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[Paid] Project Puzzle Devil - Seeking Professional Programmer(s) for iOS, Android, C

04-22-2012, 07:42 PM
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[Paid] Project Puzzle Devil - Seeking Professional Programmer(s) for iOS, Android, C

I'm looking for programmers that are fluent with developing for iOS, Android, and the web (as well as C# and perhaps some cross compatible game engines like Unity). Read the post to find out more. This is a PAID FOR position and I hope we can negotiate.

Hi there!

My name is David Vitas (daVIDVItas!). I'm a musician and audio graduate that has worked on a couple independent games in the past. I feel it's time to start tackling my own projects. Who'se with me?

My first true project is small/medium (an iOS game to be exact). The genre is puzzle, with a whole host of rhythm and music thrown in for good measure. The player moves blocks and such; I can't explain much more without contact. If you're interested I can definitely send you everything you need to know post Non-disclosure agreement.

Today, I'm seeking programmers that are fluent with developing in the iOS and android environment. Generally speaking, I'd like for the game to be on both platforms. To simplify things, the use of a cross-compatible engine could work very well. Additionally, I'm also seeking someone that has a good understanding in anything web related, as well as C#.

The programmer would be responsible for gluing all the pieces together in a timely fashion, including:

- The actual gameplay mechanics
- Store for downloadable content on the app itself
- iAD's
- A WHOLE lot more!

So far, I have completed a pretty extensive design document. I have also mocked up the entire app, so the planning is all complete.

The final artwork for the game is about 95% complete (minus some unexpected tweaks and such). I hired a brilliant artist and it looks spectacular. Of course I'll have examples to show you upon contact.

Since I come from an extensive music background, I will also be handling all the audio myself. You can check out some of my work on my website.

Finally, I'm in the process of throwing up an official website for the company I am starting. We have a mascot and everything ! The site will be up in 1-2 weeks time.

What I need from you are some examples of your work, and how much you charge. I'm either looking for what it would take for the whole project, or what you charge hourly. If you are charging by the hour, I'd like your professional opinion on how long (hours) it would take to complete the project. I require these values for budgetting of course.

Thanks, I look forward to working with you!