App description: The Blitz is a fresh take on the war strategy genre. Command air fleets in the two greatest air battles in history, all in real time.

The Blitz combines the grittiness of war games with the hectic game play of action games without sacrificing the integrity of realism. Use the novel Pause-Move mechanism to continue giving orders while the game is paused for a more relaxed playing experience.

Command the Royal Air Force against the Luftwaffe in the most pivotal air battle in history.

Or as the commander of the Luftwaffe try to defend Berlin in the final months of the war at the dawn of the jet fighter age.

Command squadrons of Spitfires and Hurricanes in the Battle of Britain or lead the elite Luftwaffe against the US 8th air force by coordinating the final remains of the former mighty german air force.

Prioritize repairs and upgrades of buildings, airfields, radars and factories.

Play against a friend as he commands the Luftwaffe on the screen at the same time!

Defend radar towers by intercepting attacking B17s or Heinkel bombers.

Defend Berlin with 88mm flak towers and Me262 jet squadrons.

Upgrade fighter squadrons to newer models in an effort to stem the endless bomber streams.

Handle the logistics of war while directing your squadrons against overwhelming odds in two campaigns and two survival modes.

Live-Rank leader boards using GameCenter. See as you progress through survival modes instantly how your score compares against other players world wide!

Frantic wargaming has never been this good and this much fun on the iPad!

LordGek's comments:
While I'm still grappling with the basics, it is a pretty fun game.

It's a line drawing defense game. Launch your planes from the airfields to intercept incoming bombers or fighters. The opposition, besides simply trying to knock out your planes directly, will be busy sending missions against the airfields, factories, and radar towers to make your life difficult. If the location isn't completely destroyed your one engineer team might, with time, be able to fix it back up.

You can play as the English defending England or Germans defending Germany (I don't think you ever get to go on the offensive, however, and take it to where the baddies are coming from in either case). Within these two primary modes you can play either Campaign or Survival. If I understand it right the Campaign is something you could actually eventually win whereas the Survival modes are just matters of seeing how long you can hold out before finally succumbing to your fate (hopefully holding out longer than your other friends on GC).

There is even a two player skirmish mode but I don't know a lot about how that works or if it is online only or a local 2 player affair.

04-14-2012, 08:30 AM
Battle of midway scenary

What about the new scenary?
04-17-2012, 09:24 AM
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There was a delay due to other projects but work is continuing. The Midway campaign is considerably different to the other campaigns so it takes a bit more time to implement.

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