Auto-cleanup Photo Notes that are past their due date

04-17-2012, 03:33 AM
Version 2.3 out now

Version 2.3 of My Photo Note has been released.

Now you can remove photos from notes, and change their order.
05-25-2012, 08:13 AM
Version 2.5 out now - Swipe through your Photo Notes!

Often requested, finally there - you now can swipe through your photo notes with the finger like in the photo library!

If a photo note has more than one connected photo, they are displayed as small thumbnails in the upper right corner of the photo. You can easily switch to them by pressing the thumbnail!

Version 2.5 also features a new option for setting the additional info display time in the photo swipe view. The default is set to 6 seconds (after 6 seconds the title and description are hidden until the next tap), but the time can also be set to be shorter or infinite, which hides and shows the extra information on each finger tap.

Last but not least the description field now can be scrolled in case the description contains more than 9 lines of text.

Check it out here: My Photo Note v2.5