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Size Does Matter - When BIG is not LARGE enough

01-27-2012, 07:27 AM
Size Does Matter - When BIG is not LARGE enough

We can't say it's the first of its kind, but it does a nice job and has some unique features:

mOOncOw interactive

just released its newest app

Size Does Matter Free

Size Does Matter is two tools in one:

For one, it is a magnifying glass with easy access to 2x, 4x and 8x zoom levels and the ability to scroll inside the enlarged image with your fingers without moving the iPhone. Of course you can also take a snapshot of the magnified image.

And then there is the flashlight function, which you can use in four different modes: a timed light which keeps burning while a defined countdown runs down and then switches the light off, a stroboscope mode with an on-the-fly changeable frequency, a morse mode and of course the normal flashlight on/off mode.

If you don't have one yet, go check it out. You may also replace your current one of course ...

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02-17-2012, 05:20 AM
Update: Now includes Process Monitor

Size Does Matter jut got bigger - welcome the new child to the family: the Process Monitor.

See all processes running on your iPhone at the moment, and for how long they have been running already!

Check it out here!
04-03-2012, 04:56 AM
New Version: Zoom-In-Zoom and faster save

Size Does Matter Free got another update.

Now it features a unique zoom-in-zoom functionality: add another zoom window in the center of the screen, and change its zoom level independent of the normal zoom! Take intriguing pictures combining two different zoom levels - and this version also saves the images faster than before.
04-17-2012, 03:36 AM
And another new version - send your magnified double-zoom photo to twitter right from the app!
05-25-2012, 08:18 AM
V1.8 - Optional quick-zoom buttons

As the camera on the new iPhones is getting better resolution, higher zoom factors come into place - you can now optionally add 16x, 32x and 64x zoom buttons to the magnifying view.

Check out Size Does Matter here.