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Openfeint hasn't been working-pls help.

04-19-2012, 11:12 AM
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Openfeint hasn't been working-pls help.

If anybody has any suggestions or advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

I contacted Openfeint but have not heard back from them. Basically, my achievements, high scores, and the last game I played doesn't register.

Here is the description I sent them, providing my udid# as well:

(I know I sound like a kiss a$$)

Good morning,

Above, I provided my udid # for my iPad 1 64 gig but I also own and use an Iphone 4 32 gig and an ipod touch 4 64 gig.
I always loved openfeint...until it stopped working in a bizarre fashion. I am able to sign in or stay signed whenever I play a game that has openfeint. *Unfortunately, achievements, high scores, and the last game I played has not been registering for a couple of months now.* Realizing how important achievements are to me, I decided to write here and hopefully have the problem fixed. I have tried signing in and out of Openfeint which works, but know matter what I do and what device I use, my achievement points remain at 18,235 and Openfeint always says that the last game I played was "Amazing Breaker HD." I get the welcome message that I am signed on, and when I get an achievement, it shows up in the top left corner while I am playing the game. It simply does not register no matter what game I try. Please help as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

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