App description: "completely unassuming yet completely awesome indie gem" 4.5/5 -Sean Koch,

"Its addictive, challenging, and worth the small price tag of 99 pennies." 4/5 -Kane Poehlman,

In a distant land, the skyline is dominated by intricate towers. No one knows who built them, but legend says that whoever reaches the top can have a single wish. Many heroes have tried to achieve this feat, but all have failed. Now it is time for you to try! You are Jack. Unlike the others, you are just a humble accountant. But years of dealing with confusing corporate paperwork has caused you to develop INCREDIBLE PSYCHIC POWERS! What will Jack wish for if he reaches the top? Is it world peace? Is it incredible riches? No! All he wants is a really strong cup of coffee...

Dodge a hailstorm of bullets and hazards on your way to the top. Earn EXP and coins to upgrade Jack with powerful Perks. Use the incredible Shield, Blast, and Reverse powers to protect Jack and wipe out everything in your path!


-Easy to learn, difficult to master
-Casual and Hardcore mode. Hardcore mode is designed as a grueling test of skill and reflexes for a seasoned gamer!
-4 Main Towers
-8 Challenge levels to unlock through gameplay
-15 Perks to earn
-Game Center support with achievements and leaderboards


Think you've mastered Towers? Think again! Reset your data by deleting this game and download the latest version, and try to beat Hardcore mode without purchasing any Perks for the toughest challenge in the App Store! WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT UNLESS YOU ARE AN EXPERT GAMER!

As an indie developer, we value your support! You can post your idea for a new Challenge level in a review. All suggestions will be considered in upcoming updates! If your idea is selected, we will put your user name right in the credits.

strivemind's comments:

04-22-2012, 07:05 PM
Promo codes have been sent out. Thanks to everyone who posted in the thread and PMed me!

@Royce; our first update is going to introduce a couple of interesting new features, including a Hall of Fame. Watch the Promo Codes and Contests board for more info on that within the next week! If we have enough interest at that point, our second update should make this a universal app.

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04-22-2012, 09:27 PM
If you still have any codes I'd gladly take one. Thanks
04-22-2012, 10:16 PM
I like a code also, thanks
04-23-2012, 08:15 PM
Unfortunately, I'm all out of unreserved codes for the time being. Thank you to everyone who's expressed interest.

On a happier note, we've had some great reviews come in! Check them out if you're thinking about downloading this game.
04-23-2012, 08:45 PM
Alrighty... I played the first 3 stages...

So far; not bad. Not bad at all. You move your character left and right with v-buttons as an elevator carries you up through levels of a tower. You have a shield, destroy, and life regen. button setup. The shield blocks you from damage through everything, bullets, spikes, blades... While the destroy button blows up everything on the screen. The life regen. turns bullets into HP. The destroy and life regen. both use up MP, which is gained by absorbing bullets with your shield. The destroy uses up about 15% (rough guess) of your MP, while the life regen. needs a full MP bar, and uses up 100% of it. But the MP is gained back fairly quickly, especially if you time your shield power just right. All of the power buttons have a cool-down time, adding a bit of strategy to the game, which is, IMO, always nice.

In the first world, level 1 was slow moving, and had 100 floors, while the next two levels went a bit faster, and only had 50. The second level was a bit more hectic, while the third had a lot of blades and added falling knives to the mix, with only large bouncy bullets that don't refill your MP too much, so that added a nice challenge.

The graphics aren't bad... They aren't anything you'll use to show off to friends, but not bad by any stretch. I don't know about music or sfx, when I was playing, my wife was sleeping next to me, so I had the volume all the way down. Controls are niceand responsive... usually I don't like portrait mode with control setups like this so much, but here, it felt comfortable.

There's GameCenter boards for each world, along with a total score board and 11 achievements. It's a nice arcade title with some spiffy shmup mechanics. It's not really like anything I've seen in the AppStore before, minus Act of Fury...but is still not really too much like AOF. For a buck? I shoulda just bought it. Chances are I'll end up gifting it to a couple friends. But thank you for the code. =o)

Maybe another mode would be a good idea... Something like an endless survival mode... I dunno. Having the hardcore difficulty along with GC boards does already add quite a bit of replay value, but it just feels like a game that needs another mode to feel completely rounded out.


Dunno how I forgot to mention the upgrade shop... I guess me not upgrading anything yet has something to do with it... But it's there, you collect coins as you go through the levels and use those in the shop. I don't know if there's any IAP for coins because I didn't visit the shop... But... Blah... I'll get into it more by tomorrow. =o)

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04-26-2012, 11:17 AM
Thanks for the feedback, synthetic! An endless mode with new leaderboards is actually something we've been thinking about quite a bit. You might see it in an update someday soon.

In the meantime, here's a new video showing early bits of each of the main Towers, some of the gameplay mechanics, and the upgrade system.

I do have a few more codes to give away, which I will be doing later this afternoon. Please respond in this thread if you'd like a code, or send a PM my way!

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