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04-18-2012, 11:45 PM
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Arctic Normal, Level 7, Confused Rail

Any tips? I can't seem to finish this map. I have 3 starred all maps so far but is now stuck'd here. I have all mercenary except for the poison one. Thanks!
04-23-2012, 10:57 PM
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I am enjoying wading through this game, but a few things:

Has anyone listed the upgrade values for the elfs?
I am on Samson level 3,
and the next level costs 230 leaves
but it shows
Power 13
Range 23
Speed 30

Is this what is currently is? or what it will become?
I dont know what stats are changing.

When I see Eilictrician lvl 0
Cost to upgrade to 1 is 160 leaves
Power 100
Range 26
Speed 1

It seems pointless to even use or level up Samsons

The initial upgrade cost seems reasonable for most elfs, but soon becomes very expensive to get them to higher levels.
(Obviously they are trying to encourage us to do the In App Purchases).

During gameplay, sometimes I tap my elf tower and select to upgrade, but it doesnt register and I have to select the tower again which is very frustrating. It might be just me, but I seem to do this all the time on the Icer towers.

I like the name. When you search for Elf Defence you get all sorts of references to Self Defence. Cool play on words there.
But they are very Strange looking elves. Not like any elves I've seen in any books or movies.

04-23-2012, 11:27 PM
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This is very fantastic and nice TD game for the IOS. Graphic is very well and smooth animation. And at last It is released.
05-01-2012, 12:10 PM
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I would highly recommend AGAINST upgrading the elves. The upgrades are VERY minor and as you mentioned the cost goes way up really fast.

Plus, the samson is a terrible unit. It is a single target unit that hits air and ground which is fine. But it is not space-efficient. Its super cheap and you can only put in a relatively small amount of gold into it before its maxed.

In comparison an Arctic Bear costs 15 times more, BUT hits 20 times harder, has DOUBLE the range, similar attack speed, a special ability, AND the ability to freeze anything it hits sometimes which is awesome vs bosses.

Use your leaves to unlock mercenaries instead of upgrading elves. At the very least, upgrade your Leaf-upgrade, and maybe get a bit more starting money so you can start with a Bomber guy instead of having to do a Samson and 1 upgrade to survive the first wave.

Mercs abilities basically let you win a difficult wave for free. Polar bear slows everyone down for like 10 seconds including offscreen enemies. This allows your towers to 'catch up'.
The merc you start with doubles your firepower for 5 seconds which is ridiculously good for beating a hard wave.
The fire dragon is an uber version of the bomber with yet another 5 second booster that makes a hard wave easy.
Earthshaker is a sick beating. Stuns all enemies for 5 seconds which is incredibly powerful.
The cactus is really the only Bad merc, as his special ability only shaves off about 20% health on all enemies (INCLUDING OFFSCREEN SO USE AT BEGINNING OF WAVE), and his attack sucks.
05-07-2012, 10:13 PM
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Now doing the crazy levels.

I was also stuck on Confused Rail. But my kid picked it up and did it on his first try.
I was sticking with Ice and Eilictricians.. But he used normal Samsons, and kept them. Much cheaper upgrades and their damage seemed to work

Now on crazy levels I am finding that:
* saving money is paramount
* so buying cheaper towers and not upgrading unless absolutely necessary.
* also buying a second tower instead of upgrading one is always cheaper, but later you will have to upgrade them to do more damage.
* money cap is 1000, which you get at the end of a level if you have >= 3333 money. So save up to 3333 and then you can upgrde freely as long as you stay above 3333. Strange design decision. I would have though Diminishing returns would give players more options and more choice on play styles.
* Still can't understand why they chose to make Ground Only towers and Air Only towers. Strange design decision again. Surely half damage vs Air would make these towers a viable option, but I never use these.
* Ice Mercenary Coldy Bear is necesary all the time every game. This is purely because Boss enemies have a *huge* amount of health in comparison to normal creeps, and you have to freeze those bosses. Also Earth Mercenary T.Rex is useless on damage but his special is also required to stun bosses.
* I still rarely use the items apart from the Spade and the Square cube.
* Often on a boss level I will have to quickly quit the game and restart to reset the wave. You have to know which path the boss is taking, and you have to know how early you need to activate your companion abilities. It feels like cheating, but you just can't win otherwise without a reconnaissance playthrough of the wave.

Now at
Samson Level 10 (Max)
Power 20, Range 27, Speed 26
Icer Level 10 (Max)
Power 35 Range 27 Speed 33
Bomber & Sharpshooter and Stapler all Level 0 or 1
Eilitrician Level 6
Power 154, Range 29, Speed 1
Golden Seed Level 6
Holy Leaves Level 5

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05-25-2012, 04:46 PM
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Usure at First, Quickly Grew to Love It
When I first picked this up and played a few levels, my initial impression was that the holy leaf system was far too onerous, far too 'mercenary' in driving users to use IAP as one review put it. I've changed my mind on that. The holy leaves come slowly to start, but before long, even on Easy mode, with the right moves, they really start flooding in. I almost gave up on this game because of the holy leaves, but I'm quite glad I didn't.

Read on for my thoughts after a bit of gameplay...

Suggested Reading
First, I found these posts to be very enlightening, they should definitely be read. #172 by Drexiel, #180 by joe1512, and #185 by grelb

Firing Blind
Second, it would be really, really nice if AppsAsia could get the following information from the developers (nice big hint there for AppsAsia):
1. How holy leaves are earned and how the upgrade affects this.
2. What each elf upgrade does (or a way to view this before you upgrade)
3. Each tower and mercenary units in-level upgrade stats (how much power/range/speed increases with each in-level upgrade)

Without those we're just guessing at the holy leaf economy, upgrade worthiness, and most importantly, tower placement strategy.

The Shop
You really need buy nothing here except shovels (use shovels liberally, they usually break even, sometimes resulting in a windfall of 100+ leaves). All other items are unnecessary. Go wild with IAP buying holy leaves if you want, but it's not needed to have a good time.

Whatever you do, don't spend $3 on the Item Package! You get 300 holy leaves worth of items, plus 500 additional holy leaves. For that same price, you could buy the 500 leaf package three times, then pick up all the items and have 1,200 leaves left over! The "Item Package" IAP is just a stupidly bad deal. AppsAsia, this should be fixed.

You can only play with three mercenaries at a time. Since you get Stimulater for free, and since he's quite useful, you'll likely only ever need to buy two more for a maximum of 2600 leaves. This makes the Mercenary Pack at 4000 fairly useless in my opinion. Even if you were to want to buy three (not sure why you wouldn't be happy with Stimulater), you'd still have to wait an eternity to earn the 4000 to buy all four of them in a pack. Plus, as you'll see later, playing efficiently with Mercenaries will maximize your holy leaf production, so buying them individually early on will vastly increase your holy leaf count.

As for the individual Mercenaries, I'll talk about them below. Generally, the choice of Mercenary should be made based on their special ability only. I rarely upgrade the Mercs as I tend to find the money spent is more useful in other towers. There's one other consideration to go with that though, Coldy Bear's passive ice-block ability randomly stuns some of his targets and is incredibly powerful, making him doubly powerful. I'm not sure if upgrading Coldy Bear increases the chance of him firing an ice-block, it would be nice if it did, but I haven't noticed, and as a result I rarely upgrade him either.

Stimulater: His fast-shot ability can win you a wave all by itself, especially when combined with Coldy Bear, because it increases the chance of Coldy firing his ice-block and stunning a boss.

Peaker: The poison ability is not quite altogether useless, but by far the weakest. Dropping 15-20% off the health of an entire wave is effectively the same as increasing the firepower of all your towers by 15-20%, which is nothing to sneeze at, but really, when it comes to fighting bosses it doesn't help much (see boss strategy below). As a result I don't use Peaker.

Coldy Bear: Everybody loves Coldy Bear, his blizzard ability can win you a wave all by itself, but his random and passive ice block, if it hits a boss can also win you a wave without using any Mercenary abilities. This ice block passive, combined with the Stimulater fast-shot is quite deadly. If you hit the Boss with a timely ice-block, he's toast, or -er- iced. As a result, Coldy Bear is really the only Mercenary where placement really matters. Always place Coldy Bear where he overlaps the most of your killing floor. Also, try not to have him overlap much of the path in front of your killing floor, because he has a tendency to ice-block a weak creep before he hits your killing floor, and just concentrate on that, ignoring the Boss that's waltzing through your abattoir.

Fire Dragon: Fire Dragon's increased damage is fairly useful, about as useful as Stimulater's fast-shot on its own merits, but doesn't come close to Stimulater when combined with Coldy Bear's increased ice-block chances. Again, see my boss section below, I find slowing or stopping Bosses to be far more useful than simply increasing the amount of damage to a full-speed boss for 5 seconds. Due to this, I don't use Fire Dragon.

T. Rex: The earthquake ability of T. Rex makes him the third member of my Mercenary Dream Team. While T. Rex's normal attack targets ground units only, his earthquake special ability targets both air and ground units, making him incredibly valuable against bosses.

If you haven't guessed from the above already, you should get Coldy Bear as soon as is practical (after level 2 or 3 Holy upgrade), then get T. Rex as soon as practical after that.

Holy Leaves
As best as I can determine, Holy Leaves are rewarded based on the amount of Golden Seeds you have remaining at the end of a level. As such, just after you beat the last creep/boss, you should pause the game and sell all of your towers. On Easy, I finished with three stars one of the middle-desert levels with ~10,000 golden seeds in the bank, and it netted me a whopping 164 holy leaves (at level 4 leaf upgrade). It is definitely in your interest to try to save money where possible, and then at the end of a level sell everything off. You will be earning plenty of leaves in no time, even on Easy. On Crazy mode, you'll have to be frugal in your seed spending in the early waves (until you hit 3333 seeds), but on Easy and Normal, when you spend your seeds doesn't really matter, as long as you are frugal overall.

As for the Holy Leaf upgrade, as I mentioned above, we're in the dark somewhat because we don't know how they are earned, but it appears to be quite worthwhile to buy the first few upgrades as soon as possible. I'm at level 4 now, and it will cost 750 leaves to upgrade. The mysterious number will go from 13 to 15, which is only a 15% increase. Under the assumption that my earned leaves will increase by 15% too (just a guess), and assuming an average leaf earning of 200 holy leaves per level (which is incredibly high), that would still only amount to an extra 30 leaves per level, which would take 25 levels just to break even. Upgrading to level 5 doesn't seem to make a ton of sense to me, but again, we'll have to wait to see if AppsAsia gives us any more details.

Continued below...

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05-25-2012, 04:47 PM
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The Boss waves are really the only tough waves to beat (the fast ones can sometimes require a special ability, but even then only rarely). To beat a boss, you need to slow or stop them in your death row, right in the line of fire of your main damagers.

Using the special abilities of the Mercenary Dream Team of Stimulater, Coldy Bear, and T. Rex, you should be able to beat any boss just about all the time.

I prefer to never use my Mercenary special abilities on a non-boss level. I could be more liberal with their use, but you don't want to need one and not have it. Also, I prefer to use the weakest mercenary special ability that will get the job done. With the dream team, that's the Stimulater fast-fire ability.

First Resort: Stimulater Fast Fire: Really it's no better than the Fire Dragon's ability, but it has one huge advantage when Coldy Bear is around, it causes Coldy Bear to fire more, which means you have a higher chance of him firing an ice-block, which will win you the wave if it stops the Boss in your killing floor (see note above regarding Coldy Bear's placement). I tend to use this just before the Boss reaches my killing floor. This ensures that all the boss's escorts are wiped out almost immediately, which gives Coldy Bear's accelerated ice-block throws a greater chance of targeting the Boss, and not the creep escorts.

Second Resort: Coldy Bear Blizzard: The Blizzard is incredibly effective. It lasts a fairly long time, so you can use it a little bit before the boss hits your killing floor. It will not only slow his path through the slaughter-house, which can kill him in its own right, but it also means that Coldy Bear has a greater chance of ice-blocking him, which is a double-bonus.

Last Resort: T.Rex Earthquake: Because it stops both flying and ground units cold for several seconds, this guy is the most powerful. Use it just as the boss enters within the maximum damage zone. Again, Coldy Bear has a good chance of hitting him with an ice-block, which will extend the time in which the boss is stopped.

Notice a theme there? Coldy Bear is useful!

Eilectrician Strategy

I'm sure there are many, many effective strategies, but I'll talk about just the one I'm enjoying right now: The Eilectric Death. This strategy employs using only Eilectricians and mercenaries. Use the least seeds possible to get to your first Eilectrician as fast as you can. Contrary to what has been stated before, Eilectricians work quite well against Bosses, you just have to slow them down a touch.

Eilectricians have two key attributes, how hard they hit and how many creeps they hit. They really aren't AoE towers, as they can only hit a specific number of creeps at a time. That number is tied to their level. A level one Eilectrician hits only one enemy at a time, whereas a level three hits three at a time.

If you think about it, this has some key consequences.

1. While their individual-unit damage goes up moderately, their overall damage output greatly increases with upgrades.
2. Don't use Icers with Eilectricians! At least, not until you can handle having extra creeps within range. Icers effectively bunch up the creeps, which is great for AoE towers, but is very bad for Eilectricians, who like nice, evenly spaced enemies.
3. The amount of path an eilectrician sees, coupled with the speed of the creep, will determine how many creeps are within range of your eilectrician at a given time, and thus whether or not it's better to upgrade an eilectrician or add another one. It's rare in the early stages for an eilectrician to see more than 3 enemies at once (unless you've got Icers around), so in the beginning, only upgrade to level 3 before adding another tower or two.

With this last point, because we're in the dark with regard to the upgrade power, it's difficult to say exactly what is the best upgrade/new tower build. I like to get two towers down, then alternately upgrade them to level 3. Then I add a couple more electricians and upgrade them to level 3. At this point, I'll upgrade one tower at a time, starting with the ones that cover the most path.

Eilectrician placement is key. You generally want to place them where they see the most amount of path. When there are two or three paths, think about where you're going to be placing all your eilectricians, and try to have them all overlap on each other, so that there are no weak paths. This usually means placing them close to your base. This is also key so that there is a real killing floor, where all your eilectricians are pouring damage into a boss at once. When the boss is there and hit with an ice-block or an earthquake, he's dead meat.

As mentioned above, the placement of Coldy Bear is important. You want him to overlap as much of your eilectrician damage zone as possible, but not too much path before the killing floor (so Coldy doesn't ice-block a creep that's out of range of your eilectricians and focus on him, ignoring the boss). Where you place Stimulater and/or T.Rex is less important, because their primary attack is relatively weak in the late waves. I don't upgrade any of the Mercenaries. The only real reason to do so would seem to be to increase the chance that Coldy throws an ice-block, but I'm not sure this even happens. We'll have to wait for the upgrade stats from AppsAsia for this.

Finally, once you've bought 3 or 4 leaf upgrades, Coldy Bear, and T. Rex, I recommend putting your remaining Holy into Eilectrician uprades. It appears that each upgrade adds a flat 9 to damage and 0.5 to range (range goes up every other upgrade). That adds up and can really have an effect when you've got 4-6 level 5 eilectricians pouring zap into your killing floor.

A Note on 'Cheating'

I fully enjoy playing this game while utilizing the autosave hack/cheat/whathave you. If a wave isn't going well, quickly pause the game, close out of it, force-quit the app, and relaunch. You'll get to restart that wave.

I like to find the optimal method of beating each wave (this will come in handy in Crazy mode), and so I use this 'cheat'. For me, because this is primarily a strategy game, it's effectively no different than restarting the level over again, doing exactly what I did to get to the problem wave and trying again (which is quite easy to do, but highly tedious). I see the quit/restart method as simply a way of shortcutting the waves I've nailed down, so I can perfect my strategy. I enjoy playing this way, and wouldn't enjoy it if I had to play through 20 minutes of waves I'd nailed down just to refine my end-level strategy. That seems too punitive to me.

Do what works for you, I'll do what works for me. Incidentally, AppsAsia, take a look at iBomber Pacific. They have a built-in feature for replaying a wave. It takes a few waves to regenerate, but it's a useful feature for TD games.

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05-26-2012, 04:44 AM
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Hey guys i just got the game and i need some help on finishing Level 6 on Artic at Normal,i got 2 mercs the earth dragon and the one that they give you at the begin,could someone help me please?thanks.
11-22-2012, 02:47 AM
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This game had a glitch of some sort and I did not get my IAP.
01-17-2013, 06:18 PM
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I cleared planned land on both easy and normal with a perfect score and no mercerenary towers but didn't get the achievement?