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04-19-2012, 08:21 AM
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You can reinforce your equipment in the "MY STATS" menu. Click on the desired equipment you wish to reinforce to up the ATK and DEF of that equipment. If the reinforcement fails, the "Durability" of the equipment will go down. Don't let the "Durability of the equipment to reach 0 or it will be destroyed. You can still recover loss "Durability" by using "Repair". There is always a limit on how far an equipment can reinforce. So be sure to take note of that before reinforcing the item. Remember that "Reinforce" uses Gold for 30% success rate, 1 Western Point for 70% success rate and $0.99 for a 100% success rate.

Note that you will not be able to see "MY STATS" if you got unused "Skill points".

You can also sell your old equipment by going to the "MY STATS" screen and clicking on a specified location or part of your body where the equipment was to show the available equipment for that said part. Click on the equipment you wish to sell and press "Sell".

Low on Health? Try going to "Refresh" and clicking on "Lodge" to gain 50% or 100% of your total "Health". Recovering "Health" cost gold.

Outlaw and Sheriff got different use of the "Business" menu. Sheriff can collect money from landlord while Outlaw can collect or rob money from property owned by a sheriff.

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Some tips!

Logging in
It's recommended to log in through Facebook if you plan to play on multiple devices. You can also just set up a username, but if you choose Facebook your data will be saved on the server for you to access on any of your devices.

Play often
Use all of the duel and action points whenever they are available, so that you can start regenerating more. You will get 1 duel and 1 action point every 5 minutes. The more often you play, the faster you will level up and the more gold you will gain.

When dueling, do not fight against opponents that have no gold..pick the ones who have lots of gold for you to take. Also, fight opponents who are equal to or weaker than your own attack/defense skills. You don't want to take on somebody much better than you because it is more likely that you will lose. You can duel the same person multiple times. If you don't see a good matchup, you can go back and enter the duel screen again...then you will see some new opponents.

When you begin a duel, you will see targets and a red circle pops up around them - this is the current target that you are shooting at. Quickly tap your finger on the selected target to hear the gunshot. Note this doesn't really seem to improve your chance of winning, if your opponents has better stats you will still lose, but it is a fun little mini-game.

Social Club
Add friends through the social club, having allies will help you in your duels. You can add people you know on Facebook or random users. You may find that people you don't know have added you as a friend, but this will help you. You can also view your friend's stats and equipment if you wish.

When you level up, you get points to upgrade your stats - some good choices are AP (action points) if you want to be able to do more quests, and attack/defense if you want to do better in duels. If you have no points to spend, then this will be the "stats" tab. Here you can reinforce your equipment to improve it, repair it if it has lost durability (from failed reinforcements), or sell it if you no longer need it.

Buy new equipment when you can, this will increase your stats, making you better in duels. It will also allow you to perform certain quests. For example, the "Test - Shoot a Bottle" quest requires that you purchase a glove. Remember to reinforce your equipment's stats if you have enough gold.

Map and Movement
Buy a horse if you want to travel in the map, this costs movement points but they replenish over time - 1 point every 5 minutes. More expensive horses give more movement points. As you level up, you'll want to travel to different cities to access different buildings, and to hunt down and duel high ranking "Wanted" players.

As a sheriff, you can purchase businesses to earn a steady income over time, but you must remember to log in and regularly collect your earnings. Different businesses have different income and collection times. Less expensive ones tend to give smaller income and require more frequent collection, more expensive businesses give higher income and require less frequent collection. As an outlaw, you can perform robberies.

Quests are one of the best ways of obtaining gold and leveling up. Some you may not be able to do until you have certain equipment. Pick one that gives good gold or xp and note how much AP each step requires. For example, "Sheriff License Acquired" is worth 100 gold/1 xp for 1 AP, while "Training for a New Sheriff" is 100 gold/5 xp for 2 AP. So repeat the "license" quest if you want gold, and the "training" quest if you want to level up faster. You can "master" the quest with one button, if you want to quickly finish it. Master all rookie quest to get access to the next level of quests.

Another great way to get gold is to play the "lotto" game, where you get a multiplier bonus and try to match 3 cards. You can play this daily so definitely use your lotto cards. I quickly won about 330,000 gold early in the game with the lotto.

You can also gamble against other players with a card game, this option is in the "refresh" menu (note to devs: my game crashed when I first tried this). You can lose gold doing this though.

There's another option in the same menu that will restore your health but it costs gold. Health restores itself 1 point every 3 minutes, so use this only if you need more health to duel and you don't want to wait.

There are also events you can participate in that may earn you a lot of gold. You can enroll once per event and the rewards look pretty good - all you have to do is sign up and hope you are successful. Be sure to log in often to check for new events to enroll in.

When you are done playing for a while, go to the "refresh" menu and deposit your gold in the strongbox so that other players cannot take it. There will be a commission that will take at least 14% of percent of your gold, but it is still better to deposit it than letting other players take it from you! (note: it's currently backwards - withdraw makes you deposit and vice versa)

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Originally Posted by saiyukialex View Post
Agree with Daver about the multitasking thing. It's really annoying to load long and require/load elements.

The game crashed once when I am using 3G. I can send the crash log to you if you need.

By the way, I think I found a script error. Attachment below:

Attachment 43288

Yer -> Your
That's just a "Western accent" like saying "sugah" instead of "sugar."

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Yeah I'm from the South and when I say "you're" it sounds like "yer" lol. If there's an error there, it's that it says "introduce" when it should say "introduction".
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Here's my tips:



No matter you choose to be Sheriff or Outlaw, the ultimate goal is to be the MOST WANTED player in the rank.
So all you need to do is earn as much as possible money you can to equip yourself with the most powerful equipment and earn as much as possible EXP points you can to increase your attack/defense point. The more powerful you are the more chances you can win in Duel fight. You can get yourself rank up by win Fame point in duel fight.

Earn money

1. Quest
You can earn gold in quest.
Some quests require you to equip certain equipment, some require you to complete with 1 or more social friends.
You can only complete a quest when you fulfill all the requirements.

2. Business
You can invest money on buildings by collect taxes if you are a sherif. But it gonna take time, for hours maybe.
Also if you choose outlaw you can do robbery.

3. Lotto
Everyday you will get chance to play lotto. If you are lucky enough you can win gold by turning 3 same cards over.

4. Gamble
Gamble with other players will also earn gold for you.

Earn EXP

The only way to earn EXP is to do quest.

Get Equipment

You can buy equipment in store. Some equipments require you to reach certain level to buy. At the beginning a hat is well enough.
Your equipment can be checked in the Status tab.You can upgrade/repair your equipment in here too. But be ware that sometimes Reinforce could fail.

Level Up
Don't forget to use your upgrade points when you level up. You can increase your attribute points by spending upgrade points.
Attack/Defense points are the most important attributes to make you more powerful.

Fight others in a duel. If you win you will get more fame. More fame means higher rank. That's the goal.
Try travel to other places in the world map to find and fight higher rank players.
The duel system is interesting and familiar if you have played the famous console game God of War.

Attribute Points

1. Action Point
Quest will consume action points. One action point is recharged every 5 mins.
You can also restore action points by spending western points.

2. Move Point
Move point will be used when travel in the world map.

3. Duel point
One duel point is used for one duel. It will also be recharged every 5 mins.

4. Health Point
You could lose health in duel. It will be recharged every 3 mins. Also you can recharge it in Refresh tab.

5. Western Point
You can buy western points with real money in the point shop through IAP. I don't recommend to do it.
But you can make your in-game life easier by spending western points.
It can be used to recharge action points, move points, duel points and skill points.
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Tip on how to level-up your RANK fast:

After gaining a level or at least having a full or plenty of "Duel" points, take on a "Duel" and use your "Duel" points until it's 0. Now, do the "Fast Level-up" (See my older post for tips on how to do this Fast Level-up trick) and gain another level to replenish your "Duel" points. Repeat this process until you reach the highest rank.

Tip on how to make Gold Fast:

You will need to unlock the "Crisis" Chapter in the "Quest" mode first to do this. There will be a "Quest" named "Identifying Herbs and Poisonous Weeds" in the "Crisis" Chapter. This "Identifying Herbs and Poisonous Weeds" cost 80 Action points but rewards you with 100 experience points and 50,000 Gold. Keep on taking this quest until you got 200 Action Points remaining with 500 or less experience remaining to the next level. Now, go to "Rookie" Chapter and play the "Drinking Time: Bottoms Up!" mission which only cost 10 Action Points but grants you 25 Experience Points and 1,000 Gold. Keep on taking this mission until you reach the next level. Now repeat the process again from the top to acquire millions of Gold. I've bought higher equipment with this process and now I got an ATK and DEF of 1,200+ each and I am now level 125 with the rank of Adventurer.

Tip on how to master each Quest Fast:

You will be needing the "Fast Level-up" trick to do this. First, choose a mission you wish to "Master". Take the mission. Then, you should always look for your remaining "Action" points after taking that mission. Always remember that you only need 10 "Action" points for a 25 experience or 100 "Action" points for a 250 experience to gain another level with the "Fast Level-up" trick. So be sure to stop taking the mission you wish to master when you see or think that your remaining "Action" Points is just right for you do the "Fast Level-Up" trick to gain a level. Example when your remaining Experience nedeed to gain another level is 250 and your remaining "Action" points is 100, stop the mission you want to master and do the "Fast Level-Up" trick first to gain a level and replenish your "Action" points. Repeat this process until you master each mission. This is the fastest and most effective way to "Master" all mission or quest in the entire game.

NOTE: Be sure to follow my advise on my previous Tips like Allocating "Skill Points" only on "Action Points" and buying a "Necklace" early in the game to gain a permanent 100 "Action" Points for the Fast Gold and Fast Master Quest trick above to work.

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Someone PM me to clarify my last tip
First to the Bottoms Up Quest you'll need to equip Glove it gives you the most EXP for 10 action points
Keep doing it till you have only a little EXP needed to level up but still have a good amount of Action Points
Move to another Quest and start doing that quest till you level up. this way you'll never have to worry about having enough points to level up and you'll quickly Master all the Quests in no time

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Early in the gamee concentrate raising two things (1) ACTION POINTS most important thing (2) Duel nothing else will really matter till much later

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Equipment requirements mostly for higher Quest are obtainable by mastering other quest or lower quest before it. Mastering Quest will reward you with Equipment. So be sure to master a quest which you can take using your current equipment first to obtain a higher equipment for the other quest requiring it to avoid wasting Gold. Just buy when it is not obtained in the other quest you've mastered.

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